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Best Artisanal Food Brands In Singapore [2023]

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Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

Best Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore
Best Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

One should never compromise on quality when it comes to food, as what we put into our body feeds our soul and affects how we feel. Artisanal food is unique, innovative, and sustainable. It is no wonder artisanal food has gained widespread popularity around the world! One can definitely taste the difference between mass-produced food versus food that is crafted from the heart.

We have put together a list of the Best Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore to showcase delectable local food brands that you definitely have to try!

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1. Antidote

Antidote – Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

Key Services:Online Retail of Cold-Pressed Juices and Nutmylks
Address:11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two B03-09, Unit 10, 575629
Phone:+65 9181 7415
Operating Hours:9am-6pm, Daily

Antidote was founded to enhance health and well-being through cold-pressed juices, using only the best quality natural ingredients to connect people to real nutrition to allow both mind and body to function at the highest levels. Since 2015, Antidote has offered a vast selection of cold-pressed juices and nutmylks that are both delicious to drink and beneficial for the body. Above all, they believe in living a healthy life to the fullest, and are dedicated to preparing the best and most enriching food your body deserves!

Key Differentiators:

1. 100% Natural. No added sugar, no preservatives. Undiluted.
2. Specialises in Juice Cleanses and Nutmylks
3. Best Service in their industry

Client Testimonial:

Ended my 5-days detoxifying program. The drink are nice. Seller was thoughtful not to send all 5-days program at one go to make sure you have fresh juices. Love the drinks and will be ordering just to enjoy the drink.

– Sis Jaz

2. Jewels Rock Sugar

Jewels Rock Sugar – Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

Key Services:Rock Sugar Manufacturing, Distribution, Trading
Food Incubator
Address:9 Chin Bee Drive, #06-01, Singapore 619860
Phone:+65 98287371
Operating Hours:Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm

Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks by Cheng represents a new wave of the business that combines more than 70 years of heritage and expertise in producing the finest, purest rock sugar and re-inventing it with an exciting taste and experience.

The retail brand JEWELS was created to engage users to slow down their way of life by enjoying their favorite drink and beverage through our JEWELS experience. Also encourage consumers to explore what flavors, colors and what rock sugar and its benefits are. As well as promote healthy living and habits while having a great lifestyle and enjoy life.

From the start of the September 2016, Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks by Cheng has sold all across Singapore and has established a name for itself. These naturally crystallized rock sugar sticks are ideal for pairing with coffee, tea, sparkling water, cocktails, or simply as a candy.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Twist in Tradition
  2. Innovative Experience, eat like a candy or dip in your favourite drink
  3. Exciting Collaborations with 1872 Clipper Tea, Ying the label, Florence Ng, Hook Coffee etc.

3. Wild Butter Co.

Wild Butter Co. – Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

Key Services:Handcrafted gourmet nut butters that comes in unique flavours that brings great taste and better health benefits.
Phone:+65 98389167
Operating Hours:Freshly made only on weekends.

Wild Butter Co. handcrafts all-natural gourmet nut/ peanut butters. It all began with a passion for cooking and creating food that not only looks good but also tastes good. The idea of Wild Butter Co. is to bring back the origins of nut and peanut butters where it has a substantial amount of health benefits. Unlike commercial counterparts, Wild Butter Co. sticks to using quality ingredients and natural sweeteners. Ever since they began making peanut butters back in their kitchen, they no longer go back to store-bought peanut butters.

Aside from the discovery that homemade nut/ peanut butters create a more fragrant aroma as a result of freshly roasting the nuts, you also get to enjoy these delightful nut and peanut butters as a snack or breakfast without the additional trans/ saturated fat, artificial preservatives, excessive sugar and flavouring found in commercially processed nut and peanut butters.

