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A Fun & Casual Team Building Event

Li Li from Northoaks Primary School was tasked to organise a team building event for her department. With the agenda of a casual team building, Li Li wanted an activity that did not require much physical effort. She found that FunEmpire’s art jamming met her team’s requirements and decided to go with it.
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Northoaks Primary School

Li Li from Northoaks Primary School was tasked to organise a team building event for her department of 29 staff. As it was the school holidays, their event was meant to be a casual team building to give the staff a breather from work. Hence, Li Li was looking for an activity that did not require much physical effort. After coming across FunEmpire’s page, she realised that our art jamming for corporates met her team’s requirements and decided to find out more.

Before Li Li confirmed their event, they had some concerns. The main concern was that art jammiing was typically done in 2 hours. However, the team was only able to start at 2.30pm and had to head back to school by 4.30pm.

Julia, the salesperson of this event, thus proposed the tote bag art jamming. This could be done in an hour and a half which was less than the canvas art jamming provided by FunEmpire. Li Li was pleased at the idea of a tote bag art jamming as it meant that everyone could have something they could use after the event.

The Activities

Seeing how the participants wanted a sit-down type of relaxing activity, Julia proposed doing a creative workshop. FunEmpire offers terrarium making, candle making, leather making and art jamming workshops an art jamming workshops. However, with their time constraints in mind, Julia recommended the tote bag art jamming workshop over the canvas art jamming workshop.The art jamming workshop is typically conducted in our air conditioned venue near Mountbatten Mrt and participants can expect to express their creativity without the pressure of competition one may find from our sports activities.

The event was more of a casual gathering as Li Li told us that their team had good chemistry with each other. Thus, they did not require additional customisations to foster team bonding, which we normally provide!

The Event

Even though it was a rainy day, the participants were certainly not gloomy! They arrived earlier than expected and were all smiles. They took their respective seats quietly while the facilitators finshed their setting up swiftly and professionally.

The head facilitator, Sammi, kicked off the workshop with a briefing of how they could design their tote bags. Not even 10 minutes into the briefing, the participants were already brainstorming and thinking up creative ways to use what they had!

After the briefing, the participants started a lively discussion of the designs they could paint and were quick to sketch out their designs. It was heart warming to see them actively suggest what their peers could do when they did not have any idea. When they got to painting, if any one of them didn’t have the materials they needed, they would ask those at their table first. Some of them even came up with a system to share the different coloured brushes. A couple of the participants even took the intiative to go from table to table to borrow the brush they needed. As you may have guessed, the room was buzzing with chatter!

Remarkable Results

By the end of the event, they were all striking convos with one another about their tote bags and singing praises about each other’s designs. This definitely exceeded our expectations!

Overall, the participants definitely had a great time and carried their bright smiles with them. Some of them even said they enjoyed it so much that they would like to return for another session with us. We are also thankful for this opportunity to host this event for Northoaks Primary School and look forward to having another one with them soon!

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