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6 Cheapest Broadbands in Singapore [2023]

Cheapest Broadband Singapore

Best Cheapest Broadband Singapore
Best Cheapest Broadband Singapore

Are you looking for the cheapest broadband in Singapore to buy? If so, then this blog post is perfect for you. In this article, we will share with you 6 of the cheapest broadband providers in Singapore to help get your cable and internet needs to be sorted out. We’ll also provide a summary of each provider’s package offerings and pricing plans so that you can compare them all!

1. MyRepublic

MyRepublic - Cheapest Broadband Singapore
MyRepublic – Cheapest Broadband Singapore (Credit: MyRepublic)
Price $52.99
Phone +65 6717 1680

Nobody wants to accept a slow Internet connection, whether they’re a casual or professional gamer, and our gaming sessions would be negatively impacted. It’s fantastic that MyRepublic has developed a program called GAMER to meet the needs of all sorts of gamers.

It also holds the top position in Steam download speeds on the island, which is why so many gamers like it. It even includes a free home landline with no monthly fees!

Customers also have the option of signing up for a one-month free membership if they renew their subscription.

Key Differentiators

  • Ideal speed for gamers
  • With home landline
  • Free 1-month subscription

Client Testimonial

‘So happy with them that I have 3 fibre lines with them at work and at home. They’ve been improving since I first signed up with them in 2012″

2. WhizComms

WhizComms - Cheapest Broadband Singapore
WhizComms – Cheapest Broadband Singapore (Credit: WhizComms)
Price $40.00 (12-month contract)

$34.00 (24-month contract)
Phone +65 3109 0088

Since 2016, WhizComms has been offering Singaporeans with quick and dependable Internet service, earning it one of the most reliable Internet providers on the island.

It is also committed to making its services accessible to as many people as possible, which is why it offers broadband plans at a lower price than others.

Customers have the option of signing up for a 12-month or 24-month contract. If you’re searching for a cheaper alternative, go for the longer contract, which is one of Singapore’s most inexpensive broadband services.

You may receive a free activation fee, as well as a reduced delivery and installation price that usually ranges from $100 to $200 depending on your location. It’s why most clients choose Whizcomms as their Internet provider!

Customers who want the whole kit and caboodle may select from Whizcomms’ Wireless Router and Mesh Solution packages (1Gbps only). Customers who only need a router and do not wish to purchase one can go for the No Frills plan (no router included).

Customers may upgrade to 300Mbps or 600Mbps plans, which come with a FREE speed boost to 500Mbps after 6 weeks.

Key Differentiators

  • Free activation
  • Free installation
  • Free delivery
  • Stable Internet network

Client Testimonial

“I signed up with Whiz Comm two years back for myself & my parents because they were the cheapest I could find with testimonials from close friends on the reliability of the service.

Fast forward to today, my husband credit card was misused and need to be cancelled. Customer service were patient and helpful to ensure all our queries were solved and saw us through the whole process. In view of our contracts expiring, the renewal terms are still cheapest in the market.

I am a careful consumer and will only go for partners who can value add me most. For home internet, Whiz Comm is my and my family first choice.”

3. M1

M1 - Cheapest Broadband Singapore
M1 – Cheapest Broadband Singapore (Credit: M1)
Price $39.00

We are proud to announce that, after years of research and development, the M1 Broadband Network is pleased to present you with a family-focused broadband plan! Customers may now purchase M1’s Family Bundle for just $39.00, which includes a fast and stable Internet connection that they may share with their entire family.

Another advantage of it being one of the most inexpensive internet providers in Singapore is that consumers may acquire a free two-month membership! They can also add extras to their packages, such as Google Nest, Apple TV, and iPad for a modest additional fee!

