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The Fun Empire’s Christmas Party [2024]

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Funempire Christmas Party

Best Funempire Christmas Party
Best Funempire Christmas Party

As 2017 draws to a close, the spirit of joy and giving is a definite must for celebration.

It was a fun time of cheer as everyone gathered after work to celebrate.  Renting a location that could accommodate our family of 22, it was nice to be able to have dinner together and have some company bonding time.

While the food was great, the company was greater, and we moved on to play a couple of team building games after breaking up into three teams!

Check the games out below:

Our communication skills were put to the test and it was hilarious to see each other’s attempts.

The first game we played was a mix of Pictionary and Broken Telephone. Basically, each team forms a line, and the first person in line is given a word. He or she will then have to draw it out, and pass it on to the next person who will draw the same thing, or as close as possible. The second picture drawn is then passed to the third person and so on until the last person, who will have to guess what the drawing is.

What was challenging (and also painfully funny!) was for the last person to guess the drawing at the end. Often times, let us just say that the pictures do not really match the word given!

Next up, we also played charades! This one was really funny because some words were extremely difficult to act out and often times the guesses got pretty wild!

Lastly, we played quite a special game that really tried our communication skills! This game was played in pairs, with one person listening to music on headphones, blocking out as much surrounding noise as possible, while the other had to read out a sentence to the person listening. The person listening will then have to guess what the other individual is saying. Involving much lip reading, we all had a good laugh when words were guessed wrong!

That concludes all the games we played! It was definitely a heart-warming experience and we look forward to Christmas next year too!

If you’re looking for quality time to spend with your co-workers, such as Bubble SoccerSaber Tag or Ninja Tag, do check out our team building games!

We all hope that you had a very merry Christmas as well and here’s to the New Year! 🙂

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