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Trying Gel Candle-Making For The First Time

Recently, we, the team at The Fun Empire, had an opportunity to experience our very own Candle-Making Workshop as part of our team-building day. Personally, as this was my first time crafting a candle, I was incredibly excited throughout the workshop, and had put in a ton of effort into ensuring that my candle came out satisfactory to my standards. While I’m a huge fan of candles, and collecting it is one of my hobbies, I would only head to the stores such as Yankee Candles or Bath and Body Works to purchase it, and there’s no denying that it isn’t inexpensive. As such, I’m eternally grateful that there’s a cheaper ( and also greener! ) alternative out there, which also allows me to interact with my friends and colleagues outside of the working environment.

Before the session ‘officially’ began, we were introduced to our facilitator, Daryl, who not only conducts the workshop, but also guides and provides help when needed. He instructed us through the steps into making our candles safely, and briefed us of the background behind candle-making. The tables were neatly-prepared and laid out before the participants arrived, so there’s no need for hustling and bustling around, and the entire workshop procedure is incredibly straightforward. Each participant were given the gel, wick, a metal cup to melt the wax in, spoons and chopsticks and thermometer. Colored sands, scents and figurines ( subjected to additional costs ) are provided to allow you to explore your creative side and to craft a candle that’s uniquely you!

I would have never thought that Candle-Making would be so fun and engaging, honestly. The plethora of colored dyes, scents and figurines available will undoubtedly leave you spoiled for choice. If you’re desiring a pink or blue-colored candle, well no fret as you’re able to achieve that! You could view the full range of figurines available here. From our basic range to special figurines which consist of popular animated characters such as Totoro and Gudetama, your candle will come out looking captivating any way!

Would I engage in this event in the future? Definitely yes! I thoroughly enjoyed the session and personally liked how my candle turned out. It’s not every day that I get to interact with my colleagues in a non-professional surrounding, so it was nice to bond with them over such a miscellaneous thing like candles. Who would have thought? The team-building aspect was evidently present during the session, and we get to bring our creations back home where we would display it proudly.

As such, if you’re looking to host an unconventional team-building event, or simply looking for fun things to do in Singapore, the Candle-Making Workshop would be an option for you.