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12 Best Doorbells in Singapore [2024]

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Best Doorbell Singapore
Best Doorbell Singapore

Doorbell Singapore

Walking up to a door that doesn’t have a doorbell is always a little strange. You don’t know whether to knock or just stand there awkwardly until someone comes to the door.

A doorbell eliminates this problem and makes it easier for people to let you into their home.

If you’re looking for the best doorbells in Singapore, then look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss 12 of the best doorbells on the market today. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right one for your needs!

1. GXM Gadgets 360 D819 Smart Doorbell

Key FeaturesSmart Wireless Doorbell
Where to buyClick Here
Price$129.00 – $159.00

This is one of the “smarter” doorbells on the market, with an AI face-recognition technology that can scan the individual’s face after they ring the bell. Set a name for that person if they appear in the AI frequently, and it will notify you when they come back next time.

You can quickly distinguish your family and close friends. You may link the doorbell system to your phone for additional security. There’s a PIR sensor in the bell that detects someone who stays within 3 meters of your door for more than 15 seconds, records their image, and sends it to your phone.

Key Differentiators

  • Real-time video call
  • Motion notification
  • 165-degree wide angle

Customer Testimonial

Fast delivery. Tried and tested. Working quite well so far. Accessing the live view and videos is quite fast.


2. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wifi Video Doorbell

Key FeaturesWireless Doorbell
Where to buyClick Here

This doorbell has two-way communication capabilities. You can talk to anybody outside of your door without having to open it. The intercom may also alter your voice if that’s what you wish. It features infrared night vision for detecting objects in the dark using light.

The motion detector is triggered if anyone approaches within 2.5 meters of the door, and you receive a video clip from it. You may also employ AI face detection to customize the faces of people you know and get notifications as desired. Simply link your smartphone with the doorbell system for convenient management.

Key Differentiators

  • Doorbell Power Generation
  • Transmitter and receiver matched automatically
  • 5-Level Volume Adjustable

Customer Testimonial

Very good! No need to set up anything!! Just need to get a international plug


3. Selffix DIY YALE Digital Door Viewer and Doorbell

Key FeaturesDigital Door
Peephole Viewer
Auto Imaging Doorbell
Where to buySellfix

It appears more like a tiny camera than a doorbell with its smooth silver finish. It not only informs you when someone comes to the door, but it can also identify who it is. As soon as the bell rings, the camera is activated, and you may see who it is.

The photo quality is excellent even in low-light situations thanks to the infrared camera with night mode. The picture of the individual is stored on an SD card within the camera, with a time and date stamp, so you may keep track of if necessary. There’s no need for wiring or an electrical outlet because the doorbell works on battery power.

Key Differentiators

  • Door bell integrated on the outside (80db)
  • Includes 4GB memory card
  • Motion sensor picks up movement and takes an image or records a video

4.  Arlo Video Doorbell

Key FeaturesWired Outdoor Smart Doorbell
Where to buyArlo

The Arlo Video Doorbell captures clearer details and wider viewing angles thanks to its HDR video quality. You can view your visitor from head to toe with the help of the Arlo Video Doorbell’s 180-degree diagonal viewing angles. When your doorbell is pressed, it will immediately notify you via phone so you won’t miss anyone.

It also includes a 2-way audio capability, allowing you to talk with the visitor or simply respond via prerecorded messages. It features a built-in siren that will turn on automatically in case of an emergency or that you may manually activate.

Key Differentiators

  • Motion detection & alerts
  • Wired Video Doorbell installation
  • Built-in siren

5. Google Nest Hello

Key FeaturesWired Smart Wi-Fi Video DoorBell
Where to buyClick Here

The Google Nest Hello is fully equipped with capabilities that allow you to conduct 24/7 live streaming even when you’re not at home. It will also send you an alert if someone approaches your door automatically.

It offers a wider angle of view than most doorbell cameras. The nicest thing about it is that you may add an extra wedge to the backboard, allowing you to tilt your camera 15 degrees for a better perspective — this is ideal if your doorbell is in an inconvenient location.

Key Differentiators

  • Compatible with ios, android.
  • Doorbell Transformer included
  • AudioHigh-quality speaker and microphone

Customer Testimonial

Thank you seller for the patience and superb service! Very nicely done!


6. Linbell G2 Self-Powered Door Bell

Key FeaturesSelf Powered
Where to buyClick Here
Price$19.90 – $25.90

Because of its self-charging capability, you can put this in almost any area in the home without the need for an electricity connection.

This wireless doorbell is battery-free and environmentally friendly. Its sound can travel up to three floors/levels before losing quality and has a maximum volume is 105 decibels.

Linbell G2 is a breeze to set up in most types of doors owing to its wireless capability. You may be confident that you’ll hear it from anywhere in your bedroom.

Key Differentiators

  • Self-powered
  • Wireless
  • Environmentally friendly

Customer Testimonial

Order Friday, arrived Monday,
Tried plugin to the socket & try pressing on the bell button…. It works!


