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Best Team Building Activities That Build Rapport [2023]

Build Rapport Singapore
Build Rapport Singapore

Build Rapport Singapore

“Are your employees distant from one another?”, “Are they complaining about how boring work is?” or “Do they dread coming to work?”. If you say “yes” to any of these questions, then maybe it’s time to take a look at how you can improve your overall company culture. Good company culture emphasizes the following characteristics which include; collaboration, relationship, and care towards one’s employees. Although you may be asking yourself how can you improve your company culture in such a short time. One way to improve it is to rapport via team building activities.

Team building activities are able to improve your company culture as a whole. By placing everyone in an environment where they are forced to work together, indirectly helps employees. They are more prompted to communicate, problem-solve and, showcase their individual strengths/weaknesses. In addition, this is beneficial if it is carried over to the workplace as it increases overall productivity through building rapport. As you can see, including more team building activities will be the way to go if you’re looking to achieve these benefits for your workplace!

Granted, there are so many potential ideas for team building activities that can be done nowadays. So to help you out, we have provided you with a list of 4 activities that will help your employees build rapport.

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Best Team Building Activities That Build Rapport

1) Bubble Bump Soccer

Bubble Bump Soccer  - Build Rapport Singapore
Bubble Bump Soccer – Build Rapport Singapore (The FunEmpire)

It is often said that having a laugh or a giggle is paramount to build rapport. We definitely agree! While there is a science behind it as to why social laughing encourages better relationships with one another, we don’t want to bore you with such complicated jargon. Instead here’s an activity that is sure to ensure that you have a barrel of laughs! Bubble Bump Soccer is an interesting twist of the futsal game. Participants will be encased in bubble suits while being allowed to bump into one another. By witnessing the hilarious scenes of your colleagues falling down while trying to score a goal, we are definitely sure that all of you will be able to build more rapport with one another as a result!

2) Two Truths, One Lie

Two Truths, One Lie - Build Rapport Singapore
Two Truths, One Lie – Build Rapport Singapore (Credit: Google)

I’m sure most of us have heard of or even participated in this simple and classic game. But that doesn’t make it any less fun! Start by having everyone sit in a circle. In the meantime, while they’re finding a place to sit, you can get them to start thinking of three statements. The statements should contain two truths and one lie. After which, each player takes turns to say all three statements while the rest try to guess which statement out of the three is the lie. This encourages better team bonding amongst employees as they get to build rapport with one another more personally instead of on a work-to-work basis.

3) Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes - Build Rapport Singapore
Cooking Classes – Build Rapport Singapore (Credit: The FunEmpire)

The third team building activity that we recommend to encourage bonding with one another is by attending cooking classes. However, you may be confused as cooking classes isn’t exactly considered as a game. That’s where you’re wrong. You can change it up by including a cooking battle segment after the class itself. By including a competitive element to the class itself, it can develop unity amongst team members as they aim to clinch the position for the best dish cooked. There’s definitely nothing better than feeling as if everyone has played a part in cooking up the dish!

4) Kayaking

Kayaking - Build Rapport Singapore
Kayaking – Build Rapport Singapore (Credit: Sestco)

Last but not least, we have kayaking. This team building activity is truly the embodiment of unity and team spirit. Work together amongst your team and try your best to get to the finish line! This activity is also very convenient as there are multiple spots whereby you can hold it such as Bedok Reservoir, Jurong Lake, Lower Seletar Reservoir, MacRitchie Reservoir, Marina Reservoir, and Pandan Reservoir. Leave all your worries and stresses ashore as you paddle onwards with your colleagues!

Build Rapport Singapore

To sum up, these are just a few team building activities that we believe can build a better rapport between your employees. If you want more interesting and fun team building games/ fun team bonding activities, check out these other articles as well! 🙂

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