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11 Best Hair Tonic Singapore Choices [2023]

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Hair Tonic Singapore

Best Hair Tonic Singapore
Best Hair Tonic Singapore

Tonic is a hair product that is meant to be used as a hair treatment. It can be applied on hair before styling, after washing, or for touch ups between shampooing. This article shares the list of 11 best hair tonics in Singapore that you will find effective and beneficial.

Best Hair Tonic Singapore

1. Silkpro Hair Tonic Concentrate

 Silkpro Hair Tonic Concentrate - Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Silkpro)
Silkpro Hair Tonic Concentrate – Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Silkpro)
Key Features Works with all types of hair
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The fact that the Silkpro Hair Tonic Concentrate is suitable for everyone’s scalp and hair types is probably the best thing about it. Even if you have thin hair and a dry scalp, you can still get benefits from using the Silkpro Hair Tonic Concentrate. Boosted hair strength, moisturized scalp, improved blood circulation in the scalp, hair regrowth, and hair growth are all benefits of using this hair tonic concentrate.

The ingredients in the Silkpro Hair Tonic Concentrate are also excellent. Because it contains organic and natural compounds, you won’t have to be concerned about irritation or adverse effects.

Key Differentiators

  1. Stronger hair and scalp
  2. Natural and organic ingredients
  3. Cheaper price

Client Testimonial

This is my 2nd time buying as I have used it before & it is quite effective & the pricing is good.

2. Reternhair PROLONGER

Reternhair PROLONGER - Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Reternhair)
Reternhair PROLONGER – Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Reternhair)
Key Features Helps with hair Longevity
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The best approach to handle hair loss is to address the source of the problem at its source. Fortunately, PROLONGER from Reternhair does just that—it tries to increase your hair’s longevity and reduce hair loss.

The main components of this hair-growth product include moringa, biotin, and rosemary extracts as well as amino acids and natural stimulants designed to maintain your scalp healthy. In addition, these substances are all safe to use. Do not hesitate to try this product!

Key Differentiators

  1. Stimulates hair growth and health
  2. Uses all-natural ingredients

3. Shinamino Hair Infusion Tonic

Shinamino Hair Infusion Tonic-Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Shinamino)
Shinamino Hair Infusion Tonic-Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Shinamino)
Key Features Scalp Repair
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The Shinamino Hair Infusion Tonic is packed with natural and active compounds that have been shown to help people’s scalps and hair grow. Grape seed extract is one of these components, which has been shown to inhibit the hormone dihydrotestosterone (a hormone that causes rapid hair loss).

The ginseng extract in this product can rebuild and rejuvenate hair growth, which is why we call it one of the finest hair tonics in Singapore. Furthermore, the Shinamo Hair Infusion Tonic includes natural vitamin E for better hair and scalp protection.

Key Differentiators

  1. Hair and scalp protection
  2. Natural ingredients
  3. Hair and scalp rejuvenation

4. Terapic Hair Tonic

Terapic Hair Tonic -Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Terapic)
Terapic Hair Tonic -Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Terapic)
Key Features Quick Results
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If you’re seeking for a hair tonic that will give fast results, Terapic Hair Tonic is one option to consider. It has the ability to improve the overall health of your hair and scalp in only 7 days!

More than that, the Terapic Hair Tonic is a Korean hair product with some of the world’s best beauty products. And that’s why we think it’s one of the finest hair tonics in Singapore.

Leaf extracts, sophora root extracts, capsicum anuum extracts, and other substances are all present in the Terapic Hair Tonic. All of these natural components will not cause any scalp or hair damage.

Another advantage of utilizing the Terapic Hair Tonic is that it may aid in the prevention of hair loss. It’s got a lot of anti-hair loss components, so many guys use it to treat their hair loss.

Key Differentiators

  1. Korean skincare product
  2. Hair loss treatment

Client Testimonial

Easy to spray and have cooling feeling. Hope it works.

5. Pureauty Natural Hair Tonic

Pureauty Naturals Hair Tonic -Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Pureauty Naturals)
Pureauty Naturals Hair Tonic -Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Pureauty Naturals)
Key Features Helps with hair growth
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If you’ve been dealing with significant hair loss for a while, the Pureauty Natural Hair Tonic might be the answer. It’s one of Singapore’s best hair tonics for promoting growth.

The Pureauty Natural Hair Tonic will enhance the growth of your hair and make it seem healthier and brighter than ever before, using only organic components.

D Panthenol, biotin (Pro-Vitamin B5), Pisum Sativum Pea Sprout Extract, and other active ingredients are included in the Pureauty Natural Hair Tonic. All of these substances are also recognized for promoting a healthier scalp.

Key Differentiators

  1. Promotes healthy scalp
  2. Stimulates hair growth
  3. Affordable

Client Testimonial

In trying the Biotin Hair Growth Serum for the past month I see new growth in places were my hair was almost bald I’m so excited. I have tried many other products in the past with no results. So thank you Pureauty for a product that really works.