7. 7-STAR – Smart Wireless Wifi Video Doorbell & Viewer

Key FeaturesSmart Wireless Doorbell Wifi
Where to buyClick Here

It’s a more high-end version of the typical doorbells we’re all familiar with, allowing two-way communication between you and people outside your property. This emphasizes the importance of better security for your house.

It also includes its own digital video processor, which gives your doorbell the ability to record video.

Key Differentiators

  • 2-Way Audio
  • HD Wide-Angle+Night-Vision
  • Motion Detection Push to Mobile Wireless IP Camera Doorbell

8. Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 

Key FeaturesDoorbell Pro 2 with Plug-in Adaptor
Where to buyClick Here

Today, Ring Video Pro 2 is much more than a doorbell. In fact, this gadget combines a home security system, a personal doorman, and a delivery assistant. Sure, Ring’s premium smart doorbell isn’t cheap, but we think the features it has justify the cost.

Alexa can welcome visitors and accept deliveries if you don’t want to open the door. There’s also no need to be concerned about security because 3D motion detection is used to detect motions. Furthermore, the Pro 2 greets visitors, and informs delivery personnel where to leave their packages.

Key Differentiators

  • IMDA Approved.
  • Includes UK (3-pin) adaptor.
  • Premium, 1536p HD Head to Toe Video wired video doorbell

Customer Testimonial

Fast delivery.. Received in 3Days.. Very easy to install.. The connection is faster den the battery version ( respond time is almost instantly, while battery version have a delay of 5sec ) Resolution is v sharp.. highly recommended


9. Botslab 360 Video X3 

Key FeaturesSmart Video Doorbell Camera
Where to buyClick Here

Botlabs is a fantastic alternative for a video doorbell that is about half the price of an expensive doorbell. It’s also one of Singapore’s most sophisticated wireless video doorbells, yet it’s far less expensive!

This comes with a slew of features that include 5-megapixel HD resolution, night vision, facial recognition, individual and package detection, and even an anti-theft siren for added protection. Plus, the crowd favorite is its crystal-clear night vision, which provides crisp, clear pictures so you can identify who’s at your door.

Key Differentiators

  • 5MP Ultra HD Camera
  • Radar Sensor
  • Features facial recognition

Customer Testimonial

Ordered on 12th Dec 21, received on 15th Dec. Fast delivery. Items well packed. Good quality. Tested n is working fine. Only thg is when calling,don kno is frequency stil too near or wat, mk a lot of noises. Extra batt took abt 8 to 9 hrs fully charge. I bght 360 video doorbell too n it has no noise problem.
*For de noises, if someone cn gv some suggestion will be great. thk u seller.


10. Daytech Wireless Doorbell

Key FeaturesWireless Doorbell No Need Battery
Where to buyClick Here
Price$13.90 – $39.90

The Daytech wireless doorbell is a basic device that looks quite unassuming, yet the company offers a more attractive and contemporary wireless bell! This wireless doorbell appears to be very well-made for its low price. It’s IP44 waterproof and has a 300-meter range in an open environment.

Best of all, it’s a snap to set up – just connect the receiver to a wall outlet and attach the transmitter to the wall or door frame with the included adhesive strip or screws. You may install it without assistance!

Key Differentiators

  • Self Powered, no battery required.
  • Modern & stylish design
  • Easy installation

Customer Testimonial

Received faster than expected. Value for money bcs no need batteries. Sound volume can be adjusted. Thanks seller!


11. PowerPac Wireless PP3236

Key FeaturesWireless Door Chime with Volume Adjust & Tone Selector
Where to buyPowerpac
Price$15.90 SGD

The Power Pac doorbell is another inexpensive wireless doorbell. It’s basic yet effective, with such features as robust anti-interference radio encoding and decoding, wireless remote control distances of up to 70 meters, and low power consumption.

The overall appearance is also appropriate for the home, workplace, and even establishments like hotel rooms. It’s also simple to put together, so you won’t need to pay extra for a doorbell installation in your house.

Key Differentiators

  • Wireless design, easy to install
  • Strong anti-interference and radio coding & decoding
  • Wireless remote control reaches up to 70M
  • Low power consumption

12. Eufy By Anker Video 2K 

Key FeaturesWireless Video Doorbell
Where to buyAnker

The Eufy Video Doorbell has firmly established itself as one of the favorite smart doorbells after providing simple set-up and installation, hassle-free operation, and zero maintenance fees. It’s not the most affordable option, but best believe it’s worth it, especially if you want video doorbells with high-resolution cameras.

When compared to the other smart video doorbells on this list, this one has excellent 2K resolution and HDR processing that makes it easy to view even on bright days. When the light goes out, the camera also has a night vision mode that activates!

Key Differentiators

  • Built-in Sony 2K sensor
  • Professional-grade lens
  • View activity in picture-perfect resolution

Doorbell Singapore

Doorbells are a necessary part of any home. They provide security and make it easier for people to let you into their homes. In this blog post, we have discussed 12 of the best doorbells on the market today. We have also provided a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right one for your needs! Hope you have found your the perfect one for you!

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