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Team Archery Tag Takeaways [2024]

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Archery Tag Team Building

Archery Tag Team Building
Archery Tag Team Building

A fun archery tag session in Singapore depicts multiple arrows, screams and laughter all around the room. Some might envision a battleground in one’s head; however, this is by no means a scene from The Hunger Games or The Walking Dead, but a thrilling game of combat archery tag

With its increasing popularity, many companies have been incorporating the game in their team-building sessions. It’s not hard to see why, as combat archery tag is not only fun and thrilling, the game also teaches you certain essential traits that can’t be picked up in the office!

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Key Takeaways from Archery Tag Singapore

1. Teamwork

Teamwork - Archery Tag Team Building
Teamwork – Archery Tag Team Building (Credit: The FunEmpire)

When you are on the battlefield, there is no one to rely on apart from your team members. Combat archery tag gives your team a clear idea of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and gives you a chance to improve teamwork skills. Players will learn to watch out for each others’ backs while taking down the enemy together!

2. Communication

Communication - Archery Tag Team Building
Communication – Archery Tag Team Building (Credit: The FunEmpire)

To defeat the opposing team, players have to strategise and develop a brilliant plan beforehand. The game trains them to communicate effectively under pressure, allowing them to do the same during work; as a result, enhancing work productivity!

3. Leadership

Leadership - Archery Tag Team Building
Leadership – Archery Tag Team Building (Credit: Google)

In every team, there needs to be a leader that guides the team. This is well portrayed in combat archery tag, where there must be one player in charge of leading the rest to defeat the enemy. This game is an excellent opportunity to identify potential leaders, allowing one to demonstrate their leadership skills.

4. Adaptability

Adaptability - Archery Tag Team Building
Adaptability – Archery Tag Team Building (Credit: Google)

Similar to the workplace, not everything happens smoothly; unexpected circumstances will occasionally occur. This is where combat archery tag comes in, allowing players to practice problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The critical takeaway is to allow players to gain the capacity to adapt and solve problems effectively and apply them to their workplace

5. Goal-Oriented

Goal-Oriented - Archery Tag Team Building
Goal-Oriented – Archery Tag Team Building (Credit: Google)

A game of combat archery tag trains your teammates to work towards a common goal. This is similar to the workplace, where certain expectations or KPIs must be met, especially if your job is a sales-oriented one. Although both involve a goal, the difference is that combat archery tag games would help you relieve stress and guarantees you a day of fun!

Archery Tag Team Building

These are just a few takeaways Archery Tag Singapore offers, If you want other interesting and fun team building games/ fun team bonding activities, check out these other articles as well! 🙂

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