17 Best Chocolate Cake Singapore Shops [2023]

Chocolate Cake Singapore

Best Chocolate Cake Singapore
Best Chocolate Cake Singapore

Looking for the best chocolate cake in Singapore?

Look no further! We have compiled a list of the best chocolate cakes in town, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Based on experiences and reviews from other dessert-lovers. From molten chocolate cakes to classic chocolate layers, these cakes are sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings!

From rich and decadent chocolate cakes to light and fluffy chocolate sponge cakes, there is something for everyone on this list.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s satisfy that craving!

1. The Durian Bakery

The Durian Bakery – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: The Durian Bakery)
Key ServicesBirthday Cakes, Cakes Delivery, Durian Cakes, Durian Pastries, Chocolate Cakes
AddressThe Commerze @ Irving, #02-26, Singapore 369546
Phone+65 8875 1069
Operating HoursDaily 9AM to 6PM (last order 5:30PM)

The Durian Bakery is a bakery that takes pride in every single cake that is sent out – which is why they are a big favourite for birthday cakes! Each product is not only beautifully handcrafted and decorated, but you can also add an extra touch with their birthday cake accessories.

Even if you can’t be there with your loved one, you can give them a pleasant surprise by choosing one of their delicious durian-flavoured cakes and having it delivered straight to their doorstep.

Rest assured that the cakes you order are made of the very best ingredients. Be it Mao Shan Wang durian, or pure dark chocolate, or hokkaido cheese. They’ll only ever use the best.

They also take pride in being one of the fastest online cake deliveries in Singapore – delivering within just one hour with their express delivery option.

Key Differentiators

  • Life-changing Durian Eating Experience
  • Premium Durian Handmade Cakes, including Chocolate Cakes with Durian fillings
  • Best Mao Shan Wang Cake Delivery in Singapore

Customer Testimonial

Beautiful, delectable and healthy – sounds too good to be true ? Well it true! Love your pastries and the luscious spills of MSW puree bursting forth from the Giant Puffs. Loved the bittersweet Blackforest Cake with durian core as well as the dark chocolate Durian Mousse in a lovely dome shape. Loved the mochi as they’re addictive too. Will be back to order more freshly baked pastries definitely.

Elle Chen

2. Bob The Baker Boy

 Bob The Baker Boy - Chocolate Cake Singapore
Bob The Baker Boy – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: Bob The Baker Boy)
Key ServicesClassic Cakes, Customised Cakes
Address369 Sembawang Road #01-03 Singapore 758382
Phone+65 9499 4015 / +65 8862 3327
Operating Hours10am – 5pm Daily

Every company and person is unique. Bon The Baker Boy believes in celebrating individuality and what makes every company stand out. Birthdays, company anniversaries – they are big at Bob the Baker Boy.
They help companies glam up their anniversary cakes and corporate gifts. With their one-of-a-kind dessert boxes, they make it special. Bob The Baker Boy makse it personal. They impress your guests and make your colleagues feel extra appreciated.
Over the years, Bob the Baker Boy has served many leading brands in Singapore such as DBS, Disney Plus and Coach. They are honoured to have designed birthday cakes for many local celebrities too. They call Bob The Baker Boy their “favourite cake shop”. They’re the highest rated bakery in Singapore, with 4.8* on Google and Facebook.
One question they get all the time is, “Why name your bakery Bob?” Bob is a comedian the founder, Mayee loved watching when she was little. One day as she was chuckling at his videos, her family said: If you like Bob so much, why don’t you name your bakery Bob? So Bob the Baker Boy was born (it rhymes too!) – because she wanted to make people happy through her bakes, like how Bob made her happy.
Bob The Baker Boy’s goal has always been to bake a million people happy. It’s been a magical ride so far. She is grateful for an amazing team of artisans that wakes up each day striving to fulfil this mission, one cake at a time.

Key Differentiators:

  • They make delicious, creative cakes 
  • They are the highest rated bakery in Singapore, with 4.8* in Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews 
  • They typically reply to enquiries within 1 hour. 

