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7 Best Stores For Chinese New Year Decorations in Singapore [2023]

Chinese New Year Decorations

Chinese New Year Decorations

If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to buy your Chinese New Year decorations this year, look no further! In this blog post, we will list 7 of the best stores in Singapore for festive decor. From traditional red and gold ornaments to contemporary designs, there’s something for everyone here. So start your shopping now and get ready for a prosperous new year!

But before that, here are some key things to consider when choosing a Chinese New Year Decorations in Singapore!

Key Things To Consider When Choosing Chinese New Year Decorations in Singapore

  • The type of decorations you want: Do you want something traditional or contemporary? Are you looking for lanterns, decorations, or both?
  • The budget: Chinese New Year decorations can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. So it’s important to set a budget and stick to it.
  • The quality: It’s always best to buy quality decorations in order to ensure they last for years to come.
  • The stores: There are a variety of stores in Singapore that sell Chinese New Year decorations, so it’s important to compare prices and quality before purchasing.
  • The theme or colour scheme of your decorations: Red and gold are the traditional colours for Chinese New Year, but you can also opt for a more modern colour scheme like pink and blue.
  • Whether you want traditional or contemporary decorations: Chinese New Year decorations come in a variety of designs and styles, so pick one that reflects your style.

Now that you know what to look for, here are the best Chinese New Year Decoration Stores in Singapore!

1. Chin Giap Soon

Chinese New Year Decorations
CHIN GIAP SOON – Chinese New Year Decorations
Key Serviceone-stop shop for plushies, couplets, and banners
Address11 Tanjong Katong Road, #03-18 KINEX Shopping Mall, Singapore 437157
Phone6297 0075
Operating HoursMon – Sat 10AM-8.30PM | Sun 11AM-6.30PM

Chin Giap Soon, commonly known as CGS Party, is a lesser-known party shop tucked away in KINEX. Their shelves are typically stacked with bright children’s toys like beads, pinwheels, and bubbles during typical periods.

At Chinese New Year, their entire store will be illuminated by lanterns and hanging scrolls covered with gold foil.

Key Differentiators

  • Offers a variety of items
  • Beautifully decorated store

Customer Testimonial

Wow what a fab find!! I went in for Halloween items but this store has EVERYTHING party related, along with lots of Christmas items and small toys. I highly recommend a visit!!!

2. SKP

Chinese New Year Decorations
SKP – Chinese New Year Decorations
Key ServiceIslandwide Locations
Phone+65 6545 2828

If your mother used to make a wonderful gift bags for your kindergarten classmates on your birthday, you’ve probably heard of SKP. They also provide a large range of couplet banners, good luck symbols, and Chinese New year streamers to hang from your hallways in addition to their affordable balloon bouquets, confetti poppers, and tiny stationary items.

With over 40 stores scattered throughout all regions of Singapore, it’ll be easy for you to find one near your office or home.

The typical cost of a couplet banner is around $2.30, with red packet bundles costing approximately $1.30 and 3D hanging decorations costing roughly $2.80 per pair.

Key Differentiators

  • Over 40 stores around Singapore
  • Offers a variety of items
  • Reputable Brand

Customer Testimonial

Today i encounter a very Helpful chinese lady by the name of Felicia Ang. She is patience and helpful in answering my questions. Thank you SKP for having such a professional and helpful staff and once again thanks Felicia.

3. Ming Sing

Chinese New Year Decorations
MING SING – Chinese New Year Decorations
Key ServiceRealistic-looking artificial floral arrangements
Address11 Tanjong Katong Rd, #03-20 to 24 KINEX, Singapore 436950
Phone6294 6389
Operating Hours10AM-8.30PM

Ming Sing specializes in fake floral arrangements that appear to be the real thing. These are ideal for those who have a big home with lots of space to fill or are hosting a large house party and want to wow guests.

They have distinctive wreath components, as well as extremely elaborate cage displays with colorful varieties of flowers twined all around the metal bars.

Consider buying one of their smaller jar arrangements and placing it as a centerpiece on your table if you just have a little room. When guests come to your house, it will undoubtedly attract attention!

Key Differentiators

  • Affordable Floral Decorations & Arrangements
  • Ideal to impress guests

4. Fairprice & Cold Storage

Chinese New Year Decorations
Fairprice & Cold Storage – Chinese New Year Decorations
Key ServiceCheap, Convenient & Accessible
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday
8AM to 10PM

You can rely on a supermarket to have anything you require. If you’re in a hurry, stop by your local Fairprice, Cold Storage, or Giant to grab some cheap CNY necessities while getting your groceries and last-minute pineapple tarts.

Almost every shop will have the things you need, but the bigger ones in malls will most likely have a wider range that includes potted bamboo and pussy willow.

Key Differentiators

  • Accessible & Affordable to obtain
  • Has mostly every item available

Customer Testimonial

Not a dissapointment. You can find most of the things or else atleast an alternative option. Reasonably big and well stocked.

