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19 Best Florists for Dried Flowers in Singapore [2023]

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Dried Flowers Singapore

 Best Dried Flowers Singapore
Best Dried Flowers Singapore

Dried flowers are very popular in Singapore, and for good reason. They last longer than fresh flowers, which is perfect if you want to give someone a nice bouquet that they can enjoy all year round! Whether you’re looking for the best florists around or just need some help finding your way around town, we have compiled a list of 19 Best Florists for Dried Flowers in Singapore. Take a look at more of their listings on the site and checkout now!

1. One Olive

  • Key Services: Bouquet, Dried Flowers   
  • Website:
  • Address: 61 Seng Poh Lane 01-01, Singapore 160061
  • Phone: (65) 6779 3543
  • Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 11:30 am – 7:00 pm | Sunday: 11:30 – 4:00 pm

One Olive is a well-known florist that sells floral bouquets, potted plants, and other items. You can get lavender flowers or a basket for their dried flowers in Singapore. Baby’s breath, etc., are among the options available. They also provide bloom boxes and vases, which is a nice touch. One of the best features of this business is that they provide bridal bouquets, corsages, and a complete bridal bouquet for all wedding floral arrangements. So if you’re looking for a location to get dried flower bouquet arrangements in Singapore, this is

2. Gerbil’s Garden

Gerbils’ Garden specializes in floral arrangements and has an excellent understanding of the topic. Their team is made up of skilled florists that are really enthusiastic about combining art and flowers, resulting in a stunning variety of flowers that are appropriate for all kinds of situations and seasons. Gerbils’ Garden’s creative team keeps altering and developing the floral creations to stay ahead of the curve, always coming up with new more elegant designs that match current trends. Despite their popularity, they continue to innovate by pursuing cutting-edge designs for timeless classics.

3. Bloomback

  • Key Services: Dried Flower Gifts 
  • Website:
  • Address: 33 Ubi Ave 3, The Vertex #05-70, Lobby A Singapore 408868    
  • Phone: +65-8749-4806
  • Operating Hours: Weekdays 10:00 am–7:00 pm |Saturday 10:00 am–2:00 pm

Bloomback always makes it unique with one-of-a-kind flower glass dome design and other dried flower presents in Singapore, from the flowers to the colors, designs, and even packaging. Their products are one-of-a-kind and inventive: they include amulets, glass domes, jewelry boxes, and even Bluetooth speakers! Each is created using the flowers you select, colors you prefer, as well as a personalized message.

4. Blanc Artisan

  • Key Services: Floral Bouquets   
  • Website:
  • Address: Wellington Cir, Sembawang Singapore, 751510  
  • Phone: +65 8580 9956
  • Email:
  • Operating Hours: Open 24 HOURS

Blanc Artisan is one of the finest places to go if you’re looking for amazing floral arrangements, both fresh and preserved! With their help, you’ll undoubtedly receive only high-quality products at a great price. Whatever the occasion, Blanc Artisan has something to offer you. They provide a wide selection of products for each event, ensuring that you may get everything you need. Check out their offerings and place your order as soon as possible!

5. Smile Floral

  • Key Services: Dried Flowers, Bouquets, Flower Stands, Hampers
  • Website:    
  • Phone: 6473 7252
  • Email: 

You won’t have to go all the way to the flower shop anymore just to see what they offer and place an order because Smile Floral allows you to do it all from their website in a few simple clicks. If you browse through Smile Floral’s dried flower bouquet, you will be amazed by the beauty and luxury atmosphere it conveys. These arrangements are ideal for use on workplace tables since they provide a burst of color.

6. Floral Passion

  • Key Services: Flower Box, Preserved Flowers, Floral Bouquets
  • Website:
  • Phone: 94241101 
  • Email:

Flowers that would survive you a lifetime, like Floral Passion’s conserved blooms, are the way to go. You won’t have to worry about watering them because they look beautiful on their own. Certainly one of the greatest options for busy bees and those who are allergic to flowers! Never be concerned about having to order again, as Floral Passion’s Flower Subscriptions will take care of it for you! They’ll come up with the arrangements to send over to you on a regular basis. Expect nothing less than perfection, so inquire about the opening now!