Client Testimonial:

I’m not joking when I say this is the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. It brings back so many memories of my Barcelona trip! Cheers to a wiser year and a better me.

Romeo Tan, MediaCorp Artiste

3. Vicky’s

Vicky’s - Chocolate Cake Singapore
Vicky’s – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: Vicky’s)
Key ServicesCakeshop
AddressBukit Timah Plaza #02-K47, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit Singapore 588996
Phone(65) 6466 4000
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday:

Vicky Tan is the niece of Violet Kwan, founder of Lana cake, thus you’ll notice some shared characteristics between these cakes. Also, you may purchase sliced cakes at its humble store on Level 2 of Bukit Timah Plaza.

All things considered, it’s not overly sweet that will make your whole body shiver but instead, it is a rich chocolate cake with some of the familiar rustic chocolate cake taste.

Key Differentiators

  • Offers a wide selection of hand-crafted cakes
  • Make-to-order basis
  • Freshly pressed espresso coffees
  • Cozy bakery-coffeehouse

Customer Testimonial

Delicious cakes for the café hopper in me! Had the lamingtons and apple pie really recommend that you spring for the Apple pie, it was warm and moist, perfect with a nice cup of tea. Or coffee if you prefer, they have plenty of options.

See Ming Jie

4. The Dark Gallery

The Dark Gallery - Chocolate Cake Singapore
The Dark Gallery – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: The Dark Gallery)
Key ServicesChocolate cafe
Phone+65 6255 0368
Operating HoursDaily: 11AM–10PM

The Dark Gallery is Singapore’s first dark chocolate-centric café and boutique concept, located at Great World Singapore.

Their most popular dessert is the Dark Chocolate Cake, which combines delicious and velvety dark chocolate mousse with a rich chocolate sponge. The cake is made with superior butter, French cocoa powder, and Valrhona dark chocolate couverture which means that it is not overly sweet.

If their sponge cake is moist enough for you, it’s because they include brown sugar in the sponge cake to keep it that way. The cake is further enhanced with delicious single-origin Pahang cacao nibs and crunchy dark chocolate pearls, giving you a lot of textures to munch in.

Key Differentiators

  • Multiple accessible locations
  • Unravel the finest cocoa
  • Carefully compose chocolate

Customer Testimonial

Ordered the Signature 80% Dark Chocolate Ice Cream. Loved it. Not too bitter, not too sweet.

Hot chocolate was delicious as well.

Likely to come back to try the other items on the menu.

Rex Soriano

5. Chocolate Origin

Chocolate Origin - Chocolate Cake Singapore
Chocolate Origin – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: Chocolate Origin)
Key ServicesChocolate shop
Phone(65) 6243 1969
Operating HoursDaily:

Chocolate Origin has two distinct flavors of cakes.

For the original, you’ll get two thick layers of chocolate truffles sandwiched between two thin and light chocolate cake coats, culminating in a rich chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Origin’s cakes are unusual in that they have a higher proportion of chocolate mousse made with Belgian dark chocolate, which is devoid of any extra sugar, colorings, or preservatives. Plus, the chocolate ganache melts into a smooth, rich liquid in the mouth.

Key Differentiators

  • Multiple accessible locations
  • Deliver to your doorstep
  • Offers gift vouchers

Customer Testimonial

Love the double chocolate soft serve, the ice cream from top to bottom fully filled the scone, dark chocolate is strong, the scone is crispy and you can taste the batter.

Whykin Leong

6. Lola’s Cafe

Lola’s Cafe - Chocolate Cake Singapore
Lola’s Cafe – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: Lola’s Cafe)
Key ServicesCafe
Address5 Simon Road
Singapore 545893
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday*
10am – 10.30pm (last order 10pm)

The popular resto, Lola’s Café, is a common hangout for residents of Hougang.

