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10 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Wine Lovers [2024]

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Gifts For Wine Lovers

Best Gifts For Wine Lovers
Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

Christmas is upon us! ‘Tis the season for merriment and cheer, and frantic last-minute gift shopping sprees.

While giving gifts is sometimes even more satisfying than receiving them., finding the right thing is another. Usually, you can rely on the receiving person’s hobby, which, in this case, is wine.

True wine aficionados are quite difficult to please, so a five dollars bottle won’t work for the Chateauneuf du Pape lover. Thankfully, you can find gifts for wine lovers!

To make the search for the unique wine gifts easier, we have handpicked these perfect examples of what you can present to your beloved wine appreciator. Some of these are useful, some are fun, and we hope that it’ll help in your quest for the perfect one.

1) Wine Appreciation Workshop

Every wine lover must have started somewhere; no one became a wine expert overnight. That person you saw at the dinner one time, droning on about the nuances between a Burgundy and a Bordeaux with an affected French accent; didn’t get there overnight either. Don’t be like that guy, but don’t let cluelessness exclude you completely from the conversation either.

Wine tasting and appreciation is as complex a sensory science as the viticulture that goes behind making the drink. If your giftee is interested in knowing more about the different types of wine such as; telling them apart, then signing up for a wine appreciation workshop with them would be the ideal Christmas treat! At the very least, signing up for a session will guarantee you to be able to pronounce wine types properly; it’s sau-vee-nyon, not sao-vig-non!

After all, practical learning is the most effective way you can broaden your vino vocabulary.

For affordable and engaging Wine Appreciation Workshop with skilled facilitators, sign up for The Fun Empire’s Wine Appreciation Workshop! Take time to explore the world of wine along with your colleagues, family, and friends this Christmas with this interesting team building activity!


 2) Menu Fahrenheit Wine Thermometer

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Some prefer drinking their wine at very specific temperatures to bring out its optimal taste. If that is your giftee, then a Menu Fahrenheit Wine Thermometer would be the perfect gift for them!

Measure the temperature of your wine and get th most from its taste by attaching the thermometer around the wine bottle like a belt. Within minutes, you will be able to read the temperature on the digital display screen.

What’s more is that the thermometer can withstand being dropped and survive the loving attention of the youngest in the family. Furthermore, it fits easily into a drawer or kitchen shelf; so it is always there whenever you need it!

3) Soiree Bottle-Top Wine Decanter & Aerator

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By pouring wine with a Soiree, the Soiree creates an intermediary stage where the wine is infused with oxygen. The wine will then cascade smoothly into your glass, ready for you to sip on it.

In using the Soiree to aerate your wine, you will notice the subtleties and character of the wine emerge instantly upon entering your glass.

Soiree delivers a truly “open” wine just by pouring through it.

4) Winestein

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If your giftee enjoys sipping wine but sometimes prefer using a mug to drink from it, then this double-walled-do-it-all will let your giftee have it both ways.

Elegant wine stem on the inside, manly beer stein on the outside; it’s a glass for all reasons.

So pour a nice measure of vino, grab it with gusto, thoughtfully inhale the bouquet, then toss it back, and drink the glass of wine!

5) Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve

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If your wine enthusiast enjoys picnics, then this Le Creuset wine-cooler sleeve would be an ideal gift.

This wine-cooler sleeve uses two removable gel packs to chill a bottle of wine under 30 minutes; and keep it cold for another 90 minutes. Hence, being an ideal present for your giftee whenever they wish to bring a bottle of wine out with them for a picnic.

6) Corkcicle Pour

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A Corkcicle could also be an excellent gift for your wine-loving friend. This is a mini gadget that chills white wine fast.

All you have to do is store it in the freezer and then pop it into an open, unchilled bottle of wine whenever needed; it’ll begin cooling down the wine instantly from top to bottom, and keeping it icy for up to an hour without watering it down.

7) The Durand

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If your wine enthusiast has an extensive collection of older bottles, surprise them with a Durand corkscrew.

It’s apparently dubbed as “the best corkscrew in the world to open even the most mature bottle of wine safely”.

The Durand essentially combines the horizontal compression from a forked Ah-so-style wine opener, with the classic waiter’s corkscrew.

This way, you can no longer accidentally push the cork into the bottle if they happen to be a little loose, nor can you rip the middles out of your corks if they happen to be crumbly.

8) Vacu Vin Wine Server & Saver Set

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A sommelier-approved wine stopper, the Vacu Vin sealer is able to preserve an already-opened bottle of wine.

Not recommended for sparkling wines, the Vacu Vin system has an included pump that gets the wine-killing oxygen out of the bottle and helps maintain the freshness of the wine for days.

9) Fante’s Champagne Stopper

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This Fante’s Champagne Stopper will ensure no bottle of Champagne go to waste. It holds the carbonation of champagne pretty well and has convenient usage.

Favoured over other stopper styles, the Fante’s Champagne Stopper has a rubber stopper that mimics the pressure of the original cork on the wine. The hinge clasp makes it very hard to slip off accidentally and lose the carbonation of the wine, therefore holding the carbonation in champagne really well and making it very easy to use. 

10) Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand Blown Wine Decanter

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Once a bottle of wine is opened, the artificial chemicals added in it as preservatives; sulfites, are no longer needed and of use.

Hence, the Ullo Wine Purifier is used to purify and aerate wine in the same pour. Each filter purifies 1 bottle of wine using food grade polymer, selectively removing sulfites while allowing other compounds to flow in with the wine; unaffected.

Through selective sulfite capture, sulfites are filtered to reveal more of the wine’s natural flavours and aromas.

Ultimately, it is the thought that counts, not the price of the gift. So long as the gift is useful and makes the receiver feel loved and understood, then any gift would do it.

While Christmas is all about drinking wine and dining, be sure to drink sensibly! You don’t want to drink too much and get tipsy, then forget about whatever happened during the night! You want to catch up with friends and family, and create new memories. So cheers to the holidays and have yourself a merry merry Christmas!

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