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8 Best Blogshop Singapore Selections To Try [2023]

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Blogshop Singapore

Best Blogshop Singapore
Best Blogshop Singapore

Among the variety of online stores, Blogshops in Singapore stand out for their unique, fashion-forward offerings.

The best blogshops in Singapore include The Velvet Dolls, The Sunday Avenue, Young Hungry Free, Topazette, and Neonmello.

When selecting a blogshop in Singapore, take into account factors like pricing, range of products, delivery choices, and quality of customer service.

You can find a diverse selection of products, including fashionable clothing, accessories, beauty products, and even homeware items, from Blogshops in Singapore.

Whether you’re a discerning fashionista or a budget-conscious shopper, there’s something for everyone in Singapore’s vibrant Blogshop landscape.

Quick Summary

  • Best blogshops in Singapore include The Velvet Dolls, The Sunday Avenue, Young Hungry Free, Topazette, and Neonmello.
  • When choosing a blogshop in Singapore, consider factors such as price range, product selection, delivery options, and customer service.
  • From Blogshops in Singapore, you can buy a wide range of products, including trendy clothing, accessories, beauty products, and even homeware items.

Understanding Blogshops in Singapore

Blogshops in Singapore are online retail stores that primarily operate through social media platforms and blogs.

They offer a unique shopping experience by providing an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Blogshops typically have lower overhead costs compared to physical retailers, allowing them to offer trendy products at competitive prices.

Moreover, many blogshops collaborate with local designers and manufacturers, supporting the local economy and offering shoppers exclusive, locally-made products.

Consideration Factors When Choosing a Blogshop

When selecting a Blogshop in Singapore, there are several factors to take into account. These include:

  • Product Variety: Look for a blogshop that offers a diverse range of products, from clothing and accessories to homeware items. A good variety can cater to your different needs and preferences.
  • Pricing: Check the pricing of the items. Consider both the budget and the value for money. A good blogshop in Singapore will offer competitive prices without compromising the quality of their products.
  • Delivery Options: Blogshops that provide flexible and reliable delivery options are preferable. Look for those that offer both standard and express delivery, and check if they deliver internationally if you need this service.
  • Customer Service: Good customer service is essential for a positive online shopping experience. It’s important that the blogshop can respond promptly to queries and resolve any issues efficiently.
  • Website Navigation: The user-friendliness of the website is another essential factor. A well-organized, easy-to-navigate site can make your shopping experience much more enjoyable.

Benefits of Shopping from Blogshops in Singapore

Blogshops in Singapore offer a plethora of benefits for the modern shopper:

  1. Convenience: Blogshops enable shopping from the comfort of home, allowing you to avoid crowded malls and long checkout queues.
  2. Wide Variety: From chic clothing to unique homeware items, Blogshops in Singapore offer an extensive array of products.
  3. Competitive Prices: Often, Blogshops offer competitive prices compared to physical stores, providing more value for your money.
  4. Latest Trends: Blogshops are known for their fashion-forward offerings, keeping you updated with the latest trends.
  5. Ease of Comparison: With the products displayed online, you can easily compare prices and styles across different Blogshops.
  6. Flexible Payment Options: Most Blogshops accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets.
  7. 24/7 Availability: Unlike physical stores, Blogshops are available round the clock, making it possible to shop whenever you want.
  8. Product Reviews: Customers can share their experiences and reviews about products, helping you make informed buying decisions.
  9. Easy Returns and Exchanges: Many Blogshops have straightforward return and exchange policies, providing a sense of security for your purchases.
  10. Saves Time: Online shopping eliminates the need for travel, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Best Blogshop Singapore

1. The Velvet Dolls

The Velvet Dolls - Blogshop Singapore
The Velvet Dolls – Blogshop Singapore (Credit: The Velvet Dolls)
Key Services: Bridesmaid dresses, dresses, jumpsuits, outerwear, pants, rompers, skirts, tops
Phone: Nil
Operating Hours: 24 hours

This online company, which was founded in 2010, has gained a following for its custom-made designs that flatter. You’ll be bagging its feminine items from XS to XXL in no time after browsing the range of casual wear to business wear. Plus, if you’re going to have bridesmaid duties, browse the dedicated collection of beautiful gowns and tulle dresses beforehand.

Key Differentiators:

  • Designs come in sizes XS-XXL
  • Free shipping above SGD80
  • Established in 2010

Customer Review

Here’s a review of TVD Lace Sleeve Skater Dress in Black. It’s a really simple, basic dress that was a MUST-GET for me. I heart anything lace. The sleeves add style and femininity to a basic dress and I love the low scoop back. The dress will fur after sometime and because of it’s weight, the dress will become longer. It is advisable to lay it flat after washing. You must be careful not to hook your sleeves onto anything as it’s quite fragile. I thought the workmanship of the lace sleeves wasn’t fantastic though especially at the part where they stitched the sleeves together to prevent it from having any loose thread.