Their Chocolate Cake had a dark chocolate sponge, Belgium chocolate Italian meringue buttercream, hazelnut feuilletine, dark chocolate ganache, and chocolate hazelnut pieces. Furthermore, the sponge is textured in many ways; for example, the soft cube at the top.

Key Differentiators

  • Bundle Deals
  • Offers food for different times of the day
  • Offers Craft Beers

Customer Testimonial

The best “cafe food” in Singapore, hands down. Get the honey paprika chicken wings — you won’t regret it. The crab cake eggs benedict had exceptional flavours. And the coffee is great too.

Daniel Tan

7. Plain Vanilla

Plain Vanilla - Chocolate Cake Singapore
Plain Vanilla – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: Plain Vanilla)
Key ServicesBakery
Phone(65) 6465 5942
Operating HoursDaily: 8AM–5PM

Plain Vanilla’s flourless chocolate cake is a simple way to keep things basic. This bakery only uses eggs, butter, sugar, and Belgian dark chocolate as their ingredients.

The result?

A beautiful yet sumptuous chocolate cake and it’s ideal for anybody who prefers more fudge than cake when it comes to this classic dessert.

Key Differentiators

  • Housemade beverages
  • Menu differs slightly across each five stores
  • Cash-free establishment

Customer Testimonial

Tried many attempts to order their freshly made custard-filled brioche doughnuts and finally I managed to order a box today! The donut is soft and the fillings are rich! Perfect afternoon snacks that goes perfectly with a cup of coffee!

Wai Chan

8. PS.Cafe

PS.Cafe - Chocolate Cake Singapore
PS.Cafe – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: PS.Cafe)
Key ServicesRestaurant
Phone+65 6708 9288
Operating Hours10am to 10pm daily

Aside from the best truffle fries in the city, PS. Cafe also offers Double Chocolate Blackout Cake. Two moist chocolate cakes are smothered in rich dark chocolate ganache to create this sinful masterpiece.

Key Differentiators

  • Classic PS. dishes
  • Three-level venue
  • Unmistakable design style and features

Customer Testimonial

Nice quiet PS cafe. (well at least the evening I was there!)

Love the outdoor area that overlooks the Thai embassy – feels spacious and different feel from other cafes.

Miak Siew

9. Chalk Farm

Chalk Farm - Chocolate Cake Singapore
Chalk Farm – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: Chalk Farm)
Key ServicesCake shop
Phone6235 2872
Operating Hours11am to 9pm Daily

While the flavor and texture are so unique, Chalk Farm’s chocolate cake is much creamier. What’s the secret? Don’t be shocked – it’s olive oil. The pudding is in the proof, as they say. Olive oil adds a fruity touch to the tasty dark chocolate.

The chocolate Guinness cake, for instance, is delectable: it’s delicious. It also has a lovely cream cheese filling and topping.

Key Differentiators

  • Cakes for all occasions
  • Accesible locations
  • Delicious cakes

Customer Testimonial

Came back and ordered a whole pandan chiffon cake which was fabulous. It was perfectly moist, had a hint of citrus, and it was covered in a lovely buttery cream.

Chili Pedi

10. Lavo Singapore

Lavo Singapore - Chocolate Cake Singapore
Lavo Singapore – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: Lavo Singapore)
Key ServicesItalian Restaurant
Address10 Bayfront Ave, Tower 1, Level 57, Singapore 018956
Phone+65 6688 8591
Operating HoursDaily:

Not only is the venue in which Lavo takes place beyond compare, but its 20-layer chocolate cake is as well.

Yes, you did read that correctly! To make this devilish dessert, peanut butter mascarpone and devil’s food cake are sandwiched together.

Forget about the calories and dive right in. There are no second thoughts!

Key Differentiators

  • Hearty Italian dishes
  • Relaxed restaurant
  • Warm decor, plus sunset & city views

Customer Testimonial

5 stars for the view.
Price is acceptable and reason. Was really surprise it wasn’t that expensive and food and drinks was good too!

Staff service was also tip top. With the breeze and view really enjoy my bday celebration over there.