6. Nourish Hair Stemplus ‘On-the-Grow’ Serum and Nourish Hair Densifier Intensive Kit

 Nourish Hair Stemplus ‘On-the-Grow’ Serum and Nourish Hair Densifier Intensive Kit - Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Nourish Hair Stemplus)
Nourish Hair Stemplus ‘On-the-Grow’ Serum and Nourish Hair Densifier Intensive Kit – Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Nourish Hair Stemplus)
Key Features Revitalising Thinning Hair
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Nourish Hair Stemplus On-the-Grow Serum and Nourish Hair Densifier Intensive Kit is one of the finest solutions for regenerating thinning hair. It’s a two-item kit, with the serum protecting the hair and the densifier encouraging growth and thickness.

The Nourish Hair Stemplus ‘On-the-Grow’ Serum is a stem cell-enriched serum that works to nourish the hair and scalp. It also has additional benefits such as preventing early hair loss, repairing damaged cells, and rejuvenating follicles.

Key Differentiators

  1. Highly concentrated active ingredients
  2. Private consultation available
  3. Quick absorption

Client Testimonial

I purchased this product around the first week of January, and since then I have been patiently waiting to write a review that reflects this product accurately. Of course with this product it truly takes time to tell if it will work, for me it did! However, I understand that this will not work for everyone the same way due to a number of factors. I was diagnosed with alopecia areata in October of 2017. My balding progressed to the point where I felt hopeless and right when I was about to give up and go to wigs, I found this product. I honestly would buy this product even if I didn’t not have AA because my hair has never felt better. Some of my minor bald spots have completely disappeared in the abundance of new growth. My bigger patches are still growing in but they definitely have new hairs covering the entirety of the surface. I used this in conjunction to castor oil, bamboo oil and a leave in keratin treatment which I use on my hair every time after I shower. It’s surely not a miracle product that will work over night but I will be buying more soon!

7. Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum

Mama's Choice Strengthening Hair Serum - Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Mama's Choice)
Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum – Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Mama’s Choice)
Key FeaturesStimulates new hair growth and helps to maintain a healthy scalp. Suitable for all hair types.
Where to BuyShopee
Address71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #01-04/05 Singapore 139951
Phone+65 97866148
Price$16.90 (U.P. $21.90)

Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum is the perfect complement to the Mama’s Choice Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner. This non-greasy hair serum helps maintain a healthy scalp environment to stimulate hair growth thanks to its natural ingredients–kiwi for stronger hair, candlenut for a healthier scalp, and green peas for hair growth. 

It doesn’t matter if you use it on dry or damp hair, as this serum is easily absorbed and rinse-free. So, just how effective is this hair serum? It effectively reduced hair loss in 71% of mamas who regularly used this hair serum!

Key Differentiators

  1. Suitable for all hair types
  2. Lightweight texture
  3. Lab-tested in Singapore
  4. Free of harmful chemicals such as alcohol, paraben, and silicone
  5. Certified Halal
  6. Certified hypoallergenic

Client Testimonial

Worked well for me! I have tried it for a while now. I seem to be dropping less hair! 🥳 smells pretty nice too.

@yokesan (Shopee customer)

8. Design Essentials Scalp Tonic

Design Essentials Scalp Tonic - Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Design Essentials)
Design Essentials Scalp Tonic – Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Design Essentials)
Key Features Moisturises and nourishes the scalp
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If you’re seeking for a hair tonic that won’t break the bank, the Design Essentials Scalp Tonic from Wai-Gwa may be a good place to start. We think it’s one of Singapore’s finest hair tonics because it includes natural and organic components.

For one thing, the Design Essentials Scalp Tonic includes natural tea tree oil that moisturizes and nourishes the scalp. There are also aloe vera extracts that help to relieve tension and inflammation on the scalp as well as in the hair.

It also includes a detoxifying tonic with eucalyptus and lemon to help alleviate skin and scalp irritation caused by dirt particles and build-up.

Key Differentiators

  1. Affordable
  2. Natural ingredients

Client Testimonial

My hairdresser recommended this for me. I have been using this for a couple of months; it keeps my hair free from dandruff. I have natural hair so I don’t perm or relax my hair. You don’t have to use a lot so one bottle can last you for 3 or 4 months. When you open it, take a pair of scissors to cut the tip, not a big cut though. Overall this product is a great value.

9. Papilla Haircare’s Hair Regeneration Tonic with PhytoKines

Papilla Haircare’s Hair Regeneration Tonic with PhytoKines - Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Papilla Haircare)
Papilla Haircare’s Hair Regeneration Tonic with PhytoKines – Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Papilla Haircare)
Key Features Scentless Hair Regeneration
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Hair loss might be a natural part of aging, but that doesn’t mean it has to happen. With the PhytoKines Hair Regeneration Tonic from Papilla Haircare, you can keep your hair strong and long.

