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11 Best Bottle Warmers In Singapore [2023]

Bottle Warmer Singapore

Best Bottle Warmer Singapore
Best Bottle Warmer Singapore

Looking for the best bottle warmers in Singapore? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 11 best bottle warmers on the market, and we are sure that you will find one that is perfect for your needs. Whether you are looking for a bottle warmer for your home or for your office, we have something for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing products!

1. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer - Bottle Warmer Singapore
The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: The First Years via Amazon)
Key FeaturesWarmth is quickly generated in breast milk, formula, and baby food jars
Where to buyClick here

The small Quick Serve Bottle Warmer heats bottles swiftly, with straight, angled, wide-necked, and even disposable bottles all being suitable. You can keep it in the nursery or on your nightstand for easy access during the night, thanks to its tiny design. The measuring vial allows you to plan how long it will take your bottle to warm up. For added safety, this bottle warmer has an auto shut-off. It’s compatible with most wide, narrow, angled, and disposable bottles.

Key Differentiators:

  • Serve promptly and simply to make feeding simpler
  • Warmth is quickly generated in breast milk, formula, and baby food jars
  • There’s no need to measure in the middle of the night

Customer’s Review:

Fantastic product which is easy to use but does what it supposed to do. This product makes bottle feeding a breeze! Keeps the bottles cool so that you dont have to worry about them then transfer to the warmer when needed which makes feeding at night so much easier.

Dee (Credits: Amazon)

2. NUK 3-in-1 Thermo

NUK 3-in-1 Thermo - Bottle Warmer Singapore
NUK 3-in-1 Thermo – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: NUK via Shopee)
Key FeaturesIt has several uses/functions
Where to buyClick here

The NUK bottle warmer has three functions: heating, thawing, and keep warm. If your baby isn’t drinking right away, the bottle warmer can heat your frozen milk and keep it warm for him or her. It is designed with a water bath for uniform heating. Additionally, it can evenly warm baby food. The temperature of the NUK bottle warmer may be adjusted using a control knob located on top. The device is too tiny and compact to be a major kitchen appliance, yet it may easily fit in your bag or even in your little kitchen. This can also be used with bottle tongs for simple use.

Key Differentiators:

  • It’s possible to warm baby food in this device
  • It is small, compact, and space-saving
  • Multi functions

Customer’s Review:

Thank you for the free gifts.

darinaaudrinaayu (Credits: Shopee)

3. Lollababy Bottle Warmer

Lollababy Bottle Warmer - Bottle Warmer Singapore
Lollababy Bottle Warmer – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: Lollababy via Shopee)
Key FeaturesHas a modern digital display that is simple to understand
Where to buyClick here
PriceS$129 – S$136

The Lollababy bottle warmer provides fast heating in ten minutes and a variety of temperature settings. It has heat retention abilities, allowing you to keep the milk at the selected temperature for up to 12 hours.

Furthermore, it is designed to work with most wide-neck baby bottles and has a digital readout that makes it simple to use and maintain. The bottle warmer is great for taking with you when you travel with your child. You may also purchase the bottle warmer package that comes with a UV sterilizer and nasal aspirator.

Key Differentiators:

  • Option for heating retention for up to 12 hours
  • Different temperature settings are available
  • The device features a user-friendly digital display for simple operation

Customer’s Review:

package received fast and good condition. No freebies. Item is good. Thank you seller

bing.xiong (Credits: Shopee)

4. Dr Brown’s Insta-Feed Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer

Dr Brown's Insta-Feed Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer - Bottle Warmer Singapore
Dr Brown’s Insta-Feed Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: Dr Brown’s via Amazon)
Key FeaturesIn as little as 80 seconds, it warms baby bottles and food jars
Where to buyClick here

Dr. Brown’s Insta-Feed™ Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer heats baby bottles and food jars quickly and safely! This baby bottle warmer is small and efficient, taking less than 80 seconds to warm. The adaptable ring and handy lift-out basket will help you to fit any bottle, whether it’s wide, narrow, or baby food jars. The Insta-FeedTM comes with a simple measuring cup – simply fill it with distilled water based on the size of your bottle and pour it in.

The baby bottle warmer and sterilizer evenly heats contents within minutes using gentle steam heat-all with the push of a button. Included with your purchase are a Wide-Neck Storage Cap and Narrow Storage Cap for easy warming. Bacteria and germs are effectively destroyed during sterilization. For small objects like nipples, bottle components, and pacifiers, use the built-in sterilizing feature. The Insta-FeedTM fits baby food jars, Dr. Brown’s® baby bottles, and most other bottle brands.

Key Differentiators:

  • In as little as 80 seconds, it warms baby bottles and food jars
  • Use gentle steam to heat quickly
  • Compact size

Customer’s Review:

Heats up bottles great! Fast! … just have to get the right measurements down to add … if you add more distilled water , bottle gets hotter.