Key Differentiators:

1. Great combination of taste and health benefits. Healthy food does not have to taste bad.
2. Unique Flavors for Nut Butters- One of a kind.
3. Freshly Made Weekly

Client Testimonial:

Special In Its Own Way
I have eaten a lot of nut butters and this is something I have never tried before. The touch of honey makes the nut butter very different. Generous amount of almond too and it is definitely the freshest nut butter I have ever tasted. I would buy this again, and would like to try the Matcha one too.:)

4. Fossa Chocolate

Fossa Chocolate – Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

Key Services:Manufacturing of chocolate bars
Address:24 hrs (online store) and various retail outlets
Operating Hours:24 hrs (online store) and various retail outlets

Fossa Chocolate is Singapore’s award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate manufactory. Their team of chocolate makers work passionately to produce fine chocolate from sustainably-sourced cacao beans. They focus on bringing forth the unique flavours that different cacao origins have to offer, roasting the beans, grinding and tempering in small batches and finishing them in hand-packaged chocolate bars.

Fossa Chocolate also offers customised chocolate options for corporate gifting and wedding favours. They do their part to be environmental-friendly. Their packaging is made using eco-label paper containing 50% recycled paper and printed on demand, achieving near zero-wastage in manufacturing these delectable morsels for your enjoyment.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Bean to bar. Their team of chocolate makers and chocolatiers work very passionately to produce fine chocolate from scratch. They focus on bringing forth the unique flavours that different origins have to offer, roasting and winnowing the cacao, grinding and tempering in small batches and finishing them in hand-packaged chocolate bars.
  2. Quality & ethical sourcing. All cacao is sourced without human exploitation, and they say no to commodity grade typically used by industrial makers. They pay a premium to get their hands on the top 5% of the world’s cacao crops from farmers and distributors who care about quality and craftsmanship, so that you may enjoy the deep flavours and complexity of the natural cacao.
  3. No additives & substitutes. Their dark chocolates are presented in its purest form with only two ingredient – cacao and sugar. They do not use any flavourings, vegetable oil, emulsifiers or chemicals to fill their chocolates.
  4. Bold flavours. Consumers know them for their ability to offer very surprising but mind-blowingly delicious flavours. Their Artisan Chocolates make use of ingredients you never imagined to be associated with chocolate. With new flavours launching every 1-2 months, customers are kept excited and coming back for more.

Client Testimonial:

Chocolates that provide a real treat for the palate. Fascinating and innovative flavours to choose from. Neat packaging, complete with tasting notes and captivating writeups of the flavours. Thank you, local chocolate artisans for your dedication in crafting quality chocolate.

– Brian Michael Luminary

5. Craft & Culture Probiotics

Craft & Culture Probiotics – Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

Key Services:Manufacture of Fermented Products like Kombucha, Kefir, Kimchi etc
Address:183 Jalan Pelikat, B1-113, Singapore 537643
Phone:+65 90177837
Operating Hours:Mon-Tue, 10am-3pm, Thur-Fri: 10am-5pm

With humble beginnings in 2015, Craft & Culture is a women-owned fermentory, specializing in products like kombucha, kefir and natural probiotic skin care. Since then, the company has formed ongoing key partnerships in the corporate sector, providing pantry solutions, events and workshops for Google, Disney, LVMH, Fresh, Sephora, Barclays Bank and other distinguished companies.

With over 20 years of brewing know-how and medical research experience, Craft & Cultures’s brewmasters employ proprietary slow fermentation techniques in their brewing process to culture healthy bacteria and extremely delicious brews.

Craft & Culture products are widely acknowledged as the best in Singapore by reviews and have been featured extensively in the media for their quality products and service. Unlike certain commercial brands, their products are prepared fresh and potent, allowing customers to reap the full benefits of a high probiotic count, a healthy gut and a stronger immune system.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Craft & Culture’s brews are allowed to ferment slowly over months instead of days to develop more complex and deeper flavours in the first fermentation.
  2. Their Brews are prepared fresh and flat and are lightly sweetened in the second fermentation for optimum probiotic viability and drinkability.
  3. Brews are potent and not over diluted for commercial viability.

Client Testimonial:

I have been drinking Craft & Culture’s Kombucha & Milk Kefir practically every day for almost two years now, and I’m sooooo glad I found them!! Really changed my life!! The drinks are the yummiest ever. I’ve given some kombucha to a couple of friends and they agree that it’s the best booch they’ve ever had. Can’t go wrong for sure! Love that there’s always seasonal flavours to enjoy too.

