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DBS Goes Sporty For Team Building [2023]

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DBS Team Building

DBS Team Building
DBS Team Building

For those working in corporate companies, you would have spent at least 8 hours a day in front of your laptop. It strains your eyes and definitely leaves your body aching from staying in the same position. Not forgetting that you would be mentally drained by the end of the day too. Doesn’t this call out for a break to you? Yes!

Not too long ago, DBS engaged The Fun Empire to carry out their team building event. When we heard there were over 280 people attending, we weren’t shaken by it! In fact, we suggested conducting the event at Kovan Sports Centre where space wasn’t an issue to cater to such a big group. Moreover, you can book all 8 pitches available at the venue and have this space to your company.

Moving on, we had 6 games with each game occupying one pitch. The games include bubble bumpcombat archery taglaser tagninja tagpoolball, and tug of war. So how do 280 people go about playing these games? Not to worry! The DBS staff members have separated themselves into equal groups. Each team went by different names of superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and the list goes on.

On our side, we have come up with a systematic plan of which teams were to play against each other for every match. While certain teams were playing, the rest of the members have to stand outside of the pitch for safety purposes.

Lots of laughter and screams filled the space when the whistle blew off. While it was enjoyable to watch people getting bumped, some were sceptical about playing it at first. However, they mustered up the courage to play after watching their colleagues having a time of their lives.

For those who fancied guns, they played laser tag first. A simple yet fun game that makes you run around without getting physical with your colleagues. Apart from laser tag, there’s also ninja tag. Ninja tag doesn’t get physical but it makes you run around a lot to catch your opponents. Another game that has indirect contact is combat archery. This game allows them to aim at their opponents and have a go at shooting with the arrows. The arrows are padded so it doesn’t hurt!

Those who preferred a slightly more relaxed game played poolball. You can either play 1 v 1 or up to 7 people each time. The more people there are, the merrier it will be!

Lastly, we called out for strong DBS staff members to play the tug of war game. Everyone gathered around the pitch at the time of the match to witness their colleagues play. Those who weren’t playing continued giving words of encouragement to their friends until the end of the match.

To wrap up the event, the DBS team had dinner served in bbq style! It’s so worth it to see the many tired faces yet full of satisfaction at the end of the day. We’re sure that this was another successful event and that the DBS team had brought back a few takeaways from this team building games session.

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