5. Daiso

Chinese New Year Decorations
Daiso – Chinese New Year Decorations
Key Service all items at just $2
Phone[+65] 6566 9585
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday
10AM to 10PM

Daiso is a great place to go for inexpensive craft materials and basic but beautiful decorations for holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Their Lunar New Year decorations, being a Japanese chain, have a small Japanese twist.

Choose from among a variety of artificial blooms, including peonies, sakura, and chrysanthemums, or top your tables with manekineko (fortune cat) dolls and daruma figures – a sign of good luck in Japanese culture.

They usually have yearly themed angbaos too – last year’s selection included a series of pig-themed red packets since it was the lunar year of the pig.

Key Differentiators

  • Everything is affordable
  • Yearly themed decorations & Items

Customer Testimonial

You can find almost anything you need from this huge Daiso outlet. From home decor, fashion accessories, household needs, sports items, and more… Everything for just SGD 2! Warning: You will surely spend more than you planned to once you enter the store!

6. CUBE-i

Chinese New Year Decorations
CUBE – i – Chinese New Year Decorations
Key ServiceFound in Neighbourhood Malls
Address10 Tampines Central 1, 03-26, Singapore 529536
Phone6556 2278
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday
11AM to 9PM

10AM to 9PM

The i is located in the Tampines 1, Hougang Mall, and Rivervale Mall area. Despite its size, this party shop has everything you’ll need for every event.

They’re well-known for their huge helium balloons for birthdays and engagements, as well as goodies bag contents like stickers, party poppers, and small plush toys.

They do have seasonal items when festive periods approach, so visit them to stock up on lanterns, wall decals, and cute red packets.

Key Differentiators

  • Convenient & Accessible
  • Well known for their materials

Customer Testimonial

Most reliable , helpful store when it comes to the Party decorations. Not only patient but friendly . It’s a store run by family and love their collections . Large varieties of colours, types of balloons to choose from. Party poppers , gifts etc you name it. All are of best quality and great prices.

They also have delivery option available. Love the experience every time I go there .

7. Chinatown

Chinese New Year Decorations
Chinatown – Chinese New Year Decorations
Key ServiceYearly Tradition
AddressChinatown Point Source
Operating Hours11AM to 11PM

Traditional Chinese decorations, on the other hand, are available all year. However, every year there is always a huge CNY bargain fair in Chinatown’s People’s Park (outside OG) with even more of these items.

Needless to say, the celebrations are never ending here, and you can obtain all of your o ong lai lanterns, wall décor, hanging charms, and fake firecrackers in one shipment without any difficulty.

During the Chinese New Year, you may expect to find ornamental items as well as street food stalls selling traditional and contemporary attire, house plants, and furnishings.

Key Differentiators

  • Variety of items available
  • Well Decorated Items and Atmosphere

Chinese New Year Decorations

No matter where you go in Singapore, you’re sure to find the perfect decorations for Chinese New Year. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or with a more modern twist, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye and helps you celebrate this special holiday. Happy New Year everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular Chinese New Year decorations?

The most popular Chinese New Year decorations include oong lai lanterns, wall décor, hanging charms, and fake firecrackers. These items are often sold in neighbourhood malls, such as CUBE-i, as well as at traditional markets like Chinatown Point.

Where can I find the best Chinese New Year decorations in Singapore?

The best places to find Chinese New Year decorations in Singapore are neighbourhood malls, such as CUBE-i, and traditional markets like Chinatown Point. These places have a wide selection of items that you can choose from to make your celebrations extra special.

What other festive items can I find in Singapore?

Aside from Chinese New Year decorations, you can also find a wide selection of festive items for other occasions such as birthdays, engagements, and special holidays like Christmas and Deepavali. These items include helium balloons, goodies bag contents, seasonal items like lanterns and wall decals, and more.

Are there any delivery options available for Chinese New Year decorations?

Yes, some stores in Singapore offer delivery services for Chinese New Year decorations. This is a great way to ensure that your items arrive on time and without any hassles. Be sure to check with the store before ordering to see if they offer delivery services.

What are some of the key differentiators of Chinese New Year decorations?

The key differentiators of Chinese New Year decorations include a variety of items available, well-decorated items and atmosphere, and convenient and accessible locations. These features make it easy to find the perfect decorations for the holiday. Furthermore, many stores also offer delivery services for added convenience.

What does red paper symbolizes in Chinese culture?

In Chinese culture, red paper symbolizes good luck and prosperity. It is believed that the colour of red can ward off bad luck and bring in positive energy and good fortune. Red paper is used to decorate homes during special celebrations such as the Spring Festival or the Lantern Festival. The bright hue of the paper is thought to attract wealth and abundance into the home. Red paper is also used to make lanterns and decorations for the home, such as hanging scrolls with Chinese characters or auspicious sayings. These items are believed to bring good luck to those who hang them in their homes.