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11 Best Car Mats In Singapore [2023]

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Car Mat Singapore

Best Car Mat Singapore
Best Car Mat Singapore

Looking for the best car mats in Singapore? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 11 best car mats on the market today. These car mats are made from high-quality materials and are sure to protect your car’s interior from dirt, dust, and other debris. Plus, they look great too! So, what are you waiting for? Check out our list and choose the car mat that’s perfect for you!

1. 3D MAXpider

Key FeaturesDirt does not fall onto the original carpet because of the 3D MAXpider car mats’ flat, raised edges
Where to buyClick here
PriceS$300 – S$390

Dust and dirt won’t fall onto the original carpet since these lovely European-imported vehicle mats have raised edges. The 3D MAXpider Car Mats have a three-layer construction as well.

The anti-skid layer at the bottom is a unique technology that maintains your car mat in place without leaving any marks or damaging the original carpet when you remove the mats to clean. This cutting-edge gadget has received a number of accolades across the world. Best Tech System Automotive is the official sole distributor of 3D MAXpider Car Mats in Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • The structure is composed of three layers
  • Many international honors have been won by it
  • The bottom “anti-skid” layer is a proprietary technology that keeps your vehicle mat in place without leaving marks

Customer’s Review:

I have heard a lot of good compliments about their 3D Maxpider car mat in my car group. They have made me so wanting to change my car mats even though they are still in good condition. After much poison, I dropped by last month to change a new set to 3D Maxpider car mat. I can’t agree more with the fellow car group members! The quality of the mat is indeed marvellous. Most importantly, it is waterproof and easy to dust off as I have 2 small kids who love eating and drinking milk during their car ride. Chances of them spilling the drink and food are so frequent! After changing to 3D, cleaning has never been easier.

John Liu (Credits: sgcarmart)

2. Trapo Hex

Key FeaturesThe hexagonal shape is notable for its beauty
Where to buy
PriceS$74.90 – S$129.90

The Trapo Hex is one of the greatest vehicle floor mats in Singapore, providing a worry-free driving experience at all times. It contains the ideal balance of 50% recycled material and 50%, ensuring an injury-free and non-toxic atmosphere for everyone on board. All of us have had experience with how unpredictable children can be, so a non-toxic mat is a fantastic choice for a family vehicle. Your car will always be fresh and won’t reek of rubbery odor, thanks to Japan’s Antibacterial Technology and its combination with the antibacterial treatment.

The Trapo Hex is completely waterproof, so any dirt or spills will not be absorbed by the vehicle’s floor.A single water sweep will take care of it if your kid spills soda on the mat. The mat’s anti-slip performance is also the best in class, keeping your family out of dangerous situations.

Key Differentiators:

  • A 5-year warranty provides added confidence in your purchase
  • Is completely odorless and non-toxic
  • It lasts a long time

Customer’s Review:

Ordering from Trapo SG from their website was seamless. Had ours installed by Adrian from Trapo – he was friendly and efficient! Installed our mats in no time. He even gifted us with the diatomite coasters ☺️ Loving their good quality mats as well – no more icky stuff stuck on the old mats!

Shahira Razak

3. Universal Fit Metallic Design Car Floor Mat

Key FeaturesUniversal fit
Where to buyClick here

With the Universal Fit Metallic Design Car Floor Mat, not only will your car’s floor be protected, but it will also give your vehicle a more gleaming appearance. The finest selection for automobile owners who wish to stand out from the crowd is this vehicle mat. This mat is also quite simple to keep clean and tidy, regardless of the style. It has non-slip backing to avoid slipping and sliding at the same time.

Key Differentiators:

  • The tiles are available in five distinct colors
  • With a gleaming chrome finish
  • Budget 5-piece car mat

Customer’s Review:

Items received with good condition happy to have it thanks so much CHEERS

wilsonwooi (Credits: Shopee)

4. Matters Premium Car Mat

Key FeaturesAdvanced 3D scanning technologies help to ensure a one-of-a-kind fit for every vehicle model
Where to buyClick here
PriceS$199 – S$299

The Matters 5D car mats are custom-made to fit your vehicle. They extend vertically up the doors and seats, keeping dirt, grime, or spills from contacting the real floor of your car. If that isn’t enough, their latest 6D auto seat covers include an extra coiled layer to trap dust and dirt, preventing it from moving around and spreading.

