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3 Unique Activities Perfect For A Girl’s Day or Night Out [2023]

It’s always a special time as you get to hang out with your girlfriends. Due to the overwhelming workload that we regularly faced from school or work, times like these are all about creating special memories and to bond alongside your dear friends. Now, most of us would tend to think of girls’ day or night out to consist of heading out to bars and drinking the night away. However, why not go the unconventional path and try out something new instead? These activities recommended by us not only are perfect to attend for a day out with the girlfriends, but also a hen’s party or bachelorette party.

1. Leather Workshop

The Fun Empire’s Leather Workshop allows our participants to craft out a keychain and luggage tag or coin purse. Create something truly one-of-a-kind as you explore your artistic side and customize your leather goods to whatever you prefer. Participants also get to stamp their names onto the leather provided. For those who are worried about delving into their crafty side, fret not! Our professionally-trained facilitators would always be stationed around to provide help when required. Simply have fun and enjoy the session, as you create something that you’ll bring home to remember the memorable day.

2. Perfume Workshop

By far one of the most popular and up-and-coming events on the market. There’s something so intimate about personalizing your very own scent. As you should all know by now, spritzing on perfume not only allows us to smell good, but also feel more confident and is a way to showcase our individual personality. What’s great about our Perfume Workshop is that participants get to create their very own perfume, and at the same time, learning about the various steps into making one. Perfume making is incredibly dynamic, and we provide an opportunity for our participants to get a glimpse into the world of perfume experimentation.

3. Flower Arrangement Workshop

Flower Arrangement Workshop


Arranging flowers is a highly-therapeutic activity that relaxes both the mind and body. De-stress yourself alongside your friends and loved ones while being surrounded by nature in our Flower Arrangement Workshop. Our professionally-trained facilitators would guide you along as you learn the intricate steps into flower arranging by identifying the various shapes and colors, and developing an aesthetic eye. At the end of the session, simply bring the flowers back and display it at the office or home. As you know, flowers are great decor pieces for the interior!

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