Allosterys PE is used in the formulation of this tonic. The extract consists of botanical stem cells, while Allosterys PE is present. You may use it without fear of adverse effects since it’s paraben-free, sulfate-free, and silicon-free.

The Hair Regeneration Series has an artificial color and fragrance-free tonic. If you’re searching for a more effective solution or just want to improve your haircare regimen, be sure to visit the online store of Papilla Haircare.

Key Differentiators

  1. Anti-dandruff
  2. No artificial colors or fragrances
  3. Improves hair cycle

Client Testimonial

Been here for 2 months plus and i definitely can see my hair loss reduced and my scalp condition has improved. On top of that, every staff works professionally with good manner here. Also a big thank you to Kai and my therapist Kelvin for their profesionalism and friendliness.

10. Ubersuave X Templeton Tonics – Thickening Hair Tonic

Ubersuave X Templeton Tonics – Thickening Hair Tonic - Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Ubersuave)
Ubersuave X Templeton Tonics – Thickening Hair Tonic – Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: Ubersuave)
Key Features Protective Nourishment
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The Thickening Hair Tonic, created by Ubersuave & Templeton Tonics, is a natural solution that protects and nourishes the hair. Its key components are oils known to help promote hair development.

Evening primrose oil, meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba seed oil, argan oil, broccoli seed oil, and beta carotene are just a few of the oils that can be used. The growth phase of hair is increased by evening primrose oil, resulting in stronger and thicker hair strands. Meanwhile, meadowfoam seed oil nourishes hair and promotes hair growth.

Key Differentiators

  1. Contains anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties
  2. Uses natural ingredients for hair growth and protection

11. SMiB Anti Hair Loss Coral Calcium Hair Essence

SMiB Anti Hair Loss Coral Calcium Hair Essence - Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: SMiB)
SMiB Anti Hair Loss Coral Calcium Hair Essence – Hair Tonic Singapore (Credit: SMiB)
Key Features Root boosters to help grow hair faster and stronger
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PriceCheck Here

Adding Calcium to your hair products is a magical formula for maintaining a healthy scalp and avoiding hair loss. Pioneering the use of Coral Calcium in hair technology, SMIB is the number 1 anti-hair loss brand from Korea, with a queue of loyal customers the world over.  

Their SMIB Coral Calcium Hair Essence contains high-quality calcium extracted from corals found in the ocean. This Coral Calcium is effective at maintaining a healthy scalp and promoting hair growth. Spray the essence evenly onto each part of your scalp and notice lesser irritation, itching and hair loss over time.

For a holistic hair loss treatment, consider using their 4-step routine. The set includes SMIB innaBi Shampoo, SMIB SMiB Coral Calcium Shampoo, SMiB Coral Calcium Treatment, SMiB Coral Calcium Essence, SMiB Plasma Scalp Massager. The Plasma Scalp Massager helps to increase scalp metabolism, aids in the absorption of our coral calcium essence, bacterial control on the scalp and also increases our hair cell follicular proliferation. Finally, together with Step 4, the SMIB Coral Calcium Hair Essence, you can achieve a healthier scalp that reduces hair loss and gives you healthy, full of volume hair. 

If you are wondering about the efficacy of this hair treatment, a quick look at the customer reviews and you’ll see very real results. Additionally, a clinical test report showed that SMIB products (complete set) help to soothe the scalp, reduce the number of missing hair, improve scalp elasticity and tensile strength.

With over a million sets sold the world over, SMIB’s effective Coral Calcium Hair essence will give you voluminous, healthy hair at an easy on the pocket price!

SMIB’s best selling Complete Set includes a Plasma Scalp Massager, Coral Calcium Shampoo, Coral Calcium Treatment and the Coral Calcium Hair Essence.

Key Differentiators

  1. Award-winning and best-selling for hair loss treatment
  2. Boost scalp and hair health with high-grade coral calcium
  3. Clinically tested
  4. Natural hair-and-scalp-friendly ingredients
  5. No potentially harmful ingredients added

Client Testimonial

I decided to give innaBi a try after reading good reviews on the products. I have tried quite a number of products but they did nothing for my hair loss. It is quite stressful and devastating to see so much hair falling off on a daily basis. I was honestly quite skeptical when I decided to try innaBi. After the first week of using the products, I was very surprised to see that my hair fall has lessen but being skeptical, I decided to wait for awhile more before deciding if it is really working for me. It has been almost a month now and I am very pleased with the drastic improvement. My drain is no longer clogged with my hair after every wash and I no longer feel so stressful.

Hopefully I no longer need to switch products anymore.

Eve C

Hair Tonic Singapore

The hair loss hair care market is constantly expanding to better address hair loss and hair thinning. Hair tonics are especially popular in Asian countries due to the varied hair types. Singapore’s hair care market is constantly growing, and hair tonics are no exception. There are many different hair tonics, but in this article we have suggested you with the 11 best Hair Tonic in Singapore!

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