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Introducing ‘Terra-Festivity’: Our Christmas-Themed Terrarium Workshop [2023]

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 It’s finally December! And you know what that means… the Holiday Season is officially here! It’s time to get into the festive spirits and start planning on the gifts you’re sending to friends and loved ones. However, it’s no denying that Christmas shopping can get a little stressful, and you’re absolutely not the only one panicking and in a dilemma over the wide array of presents available. No fret, as Terrariums make a great gift! Due to their compact size and abundance of benefits, many people have been increasingly opting for Terrariums to be placed in their homes and offices as decorations or ornaments. Furthermore, a Terrarium Workshop would make for an unconventional and exciting Christmas party where you could bond with friends or colleagues over food and drinks ( additional services ).

To kick start the Holiday Season, FunEmpire would be hosting our first-ever Christmas-themed Terrarium Workshop. When it comes to Terrarium Making, we are the only events company in Singapore to provide various Figurine collections, and this year, we would be bringing in festive figurines which includes characters from the Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli. Figurines not only spice up the overall design and aesthetic of your Terrariums, but also give a personal touch that enables each Terrarium to stand out from the crowd and differ from each other.

A little sneak peak of the figurines we will be introducing this year!

And many more! Simply add these figurines to create your very own Terrarium. If you are not botanically adept or are reluctant to display your artistic capabilities in a public setting, no worries as our Workshop takes place in a non-judgemental environment, and our professionally-trained facilitators would be guiding you along the session and answering your questions and doubts. As such, all you have to do is have fun and enjoy your Terrarium-Making experience!

Due to the rise in popularity of Terrariums in Singapore, more and more companies are offering readymade Terrariums. However, these are incredibly pricey and overpriced, and you will be missing out on all the merrymaking and enjoyment. Starting from $28/pax, you will be able to gain insight into the world of Terrariums, and also get to bring home your creations either as gifts or even as a mini treat for yourself this Holiday season. How can you say no to this deal when you’re getting the best of both worlds?!

So head down to FunEmpire’s Headquarters and expect a jolly a good time! I’ll see you there!

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