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10 Best Barre Class Studios in Singapore [2023]

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Best Barre Class Singapore
Best Barre Class Singapore

Barre Class Singapore

Looking for the best barre classes in Singapore? Look no further! In this blog post, we will list down 10 of the Best Barre Class Studios in town. Complete with all the information you need to make an informed decision. From popular chains to hidden gems, we’ve got you covered.

Barre is a type of fitness class that is growing in popularity all over the world. It is a total-body workout that combines Pilates, dance, and yoga movements to help you achieve long, lean muscles.

So if you’re looking to sculpt your body and get fit, check out these barre studios!

1. Upside Motion

Upside Motion - Barre Class Singapore
Upside Motion – Barre Class Singapore (Credit: Upside Motion)
Key ServicesPilates Studio
Address36 Armenian Street #02-03
Singapore 179934
Phone+65 6636 6859
Operating HoursMonday to Friday:
Saturday & Sunday:

Here in Upside Motion, the Xtend system shapes the body proportionally, with all sections being equally taxed, through the use of isometric exercises on both the mat and at the barre.

To sculpt the arms and back, participants use light weights to do basic ballet repertoire at the barre as well as toning and stretching the glutes, thighs, and calves; Pilates-inspired exercises are also used.

Key Differentiators

  • 5-Class Discovery Pass All-Access
  • Schedule Classes Online
  • Internationally recognised instructors

Client Testimonial

My journey with Pilates at Upside Motion started back in Oct 2021. It has been such a rewarding experience. A lot of body awareness and correction, making me stronger and complemented to my weight training. The studio is very quaint and intimate, big kudos to my instructor Lynda where I do both group and solo classes with. She has transformed both my body and strength and I look forward to every lesson! Highly recommend this studio.

Elaine T.

2. WeBarre

WeBarre - Barre Class Singapore
WeBarre – Barre Class Singapore (Credit: WeBarre)
Key ServicesBarre Studio
AddressStudios Location
Phone+65 6221 9256
Operating HoursBy Appointment

Their most popular class is a dynamic workout that mixes elements of ballet, yoga, pilates and strength training to change your body.

Isometrics and dynamic movements will be used in classes to challenge you to develop strength while moving gracefully.

Key Differentiators

  • Your happy place
  • Creator is  trained in the UK and New York
  • Dynamic workout to transform your entire body

3. Core Collective

Core Collective - Barre Class Singapore
Core Collective – Barre Class Singapore (Credit: Core Collective)
Key ServicesWellness Center
AddressStudio Locations
Phone+65 6250 1222
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 7.30am – 8.30pm
Saturday: 8.00am – 4.00pm
Sunday: Closed
Public Holidays: 8.00am – 2.00pm

You will punch and kick your way to fitness when you enter a BODYCOMBAT workout.

This high-energy martial arts-inspired workout is completely non-contact, and there are no difficult moves to learn. Plus, their instructor will push you to higher levels of intensity and inspire you to make the most of each session. You’ll let go of stress while having fun, and you’ll feel excellent.

Key Differentiators

  • Combining music with movement
  • Founded by four-time Olympian 
  • Suite with over 10 fitness programmes

Client Testimonial

Class size was not too crowded. The instructor can focus on the moves/ techniques of the members. Nice shower facilities! Always feel relax and at home while visiting core collective.

Jackie Poea

4. Barre Lab by Lab Studios

Barre Lab by Lab Studios - Barre Class Singapore
Barre Lab by Lab Studios – Barre Class Singapore (Credit: Lab Studios)
Key ServicesOffers safe spaces for mindful fitness
Address60b Duxton Rd, Singapore 089524
Phone+65 8181 3476
Operating HoursMonday to Thursday: 8:45AM–1:30PM, 5:45–8:30PM
Friday: 8:45AM–1:30PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8AM–5PM

The Barre Lab was built to provide a balance of yoga, dance, and pilates that may be utilized regardless of one’s previous fitness experience.