Haydee Archuleta (Credits: Amazon)

5. Philips Avent

Philips Avent - Bottle Warmer Singapore
Philips Avent – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: Philips via Amazon)
Key FeaturesHeating via rapid expansion
Where to buyClick here

This bottle warmer heats baby milk quickly, preventing hot spots and ensuring that it is uniformly heated in just three minutes. There is a defrost function for frozen baby milk. The Philips Avent bottle warmer adjusts to the temperature of your baby’s milk and food, ensuring that no cold or hot spots appear. It keeps the baby milk warm even after it has been heated.

Key Differentiators:

  • Prevents hot and cold spots
  • Heating via rapid expansion
  • Also heat baby food

Customer’s Review:

Glad that I bought this product. Makes warming milk for my baby so easy (that my husband can use it too) . It thats, warms and can keep the milk warm for several hours depending in the setting you choose. And it does not occupy so much space. Always remember to turn it off after use. I highly recommend

Clore (Credits: Amazon)

6. Papablic 3-in-1 Warm-Ease Baby Bottle Warmer

Papablic 3-in-1 Warm-Ease Baby Bottle Warmer - Bottle Warmer Singapore
Papablic 3-in-1 Warm-Ease Baby Bottle Warmer – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: Papablic via Amazon)
Key FeaturesAvoiding heat exposure
Where to buyClick here

Papablic is committed to minimizing heat-related discomfort for infants, and every drop counts in liquid gold. The new bottle warmer comes with an automatic drainage system that allows water to flow back into the tank rather than continue boiling when the bottle is being heated.

The glass tube is the ultimate component of this intelligent bottle warmer, with no more arithmetic required before each set. The material of the bottle and the amount of feed are automatically warmed to the optimum temperature based on your selection of the material. The memory mode allows you to pick up from your last setting so you don’t have to keep memorizing everything. Newborns need to eat every few hours and will wake up when they’re hungry. With our bottle warmer, you can keep water at a constant temperature so it’s always warm and ready to go.

Key Differentiators:

  • Stop Your Device from Getting too Hot
  • It’s simple to use
  • Speedy and Efficient

Customer’s Review:

She told me to review it as it was very good. We had a hand me down from a cousin. That one heated with steam.

This ine is a water bath. Much more quicker apparently.

The sterilizer from this company is very good as well.

Duer (Credits: Amazon)

7. Pigeon Bottle & Baby Food Warmer

Pigeon Bottle & Baby Food Warmer - Bottle Warmer Singapore
Pigeon Bottle & Baby Food Warmer – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: Pigeon via Shopee)
Key FeaturesThis product has three heating modes and is made with advanced technology
Where to buyClick here

With the Pigeon bottle warmer, you can choose from three different heating modes to suit your needs. The advanced heating technology ensures that your bottles are warmed quickly and evenly. It can quickly heat milk or food to the temperature you want and keep it at that temperature until you’re ready to consume it. In addition to milk, it can also heat other food items such as pureed foods and congee.

For easier use, the bundle includes a milk bottle spoon and a meal tray. Not only can you control the temperature of the milk, but you can also prevent overheating or cold spots. This is easily adjusted with the knob, and it fits a wide range of bottles. It also includes a nightlight function.

Key Differentiators:

  • Can cook pureed food and rice porridge
  • The night lamp function is for use during the late night hours
  • Three heating modes and cutting-edge technology

Customer’s Review:

Product delivered within 2 days!! Recommended seller

lilingblue (Credits: Shopee)

8. Tommee Tippee 3 In 1 Advance Bottle Warmer

Tommee Tippee 3 In 1 Advance Bottle Warmer - Bottle Warmer Singapore
Tommee Tippee 3 In 1 Advance Bottle Warmer – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: Tommee Tippee via Shopee)
Key FeaturesThis bottle holder is versatile and can fit any type of bottle
Where to buyClick here

Even after it’s frozen, the Advance Tommee Tippee bottle warmer can still warm baby milk. It may also be used as a pouch warmer because to its ability to keep things heated within the bottle for lengthy periods of time. With accurate temperature control, this milk frother prevents your milk from being too hot or cold. When the automatic timer counts down four minutes, the warmer will shut down for safety. The bottle warmer can accommodate a wide range of bottle and pouch brands, so you won’t have to worry about what type of bottle you prefer.

You also can use the Tommee Tippee Express & Go Pouch & Bottle Warmer, which will keep your bottle at the ideal drinking temperature for longer. The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Travel Warmer is perfect for individuals who love to travel.