Thanks for the complementary cake ♥️


11. Whyzee

Whyzee - Chocolate Cake Singapore
Whyzee – Chocolate Cake Singapore (Credit: Whyzee)
Key ServicesBakery
Address11 sin ming road Thomson V, Two, #01-30, 575629
Phone9773 2434
Operating Hours10am – 6pm Daily
24 hours for online purchase

Chocolate and praline is a match made in heaven, and we can’t get enough of it. The nutty confectionery adds so much depth to chocolate cake, and if you’re on the same wavelength, Whyzee’s Chocolate Praline Cake (from $53.90) is a must-try.

Key Differentiators

  • Variety of cakes
  • Rich in flavour

Client Testimonial

Had a surprise to be made for someone special and Whyzee made the day for us. Whyzee managed to deliver the cake earlier then expected time for the surprise and they indeed surprise us with the early delivery. The cake was yummy and delicious. It’s the Red velvet peanut butter. Glad to have choose it, love by all and it’s gone within 15 minutes ♥️

June Chan

12. Dig In Cakes

Dig In Cakes - Chocolate Cakes Singapore
Dig In Cakes – Chocolate Cakes Singapore (Credit: Dig In Cakes)
Key ServicesBakery
Phone8940 8349
Operating Hours10am – 6pm Daily
24 hours for online purchase

Their chocolate-covered sweets come in a variety of flavors, so you’ll be able to pick the best one for each party ambiance. Their 6″ Chocolate Truffle Cake ( $48 ) is packed with dense chocolate layers on the inside and smooth truffle frosting and chocolate shavings on the outside. Otherwise, their 6″ Crunchy Hazelnut Feuilletine Gâteaux Cake ($51) is ideal for those who like their chocolate cake a touch sweeter.

Key Differentiators

  • Generous Portion
  • Affordable

13. Jane’s Cake Station

Jane's Cake Station - Chocolate Cakes Singapore
Jane’s Cake Station – Chocolate Cakes Singapore (Credit: Jane’s Cake Station)
Key ServicesBakery
Address265, Jalan Kayu
799493 Singapore, Singapore
Phone6481 1322
Operating HoursThurs-Sat, Mon-Tue 12pm to 6pm, Sun 12pm to 4pm

Jane’s Cake Station, located in Richmond, specializes in durian cake and chocolate cake. Jane’s Cake Station Chocolate Fudge Cake (from $40 for eight-inch) is a no-frills choco cake that’s absolutely delicious. Many people swear by this inexpensive cake, which is light and not overly sweet. This simple cake compares favorably with other expensive chocolate fudge cakes in terms of its homey flavor and affordable price.

Key Differentiators

  • Inexpensive
  • Good Flavour

Client Testimonial

Still a bit speechless after tasting .. i love it much. Smells very fragrant. The soft creme at the top & bottom compliment the cake itself somehow. Aftertaste of the durian is there, really enjoyed it. The cake entirely not too sweet, none of the flavors are overempowering. Good balance in my opinion. Pricewise, definitely worth the experience. Coming back for the choc cake next time ..

14. Choc.a.Bloc

Choc.a.Bloc - Chocolate Cakes Singapore
Choc.a.Bloc – Chocolate Cakes Singapore (Credit: Choc.a.Bloc)
Key ServicesBakery
AddressBlock 86 Bedok North St 4 #01-179 Singapore, Singapore 460086
Phone6446 6096
Operating HoursMon-Sat 11am to 9pm, Sun 11am to 8pm

Choc.a.Bloc is an underappreciated bakery hidden behind Bedok 85, beneath a HDB block, when compared to its competitors. Their (from $45 for 1kg) Mom’s Choco Fudge Cake is bittersweet and has a thick crème bruleelike layer of delicious chocolate sponge cake sandwiched by the smooth dark brown fudge. Italy, Belgium, and Germany are the countries where they get their high-quality chocolate.

