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20 Best Hotpot Singapore Restaurants To Visit [2023]

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Hotpot Singapore

Best Hotpot Singapore
Best Hotpot Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, and a popular dish that locals and tourists alike can’t get enough of is hotpot.

The best hotpot restaurants in Singapore are Spicy Bangkok Hotpot, Happy Lamb Hotpot, Wu Wang Guo, Black Knight Hotpot, and San Laksa Steamboat.

When selecting a restaurant, give priority to factors such as the studio’s location, budget, pricing, menu options, customer service, and overall ambiance.

Hotpot in Singapore is like a foodie’s dream! You get to embark on a gastronomic adventure with a range of scrumptious broths and a diverse selection of fresh ingredients. It’s a true reflection of the city’s vibrant food scene and cultural influences. Yum!

Here, we explore the best hotpot restaurants in Singapore where you can enjoy a steaming pot of deliciousness.

Quick Summary

  • Best hotpot restaurants in Singapore are Spicy Bangkok Hotpot, Happy Lamb Hotpot, Wu Wang Guo, Black Knight Hotpot, and San Laksa Steamboat.
  • When choosing a restaurant, prioritize factors like the location, budget, prices, menu, customer service, and ambiance.
  • Hotpot in Singapore is a gastronomic adventure, characterized by a variety of rich, flavorful broths and a wide array of fresh ingredients.

Key Consideration Factors

When choosing which hotpot restaurant to go in Singapore, make sure to consider these things:

  • Location: The location of the restaurant plays a key role in your hotpot experience. It should be convenient, easily accessible, and have plenty of parking space.
  • Budget: Hotpot restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you pay attention to prices and specials when selecting one. Look at their menu items to see what fits your budget.
  • Menu Options: Hotpot in Singapore often offer a variety of menu items ranging from fresh seafood, meats, fresh vegetables, and sauces to choose from.
  • Customer Service: You deserve friendly and attentive staff who are willing to go above and beyond to make sure your experience is a pleasant one.
  • Ambiance: Last but not least, the ambiance of a restaurant contributes greatly to the overall hotpot experience.

Best Hotpot in Singapore

1) Spicy Bangkok Hotpot

Spicy Bangkok Hotpot - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Spicy Bangkok Hotpot via Facebook)
Key ServiceBest-selling hotpot Singapore
Address1 Park Road, People’s Park Complex #01-78C, Singapore, Singapore
Phone+65 9114 9315
Operating Hours10.30am–10.30pm (Daily)

When it comes to nourishing soup bases, you’ll discover a vast and diverse selection that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. From the iconic and spicy Tom Yum Goong, with its perfect blend of lemongrass, lime, and chili, to the delectable and comforting Sour Papaya with Golden Soup, infused with the richness of ripe papaya and the warmth of golden broth, there’s a flavor profile to suit every palate.

2) Qi Li Xiang Hot Pot Restaurant

Qi Li Xiang Hot Pot Restaurant - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Qi Li Xiang Hot Pot Restaurant)
Key ServiceHomestyle hotpot
Address49 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088470
Operating Hours12pm–3pm, 4pm–6am (Daily)

Craving hotpot in the late hours of the night? Look no further than Qi Li Xiang Hot Pot Restaurant, a hidden gem in Tanjong Pagar that serves homestyle hotpot until 6am every day.

Qi Li Xiang lives up to its name with a delightful selection of aromatic broths, including popular choices like Sichuan Spicy Soup and Coconut Chicken Broth.

Be sure to try their signature braised dishes like Pork Liver, Chicken Feet, and Beancurd Skin, and end your meal on a sweet note with complimentary ice cream.

3) Qi Xiang Hotpot

Qi Xiang Hotpot - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Qi Xiang Hotpot via Facebook)
Key ServiceDistinctive hotpot place in Singapore
Address48 Boon Lay Way Singapore, Singapore 609961
Phone+65 6908 4333
Operating Hours11am–3am, 4pm–11pm (Mon to Thu), 11am–3pm (Fri & Sat), 11am–11pm (Sun)

If you’re a fan of the famous Qi Xiang Chicken Pot, you probably already know about its sister outlet, Qi Xiang Hotpot, which offers a late-night hotpot experience in Jurong.