Key Differentiators:

  • This bottle holder is versatile and can fit any type of bottle
  • Timer that starts and stops automatically
  • Milk keeps important nutrients

Customer’s Review:

Tested and it works. Delivery was very fast too. Good deal— it was on flash deal

pickleticklexx (Credits: Shopee)

9. Bololo Bottle Warmer

Bololo Bottle Warmer - Bottle Warmer Singapore
Bololo Bottle Warmer – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: Bololo via Amazon)
Key Features7 in 1, Multifunction
Where to buyClick here

The Bololo fast milk warmer is a decent alternative for warming milk with 7-in-1 advanced mode, which includes rapid heating, 24-hour milk reservation, regular heating, baby food heating, defrosting and boiling eggs. It will automatically set the specific time based on different settings like temperature, bottle size and material. Keeping milk and baby food at a consistent temperature is important to avoid nutrition loss. The design of the night light could be programmed to provide an adequate amount of light at night, and MUTE mode ensures that it is entirely silent while in use. The adjustable cover is flexible and can be used on bottles of all sizes.

Key Differentiators:

  • Perfect for any type of bottle
  • The Soft Nightlight
  • Fast warm milk in 5 minutes

Customer’s Review:

Quick and easy to use. We use the fast setting all the time. The fast setting on this device does take a little longer then the Phillips avent warmer, but less likely to over heat the milk because after the fast mode is done it will enter a constant temp mode vs the avent bottle warmer will continue to warm the milk at the same high temperature.

Joel Nakamura (Credits: Amazon)

10. Baby Brezza Instant Warmer

Baby Brezza Instant Warmer - Bottle Warmer Singapore
Baby Brezza Instant Warmer – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: Brezza via Amazon)
Key FeaturesGet warm formula bottles in an instant, without waiting 3-4 minutes for a traditional bottle warmer
Where to buyClick here

The Baby Brezza Instant Warmer may be used to make a cozy formula bottle in seconds, and you can dispense warm water 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you’ll never have to wait 3-5 minutes for the traditional bottle warmer. With this system, all you have to do is dispense warm water, add the formula, mix it up and you’ll be able to feed your baby in just a few seconds. Choose a temperature setting that the Instant Warmer maintains all day and night, using one of three options. The BPA-free water tank has an airtight cap and holds 50 ounces, which is enough for a day’s worth of milk.

Key Differentiators:

  • Easy to use
  • Without waiting three to four minutes, this gadget instantly heats up bottle contents without using a conventional bottle warmer
  • Choose from three temperature settings

Customer’s Review:

We bought several of these for our little girl we no longer use it now but I’m writing a review based off of over a year of usage this thing is wonderful it’s easy to clean. We had one on each floor of the house so we always had access to warm water to prepare a bottle even bought one for travel. Would highly recommend we only use distilled water when refilling to avoid it getting clogged up from tapwater. But we would definitely highly highly recommend this.

DTfamily (Credits: Amazon)

11. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer - Bottle Warmer Singapore
Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer – Bottle Warmer Singapore (Credits: Kiinde via Amazon)
Key FeaturesWarming Chamber with a Universal Setting
Where to buyClick here

The Kiinde Kozii allows parents to quickly and safely warm breast milk, formula, and other foods in storage bags, bottles, or jars of all shapes, sizes, and materials. It is a first-of-its-kind, FDA-approved cooler that thaws and warms breast milk without using cold water. It adheres to all CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) requirements for safely defrosting and heating breast milk with warm, flowing water.

The patent-pending SAFEHeat technology uses a low-temperature water bath to safely and quickly warm breast milk, with a built-in timer to prevent overheating. The result is a warmer that is safer, more precise, faster and simpler to use than traditional warmers, which utilize high-temperature steam that may harm the antibodies and nutrients in breast milk.

Kozii created its warming chamber to quickly warm an 8oz bag of frozen breast milk to serving temperature. SAFEHeat not only brings the contents of the warmer to temperature every time but does so quickly and easily. The digital timer is a simple, easy-to-use device that allows parents to set the desired warm-up period simply by turning the knob. The warming automatically stops when the set time is up, so you don’t have to worry about your bottle or bag is heated for too long.

Key Differentiators:

  • Long Lasting Reservoir
  • Warming Chamber with a Universal Setting
  • Auto Shutoff Feature

Customer’s Review:

Highly recommended! This is a very well reviewed warmer for a reason! This is one of the only warmers that fit a Tommee Tippee bottle. And I believe the only one on the market that works with water and not steam. It’s super effective to warm bottles evenly; although it’s a bit slower than a steam warmer. It’s a much safer and more effective way to warm any bottle.

Marile van Zyl (Credits: Amazon)

Bottle Warmer Singapore

Bottle warmers are a convenient way to heat up milk and formula for your baby. The 11 bottle warmers in Singapore listed in this article offer different features and benefits, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We hope this article has helped you find the perfect bottle warmer for your family!

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