Key Differentiators

  • Add-ons
  • 4G mobile broadband
  • ONT activation

Client Testimonial

“The best telco experience I have come across for the past 25 years with M1! M1 never fails to impress me. Here again, I must commend “Ms Rain Lin” whom I came across last week at Bugis M1 shop. I had an issue with my corporate CORI plan which cannot be resolved online or thru the app. She took only 2mins to come up with 2 great suggestions. I am so impressed with her intimate product knowledge and delivery, clear and concise. I took up her suggestion and headed back to shop a week later to sign up for a new employee. Then again, I met Ms Rain. She remembered what I needed and offered to let me know once it’s available. Again, I felt so proud for staying with M1 regardless of what others say about how good the other telco is. I have my Broadband and TV with another telco but was never impressed by their service quality. M1, well done, keep up your service excellence and we will stay with you as long as you are there!! “

4. Singtel

Singtel - Cheapest Broadband Singapore
Singtel – Cheapest Broadband Singapore (Credit: Singtel)
Price $41.58

Look no farther than Singtel if you’re searching for a dependable Internet provider. Given that it has consistently given Singaporeans with quick yet affordable Internet connections, it’s no surprise that it’s on our list of the cheapest broadbands in Singapore.

Its fastest 1Gbps plan is $41.58 per month, which is ideal for watching Netflix all day and gaming for hours on end. You will never have to worry about your connection being disrupted because Singtel has a secure and reliable network.

Customers who sign up for SingTel’s internet service can get special offers and discounts by doing so. Some of the incentives include free installation and registration, free daily/end service, home line, AC Plus Router, and a ten-percent discount on their mobile subscription.

If you’re an existing customer who wants to renew your contract, we promise that Singtel will have more benefits and discounts as a thank-you!

Key Differentiators

  • Ideal for gaming and video streaming
  • Free registration and installation
  • Excellent customer service

Client Testimonial

“SingTel staff Myo had excellent service & he is very well trained staff for his wonderful service to the customers.All the service staffs make me feel welcome & I enter the shop . Please kindly compliment Myo & his team for their great job that make SingTel the best telco company “

5. Starhub

Starhub - Cheapest Broadband Singapore
Starhub – Cheapest Broadband Singapore (Credit: Starhub)
Price $39.90
Phone 1633

Starhub is one of Singapore’s most popular Internet service providers because to its cheap plans and dependable connection. Its cheapest fibre broadband plan, which became available in May, costs only $39.90 a month and is ideal for streaming high-definition movies.

Starhub’s WiFi is available in all rooms of your house, so you can always stay connected. Starhub guarantees that there will be no dead spots in your home, which is why we consider it one of the finest and most cost-effective broadband services in Singapore.

In addition, Starhub also provides free service installation and six months of Junior ProtectBasic, as well as twelve months of HomeInsured for new customers.

With all of these advantages, it’s difficult to resist signing up for one of Singapore’s most inexpensive broadband plans!

Key Differentiators

  • Free installation
  • Plug-and-play ready
  • For quality video streaming

Client Testimonial

“Very good experience. The contact-less call numbering was good. The person I spoke to was very knowledgeable and helped out and did a good job. Good final experience.”

6. ViewQuest

ViewQuest - Cheapest Broadband Singapore
ViewQuest – Cheapest Broadband Singapore (Credit: ViewQuest)
Price 500Mbps

S$36.90 (usual price S$38.90)

S$48.90 (usual price S$50.90)
Phone (+65) 3102 0000

The prices listed in the box are based on the service’s speed, which makes them very simple to understand. That implies that whatever subscription you see in the box is simply for the service and does not include any freebies or add-ons to complicate your price calculation.

While 1Gbps appears to be very inexpensive, it does not include the cost of a router. As a result, you’ll have to add on some more money for a router from ViewQwest or another online retailer.

Another thing to think about is the many advanced features offered by ViewQwest. Its Freedom DNS, for example, allows you to get access to streaming content that may be unavailable in Singapore owing to geographical restrictions.

Key Differentiators

  • Simple Cost Calculations
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Variety of Features

Client Testimonial

“We were attended by Husaini @Suntec Flagship Store, who was service-oriented and had excellent product knowledge! He was quick in catching our situation/issue to advise to the point on the solution. All this is due to the Network Transformation Program that will be taking place on the 3 Nov; where the new given modem are not WiFi-enabled. Thank you for the service rendered, Husaini, and for being patience in going through with us on the self-installation. Shout-out to Viewquest for having such staff! 30/10/20”

Cheapest Broadband Singapore

The cheapest broadband plans in Singapore are listed here. Whether you’re looking for a fast and stable Internet connection, want to watch Netflix all day, or need to stream high-definition movies, we hope this list of the six cheapest broadbands in Singapore will help!

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