Apart from its wide range of over 80 ingredients and the delicious beer-infused dark soy chicken broth, what makes it stand out as one of the most distinctive hotpot restaurants in Singapore is the combination of local delights and breakfast favorites on its menu.

4) Happy Lamb Hotpot

Happy Lamb Hotpot - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Happy Lamb Hotpot)
Key ServiceMongolian-style hotpot
Address9 Scotts Rd, #02-10 Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210
Operating Hours11.30am–10pm (Daily)

Happy Lamb Hotpot, originating from Baotou in Inner Mongolia, is a paradise for lamb enthusiasts. This global hotpot chain specializes in “Good Soup without Dipping Sauce,” which refers to a savory and delicious broth that doesn’t need dipping sauces.

Indulge in beautifully presented portions of fresh, tender, and non-gamey Scottish and Mongolian cuts lamb, alongside a selection of skewers, dumplings, and even Mongolian yogurt for dessert.

5) Shang Pin Hot Pot

Shang Pin Hotpot - Hotpot Singapore
(Shang Pin Hotpot via Facebook)
Key ServiceAuthentic Sichuan Chinese restaurant
Address6 Raffles Blvd, #02-102/102A Marina Square, Singapore 039594

80 Marine Parade, #01-10, Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269
Phone+65 6565 7666
Operating HoursRaffles Blvd
🕒 11am–10pm (Daily)
Marine Parade
🕒 11am–10.30pm (Daily)

Shang Pin Hot Pot, an authentic Sichuan Chinese restaurant, has gained popularity in Singapore through TikTok and RED. With two locations in City Hall and Marine Parade, it offers a trendy hotpot experience.

Indulge in comforting Golden Chicken Soup flavourful broth and a diverse selection of ingredients, including Premium Snow Beef, Black Pork Slices, Fresh Tripe, and Sea Urchin Balls.

6) Gonghe Seafood Hotpot

Gonghe Seafood Hotpot - Hotpot Singapore Facebook
(Credit: Gonghe Seafood Hotpot)
Key ServiceThai-style and Chinese-style hotpot
AddressNorth Bridge Road Bugis Cube #01-02, 470, Singapore 188735, Singapore, Singapore
Phone+65 6338 3405
Operating Hours11am–12am (Mon to Fri & Sun), 11am–12.30am (Sat)

Gonghe Seafood Hotpot, located inside the Golden Cafe coffee shop in Aljunied, is a hidden gem. It is renowned for its pocket-friendly all-you-can-eat seafood buffet priced at an incredibly affordable S$28 nett (for adults).

Indulge in a wide variety of unlimited seafood such as crabs, mussels, crawfish, clams, scallops, and prawns. Not only that, but they also offer an extensive selection of meats including beef tripe, mutton, and pork. With such a diverse range of ingredients, you might find it difficult to make a choice.

7) Wu Wang Guo

Wu Wang Guo - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Wu Wang Guo via Facebook)
Key ServiceTraditional hotpot
Address133 New Bridge Rd, #03-09/10/11/12/13/14, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Phone+65 6227 0309
Operating Hours11.30am–3pm, 5pm–3am (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun

If you enjoy late-night hotpot, there’s a restaurant in Chinatown that could be the next best thing to Beauty in The Pot – Wu Wang Guo.

While they offer both traditional classics and locally-inspired soup bases like Golden Fish Maw with Pig Stomach and Nourishing Drunken Chicken Soup, the standout is their intensely flavorful and nourishing WWG Collagen Beauty Soup.

They have a wide variety of over 100 meats, seafood, fresh vegetables, and miscellaneous dishes to choose from, including signature items like Black Ebiko Prawn Paste, Sake Drunken Prawn, and Seaweed Beancurd Skin (definitely worth trying).

8) Yunnan Ah Ma Shi Hotpot

Yunnan Ah Ma Shi Hotpot - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Yunnan Ah Ma Shi Hotpot via Facebook)
Key ServiceWide selection of hotpot ingredients
Address26 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189047
Phone+65 8399 9127
Operating Hours11.30am–2am (Daily)

Yunnan Ah Ma Shi Hotpot on Liang Seah Street is another popular hotpot restaurant known for its all-you-can-eat buffet. Open until 2am, this Yunnan specialty joint offers two buffet sets to choose from.

