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The Fun Empire: Game Testing [2023]

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Best Funempire Game Testing
Best Funempire Game Testing

To keep things fresh and exciting, the Fun Empire has come up with new games. However, before they are available for you to play, we take it upon ourselves to test the game first to make sure it provides extreme fun!

In the most recent game test, there were a couple of games we tested, ranging from new giant board games to something more physical – dodgeball!

We tried three different board games– Snakes and LaddersConnect Four and Aeroplane Race.

The first one we tried was Connect Four.

This game was pretty epic because thinking has to be done in order to win the game. There were moments where some of us didn’t notice that the opposing team was one step away from winning and made moves that were regretted in an instant!



Moving on, we played Snakes and Ladders

Played by the same rules as the normal-sized board game, however, in this giant version, you, the player, are the piece on the board! It was funny to see players kicking one another back to the starting point when they land on the same tile, or when they landed on a tile that had a snake, hindering their progress to the end line.


 Here is also a picture of us playing the last board game, Giant Aeroplane!



 All in all, they were fun, but for some of them, we took note to make tiny changes to them so that they become even more engaging. Stay tuned for that and make sure you try it out!

We then moved on to Bullet Ball!

This isn’t the normal game of dodgeball where teams simply hurl the balls at one another hoping to knock an opponent out of the game.

Instead, the dodgeball we played had different twists to it! Check out the following to see what we got up to!

 We hope you are as excited as us to try out these new giant board games and bullet ball too!

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