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8 Best Fishing Rods in Singapore [2024]

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Fishing Rod Singapore

Best Fishing Rod Singapore
Best Fishing Rod Singapore

A fishing rod is a fishing tool that people use to catch fish. If you’re fishing in Singapore, it’s important to have the best fishing rod for your fishing needs.

A fishing rod can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, but the type of fishing rod depends on what you’re fishing in. For example, a heavy-duty fishing pole would be good for catching large saltwater fish because it has more power than a lighter fishing pole.

This article lists 8 of the Best Fishing Rods in Singapore and provides a brief description of each one. It also discusses what makes a good fishing rod and why you should care about how light or heavy your fishing rod is when choosing the perfect one for yourself!

1. Voyage Travel Rod Series

 Voyage Travel Rod Series - Fishing Rod Singapore
Voyage Travel Rod Series – Fishing Rod Singapore (Credit: Bone Fishing World)
Key FeaturesTravel Fishing Rod
Where to buyBone Fishing World
PriceStarting from $210.00

If you like fishing and travel, the Voyage Rod is a good option for you. The travel rod series was created especially for people who enjoy traveling or visiting areas where they can fish. This is a wonderful thing to have and add to your collection.

The most appealing aspect of the rod is that it removed the uneven weight on each joint. As a result, when you load the road, you get a smooth bend. Nonetheless, it is still sturdy, adaptable, and flexible.

The baitcasting rod series is also available in a spinning version, allowing you to pick between the two. It’s highly sensitive to motions, and it has a lot of grip strength.

Key Differentiators

  • LENGTH: 5’10″
  • LINE: 1-6lb
  • CAST WEIGHT: 2-8g
  • ROD WEIGHT: 109g

2. Ocean Thug

 Ocean Thug - Fishing Rod Singapore
Ocean Thug – Fishing Rod Singapore (Credit: Bone Fishing World)
Key FeaturesIdeal for small slow fall jigs, fishing in shallower waters, or simply targeting smaller fish
Where to buyBone Fishing World
PriceStarting from $380.00

The ‘Light Jigging Model’ from ‘Ocean Thug’ is a model for light jigging in shallow water because its rod is made for those who enjoy fishing in reefs. However, it can handle even bigger catches if necessary.

This Ocean Thug rod continues to feature the distinctive multi-axis wrapping of previous versions. As a result, if you enjoy their goods, you will never be disappointed with this model.

If you’re looking for the best fishing rods in Singapore for catching bigger fish, this is most likely one of them.

Key Differentiators

  • OTC621SF POWER 1
  • LENGTH: 6’2″
  • LINE: PE 1.0-1.5
  • JIG WEIGHT: 100-250g
  • ROD WEIGHT: 168g
  • ROD GUIDES: FUJI Titanium-SiC

3. Sougayilang Telescopic

 Sougayilang Telescopic - Fishing Rod Singapore
Sougayilang Telescopic – Fishing Rod Singapore (Credit: Amazon)
Key FeaturesBest for Travel, Saltwater, or Freshwater Fishing
Where to buyAmazon
PriceS$31.91 – S$105.46

If you’ve ever used the Sougayilang Mini Telescopic before, but want to upgrade to a more robust model, the Sougayilang Telescopic is the way to go.

Despite being more expensive, this fishing rod will undoubtedly add to the fun and productivity of your fishing excursions. It can be utilized in any environment because it is extremely flexible.

The length of this rod extends up to 3.6 meters, making it ideal for professional fishermen who are already used to controlling longer fishing rods. It has a foldable handle that can be swapped, so there’s no need to worry about being left or right-handed.

Finally, it’s one of the most beautifully made fishing rods we’ve ever seen! Take a look at its beautiful and streamlined design!

Key Differentiators

  • The rod is a high density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass
  • Reel has 13 + 1 corrosion resistant smooth ball bearings
  • Light weight and portable

Customer’s Testimony

Good quality, it is metal, but fells very light on hand. Love the nice carrying case, and the plastic cover for the extendable pole, definitely a surprise. Can’t wait to go camping with it.


4. Goture Sword

 Goture Sword - Fishing Rod Singapore
Goture Sword – Fishing Rod Singapore (Credit: Goture)
Key FeaturesUltra-light & Sensitive
Corrosion Resistance
Where to buyGoture

It’s no surprise that one of Goture’s models ended up on our list. The Goture Sword is a popular model, and we believe it’s among the most beautiful alternatives available.

You may select between a spinning or casting rod with this one, much like the models discussed above. It’s also one of the few fishing rods available with high-density 24 carbon fiber and glass fiber, resulting in greater strength and power.

If you want to catch big and hefty fish, this is the rod for you because it’s one of the most powerful fishing rods available. Despite its strength, it is surprisingly light and portable!