Other than that, I’m satisfied with the dress. 🙂


2. The Sunday Avenue

The Sunday Avenue - Blogshop Singapore
The Sunday Avenue – Blogshop Singapore (Credit: The Sunday Avenue)
Key Services: Dresses, dungarees, outerwear, pants, rompers, skirts, tops
Phone: Nil
Operating Hours: 24 hours

The Sunday Avenue is a retail haven that is kind to your wallet. It exudes a strong feminine and flirty vibes. Here are some fun designs to try on midis, flowing clothes that would be ideal for tropical island living, and fashionable pieces that will transition you from work to a night on the town. Plus, stylish and comfortable dresses to add a touch of class to your workplace style!

Key Differentiators:

  • Free standard courier with local orders above $120
  • New arrivals every Sunday, 8 PM SGT
  • This fashion blog is setting new trends in the market for blogshops

Customer Review

No review yet

3. Young Hungry Free

Young Hungry Free - Blogshop Singapore
Young Hungry Free – Blogshop Singapore (Credit: Young Hungry Free)
Key Services: Sells a wide range of women’s apparel, accessories and shoes
Phone: Nil
Operating Hours: 24 hours

Forget about your average cookie-cutter blogshop. Young Hungry Free has attitude with a side of sass, as evidenced by its cooler-than-thou collection of apparel and accessories. Wear bralettes, edgy shirt dresses and slinky skirts with thigh-high slits for a sexy look. Basically, it’s everything a stylish girl needs to flaunt her bad side in a subtle manner.

Key Differentiators:

  • New arrivals drop every Monday 8PM GMT+8
  • Ship orders worldwide
  • Chic-minimalist fashion

Customer Review

Good taste

gurdeep singh

4. Topazette

Topazette - Blogshop Singapore
Topazette – Blogshop Singapore (Credit: Topazette)
Key Services:  Offers floaty dresses, fun rompers, cute swimwear, statement activewear, makeup, and more
Phone: Nil
Operating Hours: 24 hours

Topazette is a one-stop-shop for all your fashion and beauty requirements, from makeup and skincare to lingerie and swimwear. On the apparel side, you may look through simple tees, cool rompers, denim bottoms, maxi dresses, bridesmaid ensembles, and even a mini-me option for mummies to match with their little ones at your leisure.

Key Differentiators:

  • Launch: Every Wed 8pm ✨ IG LIVE: Tuesday 9pm
  • 10% off first order
  • Established in 2009

Customer Review

No review yet

5. Neonmello

Neonmello - Blogshop Singapore
Neonmello – Blogshop Singapore (Credit: Neonmello)
Key Services: Bridesmaid dresses, cheongsams, dresses, kids wear, outerwear, tops, workwear
Phone: Nil
Operating Hours: 24 hours

Have you ever been a fashion novice? Click on Neonmello’s blog for ideas on how to put together your outfits, whether it’s for breakfast or Valentine’s Day. From maxis to off-shoulder tops, the brand’s ranges go through pastels and patterns, classics, and current trends. And, yes, you may dress your kids while you’re out shopping here.

Key Differentiators:

  • New arrivals every Thursday 8:30PM | IG LIVE WED 9PM
  • Over 20 designs are launched weekly
  • Fashion-forward styles with pocket-friendly prices

Customer Review

Love their dresses and fitting! This is the most awesome boutique store in Singapore with great shipping time, friendly customer service, and an easy return policy. I’ve been shopping here for almost 2 years without a single hiccup!

Alexis Reyes

6. LeChic

LeChic - Blogshop Singapore
LeChic – Blogshop Singapore (Credit: LeChic)
Key Services: Offers a diversity of affordable, stylish everyday wears for aspiring fashionistas
Phone: Nil
Operating Hours: 24 hours

This trendy boutique, which began selling women’s clothes in 2014, refreshes its fashion line weekly with vibrant dresses, tops, jumpsuits, sweaters, and more. We adore how you may shop for garments based on color, print, length, price, size, and sleeve length.

Key Differentiators:

  • Free Standard Courier above $80
  • New Arrivals Weekly Wed 8 PM
  • Established in 2014

Customer Review

No review yet

7. Wardrobemess

Wardrobemess - Blogshop Singapore
Wardrobemess – Blogshop Singapore (Credit: Wardrobemess)
Key Services: Perfect for those who are seeking shoes, dresses, and bags of matching
Phone: +65 8866 6960
Operating Hours: 11am – 10pm

Who can relate to the problems of having a cluttered closet? We understand how you feel. It’s time to return to the basics after you’ve gotten everything out. Consider cardies, simple drape tops, and chambray pants that can be quickly blended with statement-making adornments for a distinctive style. The label’s extensive collection of footwear includes sandals, mules, and slippers, as well as shoulder bags and structured tote bags – all of which can help you transition from day to night without any problems.