7. Floristique

  • Key Services: Flower Boxes, Flower Baskets, Bouquets 
  • Website:
  • Address: 22 New Industrial Road #01-11/12 (S) 536208  
  • Phone: +(65) 6904 4046
  • Email:
  • Operating Hours: Weekdays 8:00 am- 2:00 pm | Weekends 8:00 am – 11;00 am

If you’re searching for a flower store with exquisite artistic value, Floristique is one of the finest options. They have a fantastic eye for detail and offer floral designs that are simply incredible. The bouquets and arrangements that they create differ, with some being more elaborate than others. The shop’s creative staff works hard to produce one-of-a-kind and amazing floral designs that will completely impress their customers.

8. Gallant Garden

  • Key Services: Catholic Funeral Services, Christian Funeral Services, Chinese Funeral Services, Taoist Funeral, Buddhist, Funeral Service, Soka Funeral Services, Non-Religious Funeral Services
  • Website:
  • Phone: +65 66775520
  • Email:

Different customs necessitate different funeral plans, all of which Gallant Garden can handle for you. They provide services to assist with the homage of a person from any background, whether Christian, Catholic, Taoist, or non-religious. Gallant Garden also has a modest number of burial choices to select from. Funeral services are complicated for the family grieving, which is why Gallant Garden goes out of its way to perform tasks correctly and without error so you don’t have to throughout the process of saying your final goodbyes to your loved one.

9. Skinny Blooms

Skinny Blooms is a flower shop that also expands its operations and reaches by selling other goods, such as perfume, jars, luxury pots, and other gift sets, which they feel are appropriate for any occasion.. Skincare items, fragrances, jars, luxury pots, and other gift sets are just a few of the items offered by this store. It also expands its business and reaches through various means.

10. First Sight

For any occasion, First Sight provides a wide selection of dried flowers in Singapore. Whether you prefer a large bouquet or a tiny vase filled with fascinating preserved blossoms, we have everything you need. They also organize wedding ceremonies, creating stunning bridal bouquets. They’ve been highlighted in a variety of media sources, putting them among the most renowned shops in Singapore that sell the finest dried flowers.

11. Petite Fleur

  • Key Services: Delicately designed flowers, Wedding and Corporate Flowers      
  • Website:
  • Address: 22 New Industrial Road #03-18/19 Primax Building Singapore 536208   
  • Phone: +65 9270 8473
  • Email:
  • Operating Hours: Daily 8:00 am-5:00 pm (By Appointments Only)

They craft and deliver handcrafted bouquets for every occasion at Petite Fleur, using only premium blooms. This implies that high-quality flowers from them are cared for in such a way as to last longer than ordinary. Each piece is artistically created with keen attention to detail and is an exquisite expression of art and beauty. Aside from offering inexpensive bouquets, they are also embracing the concept of global expansion. In fact, they now allow deliveries to be sent all around Asia and Europe.

12. SJÖ Flora

  • Key Services: Personalised Preserved and Dried Flowers Arrangement beyond bouquets and vases    
  • Website:
  • Address: Home Studio at Serangoon   
  • Phone: +65 98177708 (Whatsapp Text only, no calls)
  • Email:
  • Operating Hours: Sunday – Friday 9am – 6pm

“A good design that makes you happy is when it is beautifully balance, functional and there is a story to be told” — Don Norman

With the love of nature, minimalism and Iceland, SJÖ Flora intentionally creates each preserved and dried flower arrangements that make you happy. Hence, their product range has moved beyond bouquets, vases and flower stand to jewellery boxes, frames and mirrors. All their flower products are meticulously produced and require highly skilled craftsmanship. They put lots of time and effort in crafting it for you because they know it will definitely be worth it.