Key Differentiators

  • Afforable
  • High quality chocolate

Client Testimonial

Specially ordered a 4kg of chocolate fudge cake for my company event. Huge cake with lovely decorations yet the quality of the cake maintains at highest standard. Moist, rich and not too sweet. Super impressed with their excellent customer service. Friendly & amazing staff especially Jean who even goes extra miles to carry the cake to my car. Will order again for other celebrations soon 🙂

Eva H

15. Ugly Cake Shop

Ugly Cake Shop - Chocolate Cakes Singapore
Ugly Cake Shop – Chocolate Cakes Singapore (Credit: Ugly Cake Shop)
Key ServicesBakery
Address535 Kallang Bahru, GB Point,
#01-06, Singapore 339351
Phone8228 8300
Operating HoursMon – Sat, 10am to 6pm
Public Holidays, 10am to 12pm
Closed on Sundays

The Ugly Cake Shop succeeds in making delectable and gorgeous cakes out of natural ingredients. Their most popular, Big Daddy (from $30 for four inches), promises to be the “Big Daddy of all chocolate cakes,” which is a big claim for many devoted customers.

Key Differentiators

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Affordable

Client Testimonial

I ordered the Juliana Cake – Salted Caramel Cake with Sea Salt Flakes for my mum’s birthday. We were so full from dinner and everyone was thinking this is just another cake and would just have a bite. In the end everyone finished their slice of the cake and liked it. Recommended!

Shane Wang

16. The Patissier

The Patissier - Chocolate Cakes Singapore
The Patissier – Chocolate Cakes Singapore (Credit: The Patissier)
Key ServicesBakery
Address4 Mohd Sultan Road, #01-01
Singapore 238955
Phone+65 6737 3369
Operating HoursWeekdays: 10 am – 5 pm. (Customers may pre-arrange collection of cakes by 6pm)
Weekends and public holidays: 10 am – 4.30 pm.

The Patissier’s Chocolate Fudge Cake (from $55 for 500g) was the first thing to get me interested. Its subtle sweetness was quickly overwhelmed by a full, flowery flavor that didn’t weigh down the taste buds. This has become one of my favorite bittersweet chocolate cakes since it has this pleasant bittersweet aftertaste that I adore.

Key Differentiators

  • Rich and flavourful
  • Unique flavour

Client Testimonial

Coincidentally, I received 2 Empress Dowager cakes on my birthday. They were beautiful and well presented. Their cakes are on the pricier range. The cakes have a nice combination of mousse layered with sponge cake. Would prefer a little more sponge cake though to balance out. The base adds a different texture but it’s a tad too sweet. Overall, it was delish! Would love to give other flavours a try!

Jeanette L

17. Lana Cake Shop

Lana Cake Shop - Chocolate Cakes Singapore
Lana Cake Shop – Chocolate Cakes Singapore (Credit: Lana Cake Shop)
Key ServicesBakery
Address36 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289239
Phone+65 64665315
Operating HoursTUE – FRI: 10am – 6pm
SAT: 10am – 5pm
SUN & MON: Closed for Business

Another well-known brand is Lana Cake Shop. Despite recently changing hands, the classic chocolate cake at this 52-year-old store is still moist, smooth, and not overpowering. Their Lana’s Chocolate Cake ($55 for 1.2 kg) is a cake that your mother would make because to its homey, old-school flavor. It’s made up of jellylike fudge and rich, pillowy chocolate cake, which combine nicely.

Key Differentiators

  • Rich flavours
  • Affordable

Client Testimonial

My all time favorite cake. Every year my daughter will not fail me n I always made this special request, can order a bigger one. Always love you, @Lana

Joanne Chin

Chocolate Cake Singapore

If you’re a chocolate cake lover looking for the best chocolate cake in Singapore, this list is a great place to start! Many of these cakes have been tried and tested by chocolate lovers like yourself. So if you’re craving chocolate cake, be sure to give one of the 17 delicious options on our list a try.

Whether you prefer rich or light chocolate desserts, you can trust these chocolates! Share with us which delicious chocolate cake is your favorite by leaving a comment down below!

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