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11 Best Activities For Your Next Corporate Family Day [2023]

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Family Day Singapore

Family Day Singapore
Family Day Singapore

Singapore is one of the most corporate-friendly countries in the world. The government has put in place measures to make it easy for businesses to set up and operate, and this has resulted in a thriving economy.

One of the things that set Singapore apart from other countries is its corporate family day event. This is an event that is held every year to bring together employees and their families.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best bonding ideas for your next corporate family day! Also, these are great Team Building Singapore activities too!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Benefits of Corporate Family Day Singapore Events

There are many benefits to holding a corporate family day event. Some of these benefits include:

1. Promotes Teamwork and Cooperation

When employees and their families come together in family day events, they get to know each other better and develop teamwork and cooperation skills. This is because they will need to work together to enjoy the activities that have been planned.

2. Strengthens Family Ties

A corporate family day event also strengthens family ties. This is because family members get to spend time together, and they also get to know each other better.

3. Improves Employee Morale

Employees who feel appreciated by their employers are more likely to be productive and have a positive attitude towards work. A corporate family day event is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate them.

4. Provides an Opportunity for Networking

Employees can networking with each other and with their families at a corporate family day event. This can lead to fruitful business relationships in the future.

5. Fun and Educational

Corporate family days are usually both fun and educational. This is because there are a variety of activities planned, and these activities can teach employees new things about themselves and about their families.

6. Builds Community Spirit

A corporate family day event builds community spirit within the company. This is because employees get to know each other better and develop a sense of belonging to a community.

7. Encourages Social Interaction

Social interaction is important for the development of social skills. A corporate family day event encourages social interaction between employees and their families, which can help to improve social skills.

8. Reduces Stress Levels

When employees are stressed out, it can negatively affect their productivity at work. A corporate family day event can help to reduce stress levels, which in turn will improve productivity levels.

9. Promotes Healthy Living Habits

Corporate family days often have a healthy living theme, which promotes healthy living habits among employees and their families. This is important as it can help to prevent health problems in the future.

10. Builds Stronger Relationships

The strongest relationships are those that are built on trust, mutual respect, and communication. A corporate family day event helps to build stronger relationships between employees and their families by providing an opportunity for them to interact with each other on a deeper level

Tips On Organising Corporate Family Day Events

If you are planning to organise a corporate family day event, here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Choose the Date and Location

The first step is to choose a date and location for the event. The date should be one that is convenient for employees and their families. The location should be a place where there is plenty of space for activities.

These corporate day family events should be planned by an experienced event management team, like Fun Empire! They organise corporate events from event catering or full event catering to fringe activities!

Just state your team’s overall objectives, key milestones you would want to achieve and they will take care of the required resources you will need for that event!

2. Plan a Variety of Activities

Next, you will need to plan a variety of activities that will appeal to employees and their families. These activities could include games, arts and crafts, sports, food tastings, and so on. Plus, always take a mental note about the allocated budget!

Finalize event requirements, and sound systems, and you can have carnival games too to keep the whole family (especially children) be entertained and occupied!

3. Invite Employees and Their Families

The next step is to invite employees and their families to the event. You can do this by sending out invitations or through email or social media.

Let them know of the event flow and provide a detailed project plan that could let them know what the event is all about.

4. Manage Expectations

It is important to manage expectations before the event. This means letting employees and their families know what to expect so that there are no surprises on the day of the event.

5. Provide Refreshments

Finally, make sure to provide refreshments for employees and their families. This could include food, drinks, candy floss, and snacks, basically live food stations that will entertain the kids and other loved ones!

Recommended Activities

1. Candle Making Workshop

Candle Making Workshop - Singapore Family Day
Candle Making Workshop – Family Day Singapore

Make your own customized gel candle by using your creativity! Bring a lovely souvenir that symbolizes your time spent connecting with friends or family, along with a new skill.

To raise your candle game, pick from a variety of figurines.

2. Escape Room

Escape Room - Singapore Family Day
Escape Room – Family Day Singapore

Like figuring out mysteries? Are you up for the challenge of solving the puzzles in the escape room? Travel to a brand-new world and let yourself be enthralled by the shifting settings and mysterious thought-provoking along the route.

Throughout this unique Escape Room experience, stay alert and steer clear of any unexpected incidents.

3. Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Singapore Family Day
Laser Tag – Family Day Singapore

The best Laser Tag experience to strengthen relationships with loved ones and coworkers. Indoors or out, you can play laser tag anyplace! Join the finest and enjoy sheer pleasure and excitement!

Moreover, you can zap away and shoot lasers at your opponents in fluorescent-lit, pitch-black arenas! Choose the Neon Laser Tag bundle to play this thrilling game in a neon-lit environment.

4. Combat Archery Tag

Combat Archery Tag - Singapore Family Day
Combat Archery Tag – Family Day Singapore

Are you ready for a competition in archery? Players in the frantic and exhilarating game of Combat Archery Tag fire arrows at one another.

Whether you want to embrace your inner Katniss or Robin Hood, this is the ideal chance! A thrilling game called Combat Archery Tag combines elements like paintball, dodgeball, and archery!

5. Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer - Singapore Family Day
Bubble Soccer – Family Day Singapore

Playing Bubble Bump games like Bubble Bump Invasion and Bubble Bump Zombie will drastically lower your stress levels.

