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5 Incredible Reasons to Play Combat Archery Tag and How to be a Pro [2023]

Archery Tag Benefits

Best Archery Tag Benefits
Best Archery Tag Benefits

Combat Archery Tag in Singapore is a game that can be played with big groups. It is an activity that fosters teamwork and more people should consider participating in games like this for their next team building outing or session.

If you’ve felt that your company, school, the club hosts the most boring team building games, we have the solution. Here are 5 incredible reasons to play Combat Archery Tag and how you can be a pro at it.

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1. Communicate through combat archery

We can’t stress enough the importance of communication in our everyday lives. It doesn’t only apply to work. More often than not, we experience miscommunication because certain messages aren’t delivered properly, causing misunderstandings.

In combat archery tag, you’re forced to communicate with your team members. You will automatically start conversations with the person next to you or even exchange smiles. You smile, I smile and that’s a form of communication as well. When you work as a team, your team members including yourself will come into consensus to reach for your goals. That’s the best thing about team building!

2. Work as a team

There’s no “I” in “We”. There’s bound to be that one person in the office who loves working alone even if it’s a group project. That’s not the case when you start playing combat archery tag.

Yes, it’s true that everyone will be shooting at their opponents individually. This comes with a small form of teamwork. For instance, you could be busy shooting at your opponent without realising an arrow coming towards you. But in a team, your team won’t let you get shot or get shot alone. They’ll notify you quick enough so you can dodge the arrow before it hits you. Working together, supporting and protecting one another will be such a feat.

3. Friendly war

We know that the office can be too serious and competitive all the time. But with Combat Archery Tag, you and your colleagues will compete in a friendly war. Breakaway from all seriousness and professionalism that you have in the office. Just be yourself and learn to have fun!
Go ahead and aim at anyone and shoot as many times as possible. Do so until you leave the pitch feeling content. No one’s going to blame you for shooting at them, after all, it is just a game. Break the ice and get to know someone new in the office. It could be someone that you’ve been afraid to talk to for a long time but with the help of games like combat archery tag, you’re able to open up and make friends!

4. Be precise

Combat archery tag may seem like a simple game to many. After all, it’s just holding the bow on one hand and shooting the arrow on the other. How hard can it be? Well, don’t speak too soon until you’ve tried it yourself!

You’ll learn that it takes ‘skill’ and luck to shoot your enemies. Furthermore, if you don’t aim well, you will not be able to shoot down your target. Thus, accuracy matters. Explore the skill of being precise at work on a different battlefield now with Combat Archery Tag.

5. Awesome workout

A company that works out together stays together. Clock in your first or next workout by playing Combat Archery Tag with your team! Work on your arms strength with the bow and arrows in hand and also stamina as you go around running to collect arrows and dodging them.

The best part about playing is being too busy having fun that you don’t realise you’re working out! No regrets for choosing combat archery tag as one of your team building games!

As you know combat archery tag is a thrilling game where you get to shoot your friends with foam-tipped arrows! The rules are simple – if you get struck by an arrow, you’re out. Despite its straightforwardness, there are a few tips and tricks that would help you to impress your friends with your skills.

Here are some tips you can use to improve your archery tag game and become a pro!

Archery Tag Benefits
Archery Tag Benefits (Credit: The Fun Empire)

(1) Conserve Your Energy

Just like when you’re running for a marathon, you should always try to conserve your energy during a game of combat archery tag as well! One common mistake beginners make is going all out for the first few rounds. However, this is not advisable as you will probably run out of energy soon enough. As one game lasts only about 10 minutes, it is better to save some energy for your later games to ambush your enemies when they are tired!

(2) Never Run Out Of Arrows

It’s easy to be distracted and keep shooting arrows while you’re in the game without taking note of how many you have left. In combat archery tag, you need to strategise cleverly to ensure your team’s victory. A tip is to appoint a team player whose main job is to collect all the arrows, while one or two other players cover him! Even if the other players get hit, the sacrifice will be well worth it as you’ve got a good supply of arrows!

(3) Catch Arrows

Another useful tip in combat archery tag is to learn how to catch arrows! If you are able to catch the arrows that are shot your way, you will be able to save yourself and team players from getting attacked!

(4) Move Around

Even though you have a choice of simply hiding behind the bunkers, we would advise against that! Being behind the bunkers would cover you temporarily, however experienced players are still able to find a strike angle and take you out. Instead, we would suggest you to move in the middle and back zones where you can spot arrows coming your way!

(5) Safety First

Although winning the game is important, nothing beats safety. No matter how invested in the game you are, always keep your masks on! Even if you’re sitting on the sidelines, we would suggest that you keep your mask on to prevent unwanted injuries.

Archery Tag Benefits

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