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7 Best Bookkeeping in Singapore [2023]

Bookkeeping Service Singapore

Best Bookkeeping Service Singapore
Best Bookkeeping Service Singapore

Looking for the best bookkeeping services in Singapore? Look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss the seven best bookkeeping firms in Singapore. We have carefully curated this list based on our own personal experiences and the experiences of other business owners. So, whether you are looking for a bookkeeping firm to help you with your day-to-day bookkeeping tasks or you need help preparing your taxes, these 7 firms will not disappoint!

1) Sleek

 Sleek - Bookkeeping Service Singapore
Sleek – Bookkeeping Service Singapore (Credit: Sleek)
Key ServicesLocal and overseas services
Address160 Robinson Rd, #14-04 SBF Center, Singapore 068914
Phone+65 6909 2214
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Sleek is a highly regarded accounting firm based in Singapore. Sleek provides numerous services for small firms, including accounting, tax preparation, payroll services (including European and American options), commercial account services, and more.

It’s a multi-disciplinary accounting firm, so you won’t have to look for other firms to handle your accounting demands. With no hidden costs along the road, accounting services start at $100 per month and go up from there — making it one of the cheapest on the island.

Key Differentiators

  1. 4 accounting packages
  2. Competitive rates
  3. Skilled and trained accountants

Client Testimonial

I have been working in multiple countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East etc  to set up operations, but never found – a service provider like Sleek. Platform is simple, sleek, affordable & effective. Team is responsive – from the sales team to accounts. Excellent platform for small., medium or big enterprises.

2) Assembly Works

 Assembly Works - Bookkeeping Service Singapore
Assembly Works – Bookkeeping Service Singapore (Credit: Assembly Works)
Key ServicesAccounting services
Address101A Upper Cross St #09-08, Singapore 058358
Phone+65 9088 3183
Operating HoursWeekdays,  9:00am – 6:00pm

Assembly Works is a well-known building company, with experience in both residential and commercial construction. We’ve worked on numerous projects, including multi-family homes, strip malls, condominiums, office buildings and restaurants.

In today’s competitive market, they assist their customers and help people reach their objectives while also maximizing and protecting their money. Before they submit any paper, their experts make sure to verify it.

Key Differentiators

  1. Each clients is provided with a point person who constantly stays in contact with them
  2. You can customise your package according to your needs
  3. Competitive pricing

Client Testimonial

Fantastic service! We just signed up with Assembly some months ago for bookkeeping, company secretary etc but are utterly impressed. Super friendly, professional, immediate replies, even on the weekend if needed. Can highly recommend Assembly works to everyone who needs this service!!

3) A1 Business

 A1 Business - Bookkeeping Service Singapore
A1 Business – Bookkeeping Service Singapore (Credit: A1 Business)
Key ServicesFast turnaround time
Address10, #27-15 Anson Rd, International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Phone+65 6653 1218
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Having been in operation for over fifteen years, A1 Business is a small business accounting firm that caters to most of the island’s tiny businesses, addressing all their accounting and corporate needs. Payroll services, company registration, taxation, and of course, the finest accounting services in Singapore are among the services provided.

Key Differentiators

  1. Quick turnaround time
  2. Efficient accountants
  3. Affordable services

Client Testimonial

Ordered a new company stamp from A1. Despite me making an error with the order type they happily corrected it, refunded the difference, and responded quickly to all emails.

Additionally, I received the company stamp by delivery the NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

One of the best service experiences I’ve had with a business of its kind in Singapore to date.

4) Reliance Consulting

 Reliance Consulting - Bookkeeping Service Singapore
Reliance Consulting – Bookkeeping Service Singapore (Credit: Reliance Consulting)
Key ServicesExtensive range of accounting services
Address65 Chulia St, #46-01 OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513
Phone+65 6909 2214
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Reliance Consulting has developed into one of the most recognized accounting and advisory firms on the island with just ten years of expertise. It’s an accounting firm that serves smaller enterprises in Singapore as well as those from other countries.

Reliance Consulting offers a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services, as well as payroll, tax consulting, and other services.

Key Differentiators

  1. Local and overseas services
  2. Multiple accreditations
  3. Experienced accountants and auditors

Client Testimonial

Overall their services are friendly, efficient and good value.

5) Ackenting Group

 Ackenting Group - Bookkeeping Service Singapore
Ackenting Group – Bookkeeping Service Singapore (Credit: Ackenting Group)
Key ServicesEfficient tax services
Address111, #07-11 North Bridge Rd, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098
Phone+65 9383 2464
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Look no further than Ackenting Group if you’re searching for an accounting firm with a solid track record. The firm has been recognized as one of Singapore’s Most Trusted Tax Service Providers in 2020, and it has received several accolades throughout the years.

Key Differentiators

  1. Caters to every industry
  2. 10 years of experience
  3. Wide range of services

Client Testimonial

AG clearly spelt out what was required and had a firm grasp of our business model even though it was their first year auditing us. All the pre-agreed timelines were met, and we were able to complete our filing on time despite us engaging AG quite late.

6) Counto

 Counto - Bookkeeping Service Singapore
Counto – Bookkeeping Service Singapore (Credit: Counto)
Key ServicesBookkeeping and tax services
AddressContact for more information
Phone(+65) 3159 4255
Operating HoursMonday to Friday:
8 am to 11 pm
Weekends and Public holidays: 10 am to 6 pm

Counto is an accountant with everything you could want. On our feature about various reasons they won the top spot of bookkeeping services in Singapore, they earned the number one position for a variety of reasons. One is how they work with banks and other software you already use to keep everything up to date automatically.

Key Differentiators

  1. Tailored to your business needs
  2. A dedicated team just for you
  3. Active insights to help your small business grow

Client Testimonial

My previous accountant took forever to respond… after months of no action. Hiring Counto saved us valuable time and money. I recommend Counto 100%. Just wish I had discovered them sooner!

7) Margin Wheeler

 Margin Wheeler - Bookkeeping Service Singapore
Margin Wheeler – Bookkeeping Service Singapore (Credit: Margin Wheeler)
Key ServicesAccounting and Corporate Services
Address21 Bukit Batok Crescent
#15-75, WCEGA Tower
Singapore 658065
Phone(+65) 6272 0820
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM

To satisfy the needs of their clients, Margin Wheeler aims to provide top-notch services at reasonable costs. They take pleasure in delivering only the finest to their customers. They handle a variety of subjects, including incorporation, audit services, and trademarks.

Key Differentiators

  1. Affordable prices
  2. Top-notch services
  3. Qualified professionals

Client Testimonial

We have been engaging Margin Wheeler for their secretarial and accounting services since the start of our operations. On occasions when we have other related needs, we naturally turn to them for support and advice too.

Bookkeeping Service Singapore

The 7 best bookkeeping firms in Singapore provide a range of services, including accounting, tax preparation, payroll services, and more. They have a solid track record and are recognized as some of the most trusted service providers in Singapore.

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