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5 Best Plumbers in Johor Bahru [2023]

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Plumber Johor Bahru

Best Plumber Johor Bahru
Best Plumber Johor Bahru

Looking for a plumber in Johor Bahru? You’ve come to the right place! We have compiled a list of the 5 Best Plumbers in Johor Bahru. These plumbers are reliable, affordable, and provide top-notch service. So whether you are dealing with a plumbing emergency or just need some routine maintenance done, these plumbers will be able to help you out.

1. Abang Plumber Johor

Abang Plumber Johor - Plumber Johor Bahru (Credit: Abang Plumber Johor)
Abang Plumber Johor – Plumber Johor Bahru (Credit: Abang Plumber Johor)
Key ServicesPlumbing Service, Sewer Service, Toilets & Sewers, Slow Water Pressure, Closed Channel, NEW & Old Pipe Installation, Repairing Damaged Pipes, Water Pump Installation, and more.
Address80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone+60 19-648 7979
Operating hours24/7

Abang Plumber Johor can quickly repair anything for you. Whatever the problem is, whether it’s toilets and sewers, leaking pipes, or water pumps, they guarantee to accomplish it successfully and efficiently after more than ten years of expertise.

With experience in emergency services, commercial structures and housing, they would be able to handle any difficulties, big or little. For any plumbing needs, contact Abang Plumber Johor.

Key Differentiators:

  • With them, you get a one-month warranty and there’s no additional fee.
  • They provide accurate and free estimates based on your budget.

2. Gk Plumbing Services

Gk Plumbing Services - Plumber Johor Bahru (Credit: Gk Plumbing Services)
Gk Plumbing Services – Plumber Johor Bahru (Credit: Gk Plumbing Services)
Key ServicesSanitary repair and installation, Heater /boiler plumbing repair and install, Water tank inspection and cleaning, Increase water pressure (booster pump, mainline connection), Locate pipe leakage, Locate & encounter sewer smell, Drain cleaning ( toilet clog, basin, septic tank and more), Drain pipe inspection (CCTV camera ), New plumbing system for renovation work, and more.
Address Jalan Camar 12, Taman Perling, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Operating hoursMonday to Saturday 09:00 am – 11:45 pm

GK Plumbing Services provides a comprehensive client experience that begins with clear communication, progresses to budgeting and scheduling, continues on-site management, and culminates in excellent, high-quality plumbing work.

Plumbing professionals, who work with architects and designers to create high-quality, practical plumbing systems. Contact them now to see if they can help you with your next project.

Key Differentiators:

  • They provide residential plumbing services around the Johor area
  • Skilled professionals

3. Tukang Paip Johor Bahru

Tukang Paip Johor Bahru - Plumber Johor Bahru (Credit: Tukang Paip Johor Bahru)
Tukang Paip Johor Bahru – Plumber Johor Bahru (Credit: Tukang Paip Johor Bahru)
Key ServicesPlumbing Service
AddressNo 48 jalan mustika kg melayu majidie 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone+60 17-747 9718

Tukang Paip Johor Bahru recognizes that each client’s requirements and interests are unique. They aim to pay close attention to each one of their clients in order to provide them with the finest service possible.

This is to guarantee that they finish all of their projects to the highest standards set by their clients. That’s also why they’re regarded as among the finest plumbers in Johor Bahru.

Key Differentiators:

  • Rates that are fair
  • High Standard

4. KL1 Plumber Johor Bahru

KL1 Plumber Johor Bahru - Plumber Johor Bahru (Credit: KL1 Plumber Johor Bahru)
KL1 Plumber Johor Bahru – Plumber Johor Bahru (Credit: KL1 Plumber Johor Bahru)
Key Services& Outdoor Plumbing Repair Services, Installation of Water Pipes, Repair of Leaking Pipes, Clearing/Drainage Toilet, and more.
AddressJohor Bahru, Malaysia
Phone 016-299-9143

The KL1 Plumber Johor Bahru is a plumbing company with a team of skilled plumbers that may be sent to any location in the city. The quality of their work is borne out by the comments from many of their clients. They also collaborate with members of the plumbing organization.

They provide a variety of services including water pipe installation, pipe repairs, roof leak repair, water heater installation, water tank repair, waterproofing, toilet repair, and drain cleaning in order to offer you the most effective solution for all of your concerns.

There’s one thing KL1 Plumber Johor Bahru can vouch for: the quality of their service. Their plumbers get better with time and training. Another feature is that they have years of experience dealing with plumbing issues and coming up with solutions. This qualifies them as one of the finest plumbers in Johor Bahru.

Key Differentiators:

  • Experienced And Reputable
  • Licensed And Certified
  • Insured

5. Plumber Johor

Plumber Johor - Plumber Johor Bahru (Credit: Plumber Johor)
Plumber Johor – Plumber Johor Bahru (Credit: Plumber Johor)
Key ServicesGeneral Plumbing, Bathroom System, Toilet System, Kitchen System, Drainage and Sewerage System, Water tank and pump, and more.
AddressJohor Bahru and Skudai, Malaysia.
Operating hoursWeekdays 8 am – 6 pm, Weekends 10 am – 4 pm, Emergency cases.

Plumbing Services Plumber Johor fast, reliable & affordable solutions for all commercial and residential plumbing difficulties. They service all plumbing difficulties for landed residential properties, condominiums, and apartments, as well as offices, factories, and other commercial and industrial structures. All work is guaranteed to be completed completely.

Key Differentiators:

  • Customer-First Service
  • Professional & Experienced
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Plumber Johor Bahru 

Plumbers in Johor Bahru are important for many reasons. They help homeowners maintain their home’s plumbing system and ensure that water is flowing smoothly through the pipe. All of the plumbers on our list are experienced and professional, so you can feel confident that they will get the job done right.

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