Key Differentiators

1. Minimalism style that suits any occasion
2. You’ll be able to personalise most of our products including bouquets with your or receivers’ name and/or a short quote.
3. LGBTQIA friendly

Client Testimonial

I’d just like to say that SJÖ flora has good customer service and that their products are really true
to their pictures! I ordered a bouquet of preserved flowers for my mum’s birthday, while my boyfriend & his family added on the preserved pink Christmas tree as a gift for my up-coming birthday too. Both items were delivered in good condition and I am very pleased with their standards. Even their handwritten notes are so beautiful. Thank you to SJÖ Flora team!

Again, totally recommended. You will not be disappointed.

Caitlin Loo

13. Floral Garage

Flower Garage has a wide selection of elegantly arranged dried flower bouquets that may be used for every occasion. Dried flowers are always in style, they do not wilt, and they look extremely elegant. They also offer exquisite, hand-wrapped bouquets of dried flowers also but low-cost ones. They can therefore serve a larger number of people and everyone genuinely loves their items. Flower Garagealso provides delivery services for a fee. They provide same-day or next-day delivery on demand, in addition to their free delivery options.

14. Dawn Q

Dried flowers are Dawn Q’s specialty. They feel that these pairings look better because you’ll appreciate their splendor all of the time. Whether you want a conspicuous bouquet or a more subtle arrangement, Dawn Q is prepared to provide any type of dried flower arrangement you want. For each purchase, you get a free delivery service that is both dependable and quick.

15. The Bloom Inc

  • Key Services: Preserved Flowers , Preserved Flower, Fresh Flowers,a Holiday Collection
  • Website:
  • Phone: +65 82337531
  • Email:

The Bloom Inc. provides a large range of gorgeous blooms to help you make cherished memories. They provide a wide range of alternatives for you to pick from, all of which are high-quality and will endure longer. With their “pick of the week,” Bloom Inc. allows you to get the greatest blooms in season. It’s based on the finest flowers available. You may have a regular-sized bouquet, a large bouquet, or a bouquet in a jar.

16. Bloom Room

There’s no need to be concerned if you have an urge for a set of preserved flowers since Bloom Room has an easy online store that lets you place your purchase right away, and they offer delivery on a daily basis! So, wherever and whenever you are, know that you will be able to obtain the exceptionally preserved flowers created by Bloom Room. Bloom Room’s greatest feature is, without a doubt, exceptional client service. They make it a point to be available at all times to fulfill all of their customers’ floral needs.

17. Flower Cart

  • Key Services: Preserved Flowers, Hampers
  • Website:
  • Phone: +65 64819898 / +65 87499748
  • Email:

The Flower Cart is the place to go if you want a hassle-free floral delivery. You may order flowers online through their website, pay for them, and wait for them to arrive at your home! Less time spent on transit, and more time for leisure browsing. Flower Cart has an exotic variety of flowers for you to choose from, such as alstroemeria, poms, eustoma, and many more.

18. Floral Kokoro

Floral Kokoro is a modern dry flowers boutique. Handcrafted dried flowers are made from naturally gorgeous and fresh blossoms. Because they have already been remastered into an even more lovely product, these fantastic items make excellent gifts because you don’t have to worry about them withering over time. Floral Kokoro has a fantastic selection of dried flowers, which are ideal for sending someone a present or hosting a party and searching for the ideal mementos. A beautiful design with just the right blend of color, style, and feel has been created.

19. Skfleur

  • Key Services: Bouquets, Dried Flowers
  • Website:
  • Address: 01-89, 183 Jalan Pelikat, The Promenade@Pelikat, S 537643    
  • Phone: 65-82656855
  • Operating Hours: Weekdays 1:00 am- 6:00 pm |Saturday 1:00 pm- 6:00 pm

In Singapore, FSKfleur sells bell jars, bouquets, and table arrangements of dried flowers. They specialize in creating floral designs for ephemeral flowers, which is why they’re one of the best florist stores in Singapore with the greatest dried flowers. If you’re in a hurry to get a gift for your family or friends, you may use their same-day delivery services. They’ll adore a basket full of beautiful flowers, guaranteed!

Dried Flowers Singapore

Check out our listings and details and don’t forget to order!

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