It’s simple to take off the vehicle mats for cleaning because each car mat features a clasp that keeps it in place while driving and prevents it from moving around.

Key Differentiators:

  • Custom-made to fit your vehicle
  • Keeping it from shifting and spreading
  • It’s simple to take off the vehicle carpets

Customer’s Review:

Very happy with the purchase as it was really a good set of product at a good deal. Fit nicely to my car.

Got it via a 11/11 promotion spotted on sgcarmart. Bought at an attractive price.

MCFmrhonda (Credits: sgcarmart)

5. 3M™ Nomad™ Car Mat `

Key FeaturesGenuine 3M Quality, the car mats are fire-retardant and have no rubbery scent that lingers in the vehicle
Where to buyClick here

The XM® 3M™ NomadTM Car Mat is built to last. The driver’s mat, in a car, is most susceptible to wear and tear. The vehicle floor mats are made of the same material as the original car floor mats, ensuring that they don’t wear out prematurely. When mats shift about in the automobile, it can be hazardous. It might also lead to trips or accidents if they move around inside the vehicle. They utilize strong-adhesion gripper strips on the back of the car mat to keep your vehicle safe and secure for a smooth ride.

The superior quality, longest-lasting and most durable vinyl coil carpet because they are the original manufacturers. They provide you with piece of mind since their car mats are fire resistant. The rubbery smell isn’t as strong. Look for the warranty label that comes with each set of custom-molded car mat through a 3M authorized distributor of vehicle mats to ensure you’re getting the mat designed properly. They ensure that you are receiving what you booked.

Key Differentiators:

  • Quality Heel Plate
  • Gripper Strips
  • Warranty Label

Customer’s Review:

Received items from seller in good condition and fast.thks

sha4714y88 (Credits: Shopee)

6. Bronzeman Pet Cargo Cover Liner

Key FeaturesThey are completely universal
Where to buyClick here

We suggest the Bronzeman Pet Cargo Cover Liner for pet owners who take their pets on road trips frequently. It’s an extremely versatile product that can be used on any surface, as it protects your automobile’s floor from dirt, mud, and liquid spills while also protecting it from scratches and pet sheddings. The seat has built-in bumper flaps for added protection, so the back of the leather front seats don’t get scratched either. There are four large compartments in the front, so you can easily store your pet’s essential items for travel.

The Bronzeman vehicle mat is made to fit a full-size SUV, a compact minivan, a sedan, and other vehicles. You may just cut the edges of any car to ensure a proper fit!

Key Differentiators:

  • It’s waterproof and simple to maintain
  • Cover the entire cargo with a large non-slip mat
  • They are completely universal

Customer’s Review:

NIce quality and lovely packaging.

deborah (Credits: Amazon)

7. Motor Trend DualFlex All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats

Key FeaturesFirm and with more traction
Where to buyClick here

Custom-made automobile floor mats may not be cheap for everyone. If you’re searching for a cheaper option, consider the Motor Trend DualFlex All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats. All you need is a pair of scissors to make sure the mats are the appropriate size for your car. Don’t be concerned, the contour guides will make the cutting go more smoothly. Just keep in mind that the mat’s dimensions must be checked before purchasing. We adore how the mat is available in a range of colors, so you may personalize your vehicle!

Despite the fact that Motor Trend floor mats are less expensive, they are constructed of high-performance rubber polymers for long-lasting dependability. They’re put to the test in hostile environments and can survive anything.

Key Differentiators:

  • Most vehicles are compatible with this universal fit
  • All-weather floor mats for the front and rear of the vehicle
  • The sport design has a two-tone look

Customer’s Review:

these were purchased for my Fiat and they fit beautifully in my little car 🙂

CAM (Credits: Amazon)

8. ARIS Multi-Purpose Rubber Car Mat

Key FeaturesGrid design to keep dirt away
Where to buyClick here

Another fantastic choice for customers who want a more affordable car mat in Singapore is the ARIS Multi-Purpose Rubber Car Mat. A single purchase may not be enough to cover the car’s floor fully, but it’s up to you to cut to your preferred size. Or you can get one in a larger size, though the price may be higher. Surprisingly, this rubber mat is also water-resistant, making it easy to clean and safe from accidental liquid spills.