The bright colors and cheerful atmosphere of their lovely pastel-themed gym will make you feel welcome as you try out different barre exercises.

The four levels of instruction offered here range from beginner to advanced, but the Barre Stretch class is open to both beginners and experienced members. This full-body workout teaches you how to stretch past your own boundaries while also improving blood circulation throughout the body at a low rate in order to achieve the correct form.

Key Differentiators

  • Mission of creating safe, accessible spaces
  •  Unique approach to fitness and wellness.
  • Perfect combination of grace and grit, fun and precision

Client Testimonial

Love the newly revamped Joo Chiat Studio, so pretty and in my favourite colour!! Love that Lab Studios now offers three types of workout (barre, yoga, pilates) and they are all accessible with one package!! Have been here from the beginning and still here because classes are high quality, instructors are professional and friendly, and they are also competitively and affordably priced ❤️‍

Amanda Tan

5. Jal Yoga

Jal Yoga - Barre Class Singapore
Jal Yoga – Barre Class Singapore (Credit: Jal Yoga)
Key Services3-in-1 Yoga, Pilates and Barre Studio
Address456 Alexandra Road #02-03 Singapore 119962
Operating HoursMonday to Friday:
Saturday & Sunday:

The barre classes are very popular here, and they focus on tiny movements that help you develop a “ballerina body.” Look no farther for a stress-free barre workout that combines freshness and fun to promote overall well-being and health.

Their two barre lessons are taught with great care and attention, as well as their solo routines. Lean muscles and increases in strength, posture, and flexibility, as well as weight loss and reduced stress.

Key Differentiators

  • 20+ authentic classes
  • Experience a boost to your wellness
  • Courses and Events

Client Testimonial

I have been regularly going for the yoga classes for the past 3 months at JAL Alexandra and I enjoyed the classes!!!. The yoga sessions are energising and brings a sense of well being. Teachers are experienced and dedicated, the staffs are polite especially “Jessie”, she is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend others who are looking to take yoga sessions.

Cherry Pink

6. Barre2Barre

Barre2Barre - Barre Class Singapore
Barre2Barre – Barre Class Singapore (Credit: Barre2Barre)
Key ServicesFitness Center
Address3 Pickering St #03-01/02 Nankin Row | Staircase 1
Singapore 048660
Phone+65 9115 9473
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 7:30am – 8:30pm
Saturday to Sunday: 9:30am – 11:30am

Barre2Barre mixes the best of dance, yoga, and Pilates. It works because of the activation of muscles through detailed motions and mental connections, resulting in long-term muscular growth and fast results.

After each exercise, sweat it out and feel invigorated. Barre teacher training, barre wellness retreats, daily group classes, and private sessions are also available at this location.

Key Differentiators

  • Studios in Amsterdam to Singapore, and Hong Kong
  • Curated events
  • Inspires confidence, community, and celebration

Client Testimonial

First time attending barre and suspension class. Small group of class with a lot of attention and modification given. Denise is so encouraging and she will push you harder during the class. Will definitely feel the after burn effect! Nice class!

Pooi Yin Siah

7. COMO Shambhala

COMO Shambhala - Barre Class Singapore
COMO Shambhala – Barre Class Singapore (Credit: COMO Shambhala)
Key ServicesWellness Center
Address402 Orchard Road, #06-01/02
Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876
Phone+65 6304 3552
Operating HoursMonday to Thursday: 7:30AM–9PM
Friday to Sunday: 7:30AM–6PM

Como Shambhala’s barre classes combine elements of Pilates, ballet, and athletic conditioning to provide maximum effects while keeping the activity energetic yet low-impact for all levels.

Prepare to feel the great burn after a sweat sesh at these workouts, which target deep into the postural and core muscles.

Key Differentiators

  • Combining ancient healing and contemporary Science
  • Experience overall sense of wellness
  • Create flavourful, nutritious, and balanced dishes

Client Testimonial

I tried many pilates studios in the Orchard area and nothing compares to Como in terms of atmosphere and teachers’ experience. Additionally, staff Mel, Zara, Farhana, Lydia, and Zilah are very helpful and welcoming.