– Clare Lee

6. Amazin’ Graze

Amazin’ Graze – Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

Key Services:Creation of healthy and delicious breakfast foods and snacks such as granola, oatmeal-based bowls, nut mixes and nut butters that come in fun, tropical flavours.
Address:Stocked at Cold Storage Outlets and NTUC Fairprice Finest Outlets.
Full list here:
Phone:+65 9189 9208
Operating Hours:10am to 6pm, Daily

At Amazin’ Graze, they are passionate about creating wholesome snacks that are extraordinary with fun and bold tropical flavours. The people at Amazin’ Graze have created healthier food alternatives for a growing group of urban and ambitious individuals to encourage and remind them of the possibility of eating healthy without sacrificing on taste!

With a firm belief that you are what you eat, Amazin’ Graze understands that good food is a key ingredient to living an impactful & happy life. They want to create joy and empower people through amazing real food and see a generation of people who dare to discover their authentic selves and the world around them so that they can be the best version of themselves.

Key Differentiators:

1. Usage of all-natural ingredients in their products with no added refined sugar and are filled with superfoods such as chia seeds and goji berries. They use natural sweeteners such as gula melaka, or alternatives such as monk fruit.
2. Their snacks come in fun and exciting tropical flavours such as coconut, pandan, kaya, curry and black sesame!
3. Amazin’ Graze wants to encourage healthy snacking, instead of eating less – to create food that nourishes, empowers, and gives consumers the confidence to discover themselves and the vibrant world around them.

Client Testimonial:

Best granola ever
I’ve never liked granola until I tasted this one. Crunchy, flavorful, fresh. All my young children love it too, it’s a great breakfast option – nutritious, quick and easy!

– Chloe

7. The Mlk Co.

The Mlk Co. – Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

Key Services:Made-to-order fresh almond mlk delivery
Phone:+65 87835118
Operating Hours:Online 24-7

The Mlk Co services the community by providing clients clean & nutritious plant based milk options. They help clients develop and sustain their habits of plant based milk consumption through educational awareness and also encourages overall well-being through a holistic approach to life.

Key Differentiators:

  1. The good & natural food that they bring to the community.
  2. The right things they do to produce good quality products.
  3. Being environmentally sustainable in many ways.

Client Testimonial:

Very nutty, iced latte is so good.
Goes well with hot coffee too.

– Leo Loke

8. Pili Pushers

Pili Pushers – Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

Key Services:Sale of Pili Nuts
Operating Hours:N.A.

Deliciously creamy and naturally umami, pili nuts are the new macadamia. This ancient superfood from Pili Pushers has 869% more Vitamin E than almonds, the most magnesium, and lowest carbohydrates of any nut. This Great Taste Award winner is the perfect keto and vegan snack for any time of day! Also great with salad, muesli, cured meats, cheese, and wine.

Pili Pushers’ nutrient-rich pili nuts are hand-harvested from a community of independent farmers whose pili trees grow wild on volcanic soil. To enhance and preserve their vitamins and living enzymes, they are pre-sprouted then de-hydrated. Available in 5 indulgently delicious, health-boosting flavours.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Pili nuts are put through a 72-hour process of sprouting and dehydrating to enhance their nutritional content
  2. Pili nuts have the highest levels of vitamin E of any nut and very rich levels of magnesium for heart and skin health
  3. Flavours are crafted with purpose – which is to bring not only a delicious taste but also health benefits.

Client Testimonial:

Dangerously delicious. The nuts have a delightful sweet creaminess. The flavouring is so clever – the slight bitter scentedness works so well with the sweet nut. There is no residual powderiness from the cocoa. Some of us would have liked a touch more of the promised coffee, others felt the level to be perfect. Elegance is the word that came to mind from more than one judge – a delightful, delicate balance and a clean finish. We really had to stop ourselves finishing off the bowlful.

– The Great Taste Award judges on their Raw Cacao & Coffee Pili nuts

Artisanal Food Brands in Singapore

There you have it! The Best Artisanal Food Brands In Singapore. Feel free to refer to this list anytime when you are on the hunt for noteworthy local food brands to try!

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