Key Differentiators:

  • Trimmable
  • Anti-Slip back
  • 3 sizes available

Customer’s Review:

Quality is good! Fresh from the warehouse, evident from the strong rubber smell. I’m putting aside for the time to let the smell go away before using it.

Goh H (Credits: Lazada)

9. ENZO Car Mat

Key FeaturesEvery automobile may be personalized with its favorite color and fit
Where to buyClick here

The Enzo Car Mat is one of the most popular antibacterial car mats in Singapore. You can’t go wrong with this one because it’s not only environmentally friendly, but also odorless, waterproof, and custom-made to your automobile make and model. This car mat, like the Trapo Hex, includes Japan’s Antibacterial Technology to keep germs at bay. It can also prevent 99.9% of bacteria from growing inside because of this antibacterial technology.

The Enzo Car Mat is ideal for car owners who travel with their families frequently. This mat is particularly beneficial to the health of every family member in the long term if you use it frequently with your family. The best part is that the Enzo Car Mat is produced right here in Singapore! The deep micro-holes in Enzo’s Car Mat are one feature that you will absolutely adore when you have children. Holes like these can effectively trap dirt and mud from filthy shoes, ensuring that they don’t come into contact with your vehicle’s platform. If ever your mat gets dirty, simply rinse it with water and leave it out to dry for 15 minutes, and it’ll be as good as new!

Key Differentiators:

  • Made from a high-quality, SGS-approved TVP material that is guaranteed to be ecologically friendly
  • It’s easy to maintain, and it’s completely waterproof
  • Anti-slip coating on both sides

Customer’s Review:

Very solid quality and customised fit car mat for my car. Definitely better and easier to maintain as compared to those carpet material type. Will recommend.

Irfan Z (Credits: Lazada)

10. Armor All 78840 4-Piece Black All Season Rubber Floor Mat

Key FeaturesTrimming is quick and easy with universal cut lines
Where to buyClick here

The Armor All 78840 4-Piece Black All Season Rubber Floor Mat is a well-known all-weather car mat on Amazon, with over 2700 ratings across the world. It’s an excellent option. This rubber mat, which is made of sturdy rubber, is meant to protect your entire automobile’s flooring from the elements.What’s more, it may be trimmed to fit virtually any car.You’ll have to do some extra work, but you’ll be able to save a few dollars.

Furthermore, this Armor All floor mat has a carpet-claw design that keeps it in place even on bumpy roads.

Key Differentiators:

  • Trimming is quick and easy with universal cut lines
  • Rubberized tiles provide added grip and slip resistance
  • Available in tans, greys, and blacks.

Customer’s Review:

Fitted perfect for a mitsibui L200 pickup

Karen B. (Credits: Amazon)

11. Autobacs Bonform Arrow Next Car Front Mat

Key FeaturesAdjustable size with cutting line
Where to buyClick here

For now, the Autobacs SG Bonform Arrow Next Car Front Mat might be a better option for you if only the driver’s floor portion needs to be protected. It is, however, adjustable, so you can just trim the edges to fit your vehicle’s floor precisely. It can also be used to ward off pests from your vehicle! It’s also constructed of a high-quality PVC fabric that will last a long time without falling apart.

Key Differentiators:

  • With a cut line, you may customise the size to your liking
  • It fits the floor surface
  • Dirt such as rain, snow, and mud is effectively stopped by this barrier

Customer’s Review:

A five-star rating was given in Lazada

Car Mat Singapore

There are a variety of car mats on the market, and we have highlighted some of the best ones for you. All of these car mats offer different features that may be beneficial to you and your car. It is important to consider what type of car mat will work best for your needs before making a purchase. We hope that this article has helped you in making an informed decision about which car mat is right for you.

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