Key Differentiators

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Series: Sword
  • Length: 2.1M-3.6M
  • Contracted Length: 50-67CM
  • Sections: 6-8
  • T.Dia: 2mm
  • B.Dia: 18mm
  • N.weight: 200-305g
  • Lure Weight: 30-60g

Customer’s Testimony

Very good product, even better supplier

Kenneth Haney

5. Jigbutt

  Jigbutt - Fishing Rod Singapore
Jigbutt – Fishing Rod Singapore (Credit: RedTackle)
Key FeaturesWorld’s First Detachable Fishing Rod Extension
Where to buyRedTackle

The Jigbutt offers a detachable rod extension and is the first one to exist on the market. This means you won’t have to modify your existing rod to suit your needs.

The rod is portable and lightweight, making it convenient to use and transport. It also has a comfortable handle for easy handling when fishing.

Key Differentiators

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Saltwater corrosion resistance

6.Silstar Dynamic Carbon Dawn Fishing Rod

 Silstar Dynamic Carbon Dawn Fishing Rod - Fishing Rod Singapore
Silstar Dynamic Carbon Dawn Fishing Rod – Fishing Rod Singapore (Credit: Qoo10)
Key FeaturesTraditional and Breakwater Fishing
Where to buyQoo10

This is a sturdy and long-lasting fishing rod that measures 4.22 meters in length. It’s well-balanced and easy to grip, making it ideal for any type of fishing. You can use it for both traditional and breakwater fishing.

This rod can be used to catch black sea bream, bushy, or horse mackerel and provide a nice supper. The fishing rod is accompanied by a high-quality reel that improves the overall experience.

If you decided to purchase this, it will be a fantastic part of your fishing gear and has an excellent design.

Key Differentiators

  • High quality
  • Sleek design
  • Can be used for any type of fishing

7. Yuyang Progi M Reel Fishing Rod

  Yuyang Progi M Reel Fishing Rod - Fishing Rod Singapore
Yuyang Progi M Reel Fishing Rod – Fishing Rod Singapore (Credit: Qoo10)
Key FeaturesFoldable Fishing Rod
Where to buyQoo10

This fantastic rod is 5.3 meters long when unfurled and folds to a length of 114cm. With a weight of just 175 grams, it’s quite portable. You can use it for any type of fishing on any water.

The handle of this fishing rod is small, measuring only 19mm in diameter. The rod can be extended into five parts by pulling on the line. It features a metal body with a gleaming finish.

Let’s assume that you already own a fishing rod and wish to replace it. Consider this exquisite fishing rod as a substitute if that’s the case.

Key Differentiators

  • Single Length : 5.3m
  • Folded Length : 114cm
  • Travel friendly
  • With metal body

8. The Tsunami Casting Rod with Shimano TLD 

 The Tsunami Casting Rod with Shimano TLD  - Fishing Rod Singapore
The Tsunami Casting Rod with Shimano TLD  – Fishing Rod Singapore (Credit: Amazon)
Key FeaturesSuperior strength, power, resilience, and sensitivity through unique high-density construction with extraordinary lifting power.
Where to buyAmazon

It is no secret that Tsunami makes one of the most durable rods on the market. Snapper, grouper, striped bass, cod, sea bass, fluke, and halibut all call for this sort of gear when bottom fishing.

Plus, Shimano TLD is your reel for this rod. It’s quite simple to fight fish at a vertical angle with an open-faced, or conventional reel; it’s also considerably easier to make changes to the drag and retrieve and drop your bait.

Although these reels are intended to last a long time, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding replacement parts in the future. In terms of quality, they’re also very reasonably priced, and it is very unique and as reliable as this is widely available and serviced for this price range.

Key Differentiators

  • Conventional models feature spiral wrapped guides for more power & load balance.
  • Genuine fuji deep pressed frame
  • Durable. light weight/high density, contoured, EVA grips

Customer’s Testimony

awesome rod – very lightweight – and amazingly well made for the money. Have the MH action version as well and have hauled up some very decent fish with NO issue. Great action. My only suggestions would be to add a hookminder above the handle and on the H version maybe chop the tip 4″ to give more action to heavy jigs ?! Thanks

Adam C.

Fishing Rod Singapore

It’s crucial to have the right fishing rod for your fishing needs. If you’re fishing in Singapore, it’s important that you know what type of fishing rod is best suited for freshwater or saltwater fishing and how light or heavy they are so that you can find one with just the right power level.

This article provides 8 of the Best Fishing Rods in Singapore as well as a brief description of each one! It also discusses why choosing a lightweight fishing pole over heavier models may be more advantageous than expected when trying to catch fish.

What do you think? Do these conclusions about fishing rods make sense? Let us know if any other questions arise!

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