Key Differentiators:

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Offers essentials and easy-to-match clothes at affordable price tags
  • Established in 2012

8. Modparade

Modparade - Blogshop Singapore
Modparade – Blogshop Singapore (Credit: Modparade)
Key Services: Specializes in cheerful floral and abstract prints
Phone: Nil
Operating Hours: 24 hours

Pops of color? Check. Unconventional patterns? There’s no question about it. Vintage atmosphere? Yes, definitely. All of this, and more, is available at Modparade. The fashion collection features a carefully curated range of free-spirited and retro-tinged clothing, tops, bottoms, and accessories.

Key Differentiators:

  • Free standard courier delivery with $50 spent (Singapore)
  • New arrivals every Sunday, 8pm
  • They ship internationally

Customer Review

The eclectic facade with its bright neon lights, eye-catching decoration reminiscent of Tokyo high street fashion will be sure to draw you in.

If you’re into faux leather bottoms, tops or cute, loud, graphic tops, this is the place to get all of these and more.

The owner was friendly and helpful with a cheerful demeanor which greatly boosts your shopping experience.

Charlynn K

Tips for Finding the Perfect Blogshop

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect blogshop that suits your needs and preferences:

  1. Understand Your Style: Before you start shopping, take some time to understand your personal style. Identify the types of clothing and accessories that you feel most comfortable in and those that reflect your personality. This will make it easier to find a blogshop that caters to your style preferences.
  2. Check the Variety of Products: The best blogshops offer a wide variety of products. From dresses, tops, and bottoms to accessories and shoes, they should have a diverse range of items to choose from. This gives you the flexibility to find something that suits your taste and occasion.
  3. Study the Pricing: Ensure the blogshop’s pricing fits within your budget. While it’s okay to splurge on a few items, it’s important to find a shop that offers good value for your money. You don’t want to consistently overpay for clothing items.
  4. Investigate Their Delivery and Return Policies: A good blogshop has a reliable delivery service and a fair return policy. You should be able to receive your items promptly and have the option to return or exchange them if they don’t meet your expectations.
  5. Look at Customer Reviews: Lastly, it’s always a good idea to check the reviews and feedback from other customers. This gives you an insight into the quality of the products and services offered by the blogshop. A blogshop with consistently high ratings and positive reviews is likely a good choice.

Blogshop Singapore

Thank you for reading our blog post on the 8 best Blogshops in Singapore. We hope that you have found this information helpful and that you will be able to find the perfect Blogshop for your needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about blogshops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best blogshops in Singapore below:

What are the best blogshops in Singapore?

The best blogshops in Singapore include The Velvet Dolls, The Sunday Avenue, Young Hungry Free, Topazette, Brick and Mortar stores, and Neonmello.

What are some of the best online shopping sites for midi dresses in Singapore?

There are numerous online stores in Singapore that offer a wide range of midi dresses. Some of the best blogshops include Love, Bonito, The Tinsel Rack, and The Closet Lover. These shops offer carefully tailored creations that fit perfectly and are in line with the latest fashion trends.

Where can I find versatile wardrobe essentials in Singapore?

You can find versatile wardrobe items at various online stores in Singapore. Blogshops like The Editor’s Market, Beyond The Vines, and Love, Bonito offer a wide variety of everyday wear that can be mixed and matched to create different looks.

Are there any Singaporean blogshops that design their own prints?

Yes, there are several Singaporean blogshops that design their own unique prints. For instance, The Closet Lover is known for its unique and fun prints, which are designed in-house and are exclusive to the brand.

Which online store offers the latest fashion trends in Singapore?

The Tinsel Rack, Love, Bonito, and The Editor’s Market are among the online stores that offer the latest trends in Singapore. These blogshops frequently update their collections to ensure they are offering the most up-to-date styles.

Can I find everyday wear in Singapore’s blogshops?

Absolutely! Singapore’s blogshops offer a variety of everyday wear. From midi dresses to casual tops and bottoms, you can find all your wardrobe essentials at these online stores.

What kind of clothes can I find at online stores in Singapore?

You can find a vast range of clothing at online stores in Singapore. From carefully tailored crafts to fun prints and everyday wear, these blogshops cater to the modern woman’s needs.

Are the clothes from Singapore’s blogshops versatile?

Yes, the clothes from Singapore’s blogshops are designed to be versatile wardrobe essentials. You can easily dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Do Singapore’s blogshops cater to the modern woman?

Yes, Singapore’s blogshops cater to the modern woman. They offer a variety of styles that are in line with the latest trends, ensuring that you can always find something that suits your personal style.

Are there any blogshops in Singapore that offer unique prints?

Yes, some blogshops in Singapore design their own graphic t shirts, offering you unique and fun prints that you won’t find anywhere else. The Closet Lover, for instance, is known for its exclusive, in-house designs.

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