Rafael Carillo

8. The Movement Studio

The Movement Studio - Barre Class Singapore
The Movement Studio – Barre Class Singapore (Credit: The Movement Studio)
Key ServicesDance Studio
AddressSunshine Plaza, 91 Bencoolen St, #05-06, 189652
Phone+65 8776 1445
Operating HoursMonday to Friday, 9am to 9:30pm, Saturday 8:30am to 7pm, Sunday 8:30am to 6pm

The Movement Studios teaches the ancient art of dance, where you may learn floor barre, restorative barre, and even adult ballet. To try your hand at Barre Power Burn and Ballet Burn before purchasing a membership and more, choose their two-class trial package ($45).

Key Differentiators

  • Close Knit community
  • Welcoming ambiance
  • Affordable

Client Testimonial

Have been with The Movement teachers for many years. Teachers are loving, dedicated and professional, my daughter looks forward to each dance practice session, and excited to take part in competitions. Highly recommended.

Christina Lee

9. Virgin Active

Virgin Active - Barre Class Singapore
Virgin Active – Barre Class Singapore (Credit: Virgin Active)
Key ServicesGym Studio
Address1 Raffles Pl, Tower 2, Level 6, Singapore 048616
Phone6908 7878
Operating HoursMonday to Friday 6:30am-10:30pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, Sunday Closed

At Virgin Active, you’ll be in good hands if you’re looking for a full-body workout that targets all muscle groups. With over 100 classes to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Try one of their three barre classes to get major whole-body toning. In dynamic classes led by choreographed movements and music, work on the barre with measured exercises and music for all fitness levels.

You could even discover your inner ballerina as you spin your problems away!

Key Differentiators

  • Welcoming environment
  • Variety of services

Client Testimonial

Very nice ambience despite being around for years, still great upkeep and would keep me motivated to go back to gym. Only qualm is that the steam and ice room are too small. Though there will be more than enough machines and space available even during peak period, the mentioned rooms are small and probably only able to accommodate 4 seating adults max, try to avoid timing after classes to enjoy those rooms!


10. Called to the Barre

Called by the Barre - Barre Class Singapore
Called by the Barre – Barre Class Singapore (Credit: Called by the Barre’s Facebook)
Key ServicesBarre Classes
AddressChinatown Point
Phone 6440 1080
Operating HoursMonday to Friday 5:30-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 8:30am to 6pm

Called to the Barre is a Pilates, yoga, ballet, and functional training hybrid that ensures you leave feeling energized and content. Barre Basics for novices, the distinctive Barre Flow for toning, Barre Burn for those who enjoy a good burn, as well as pre-natal and post-natal classes for expectant moms are all offered.

Key Differentiators

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Variety of services
  • Welcoming Environment

Client Testimonial

Experienced instructors and I like that barre signature has a standard sequence at the start and some variation based on the instructors’ sequencing. I always get a good sweat and burn after each class! The packages are also flexible so I can use credits for barre, yoga and pilates. The one stop convenience is big for me.

Caroline Sng

Barre Class Singapore

The Barre class is a popular fitness activity in Singapore. It combines Pilates, dance, and yoga postures to help you build long, lean muscles. The barre studios listed above should be able to show you how barre can work for your body type and fitness goals.

If barre sounds like the perfect fit for your next sweaty session, go ahead and schedule an appointment with one of these barre classes today!

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What is a barre class?

A barre class is a type of fitness class that combines elements of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. It is typically done with the help of a barre (a horizontal bar attached to a wall), which is used for balance and support.

Why is barre class beneficial?

Barre class is beneficial because it helps to improve your posture, balance, and flexibility. It also helps to strengthen your core muscles.

How much is Barre class in Singapore?

The average cost of barre class in Singapore is $25 per class.

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