One of the most significant persons in our lives, along with family and friends, are our coworkers. Thus, why not encourage teamwork and unity at work? Our games are made to be inclusive for all players, safe for all ages, and always entertaining. Bubble Bump is one of the best Team Building Activities in Singapore.

6. Ninja Tag

Ninja Tag - Singapore Family Day
Ninja Tag – Family Day Singapore

Put your past events behind you and unleash your inner ninja spirit. Collaborate with other ninjas to conquer the planet. This is close combat unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Using our cutting-edge Ninja dagger, engage in thrilling missions with your coworkers and friends as you duel your way to success!

7. Saber Tag

Saber Tag - Singapore Family Day
Saber Tag – Family Day Singapore

Light sabers are combined with electronic scoring vests in the one-of-a-kind team game known as “Saber Tag” to keep score.

To take part in missions against their friends and coworkers, players (or “Saber Taggers”) put on these sensor-equipped vests and equip themselves with bright battle sabers. Having fun and staying safe are the game’s goals!

8. Art Jamming Workshop

Art Jamming Workshop - Singapore Family Day
Art Jamming Workshop – Family Day Singapore

At FunEmpire, we are aware that a team that binds together is a team that functions successfully.

Our Art Jamming Event is the ideal method to start team development in a fun and creative setting because of this. Art jamming has been shown to increase creativity, cultivate patience, and promote interactions among participants—all qualities that are ideal for forming a productive team.

9. Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop - Singapore Family Day
Terrarium Workshop – Family Day Singapore

Building your own terrarium is the finest way to feel more connected to nature! You don’t need any prior experience, and we’ll give you all the resources.

The class is ideal for groups because each participant has an area of their own to design and build their terrarium. Also, you get to take it home with you afterward along with maintenance instructions!

10. Leather Workshop

Leather Workshop - Singapore Family Day
Leather Workshop – Family Day Singapore

Love leather products? If so, you may have considered creating them yourself.

We have everything you need in our store to create a variety of leather goods, including coin purses, key fobs, and card holders. Come see for yourself!

11. Poolball

Poolball - Singapore Family Day
Poolball – Family Day Singapore

You may score goals by kicking soccer balls into pockets on a life-size billiard table in poolball, the ideal fusion of pool and football. And the best part is that you can play without a cue stick!

Poolball requires less physical effort and more tactical preparation between team members. It is therefore a great activity for business team development because it promotes team collaboration and has simple rules. It is among the top picks for team building in Singapore for family, friends, and colleagues!

Other Corporate Family Day Event Ideas

Carnival Games

A corporate family day carnival is a great way to bring employees and their families together for a day of fun.

There are a variety of carnival games that can be set up. Employees can work together to win prizes, and families can enjoy spending time together.

If your company is looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate employees and their families, a corporate family day carnival is the perfect event.

Jurong Lake Gardens

A day at the park is a great way to spend time with your family members and friends. Plus, it is a perfect place for a picnic or barbeque. You can also take a leisurely stroll through the gardens, or go for a paddle in the lake.

If you’re feeling energetic, there are plenty of trails for biking and hiking. And when you need a break, you can relax in one of the many cafes or playgrounds. Best of all, admission here is free.

Night Safari

Take a walk on the wild side with a visit to the Night Safari. Located in Singapore, this unique wildlife park is open after dark, when nocturnal animals are most active. Families can explore different habitats, watch animal shows, and even ride a tram for a closer look at the resident animals.

ArtScience Museum

Take a trip to this museum in Singapore. The museum has a variety of interactive exhibits that are perfect for family event, especially for your young ones. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and art forms.

National Library Board

This library is a great place to spend a day with your family. There are a variety of activities for all ages, including story time, arts and crafts, and computer classes. Know the past events of the history and rich culture of sustainable Singapore.

You can also borrow books, movies, and music from the library.

Singapore Zoo

A day at the Singapore Zoo is a fun and educational way to celebrate family day. The zoo offers a variety of animal exhibits, educational shows, and opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the resident animals.

Families can explore the different habitats, learn about the different animal species, and take part in hands-on activities such as feeding the giraffes or petting the tigers. 

Family Day Singapore

Thanks for reading our article on the best bonding ideas for your next corporate family day! We hope you found it helpful and that you’ll be able to use some of our suggestions to make your event a success. Also, these are great activities for Team Building Singapore too, so be sure not to miss them out!

FunEmpire will help you with the activities happening in your family day event! We also have free consultation so that you can start planning for your guests and with a wide selection of our events, you can have a fun day, together with obstacle courses, play areas, and sound system too!

All event requirements will be taken care of your family day event so you won’t have to worry! Also, we have full event catering. Just tell us your allocated budget, key milestones and event objectives, so that we can arrange it today!

Remember, the key to a successful family day is to choose activities that everyone will enjoy, so take some time to plan ahead and choose wisely. With a little bit of effort, you’re sure to create an event that everyone will remember fondly for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Family Day activities in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Family Day in Singapore below:

What is corporate family day?

A corporate family day is an event that is usually organised by a company to promote team bonding and cohesion within the workplace. It is a fun event that is open to all employees and their families, and usually involves a range of different activities that everyone can participate in.

Why is family day important for business?

Family day is important for business because it helps to promote team bonding and cohesion within the workplace. It is a fun event that is open to all employees and their families, and usually involves a range of different activities that everyone can participate. This helps to create a sense of community within the company, and encourages employees to work together more effectively. Additionally, family day can be a great way to promote team-building exercises, which can help improve communication and productivity within the workplace.

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