Set A includes a diverse selection of over 50 ingredients, such as Fine Beef, Sliced Pork Belly, and Fresh Prawns. For a more premium experience, Set B features a remarkable assortment of meats, seafood, and other “exotic” ingredients, including Spanish Black Pork, Premium Wagyu Beef, Wild Mushroom Platter, and Live Mud Crab.

9) La Jiang Shan Hotpot

La Jiang Shan Hotpot - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: La Jiang Shan Hotpot via Facebook)
Key ServiceHotpot buffet
Address35 Selegie Rd, #01-06 Parklane Shopping Mall, Singapore 188307
Phone+65 8669 6144
Operating Hours11am – 6am (Tue to Sun), 11am – 11pm (Mon)

La Jiang Shan Hotpot is one of the well-established hotpot restaurants in Singapore, offering a wide range of meats, seafood, and appetizers in their all-you-can-eat buffet.

Some highlights include the delicious xiao long bao and exclusive dinner specials like mala grilled fish, flower crab, and slipper lobsters. What sets them apart is that each person gets their own personal BBQ and hotpot, so there’s no need to argue over nourishing soup bases choices.

10) Black Knight Hotpot

Black Knight Hotpot - hotpot singapore
(Credit: Black Knight Hotpot)
Key ServiceHigh-quality hotpot Singapore
Address9 Raffles Blvd, #02-02/05, Milennia Walk, Singapore 039596
Phone+65 6518 9198
Operating Hours12pm–3pm, 5.30pm–10pm (Sun to Thu), 12pm–3pm, 5.30pm–11pm (Fri & Sun)

Indulging in a special occasion? Pamper yourself with a delectable feast at Black Knight Hotpot, a beloved hotpot joint in Taipei. Savor the restaurant’s renowned broth, simmered for 16 hours to perfection, and opt for the Fish Maw Chicken Pot and the famous Spicy Pot, a flavorful Taiwanese-style mala broth.

Enjoy an array of live seafood, premium meats like Japanese Wagyu and Okinawa Black Pork Belly, and delightful dishes such as Taiwan Braised Beef Noodles and Fried Frog Leg w/ Pepper & Salt. Prepare for a nourishing and satisfying dining experience!

11) Upin Hot Pot

Upin Hot Pot - hotpot singapore
(Credit: Upin Hot Pot)
Key ServiceBudget-friendly hotpot
Address#03-87,6 Eu Tong Sen ST
Singapore 059817

#04-19,227 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

01-02,154 West Coast Rd
Singapore 127371
Phone+65 6221 5550
Operating HoursClarke Quay Central
11 AM–12 AM Daily

Orchard Getaway
11 AM–12 AM Daily

West Coast Plaza
11 AM–12 AM Daily

Upin Hotpot is a great alternative to Haidilao, offering a closer and more budget-friendly option. With three conveniently located outlets that stay open until 12am daily, Upin Hotpot is a mid-tier chain restaurant worth considering.

Their soup bases are known for their flavorful taste, especially the signature Tomato Soup that can easily compete with larger, more established restaurants.

12) Coucou Hotpot

Coucou Hotpot - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Coucou Hotpot via Facebook)
Key ServiceTaiwanese-style hotpot
Addressower 1&2, #03-332/333/334/335/336/337 3 TEMASEK BOULEVARD SUNTEC CITY MALL, Singapore 038983

78 Airport Blvd., #02 – 208 / 209, Singapore 819666

112 E Coast Rd, #04-05/06 i12 Katong, Singapore 428802
Operating HoursSuntec City
11 AM–9:30 PM Daily

11 AM–9:30 PM Daily

Brew Tea @i12 Katong
11 AM–9:30 PM Daily

Known as the “celebrity hotpot restaurant,” Coucou Hotpot specializes in two things that Singaporeans can’t get enough of: Taiwanese-style hotpot and bubble tea. You can indulge in up to three broths at once and choose from signature flavors like Taiwan Style Spicy Soup (with a Sichuan version available), Coconut Chicken Soup, and Bovine Bone with Tomato.

13) San Laksa Steamboat

San Laksa Steamboat - hotpot singapore
(Credit: San Laksa Steamboat)
Key ServiceClassic hotpot Singapore
Address147 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208524
Phone+65 6275 7069
Operating Hours11am–2.30pm, 4.30pm–11pm (Daily)

San Laksa, true to its name, is a classic hotpot joint in Singapore that specializes in indulgent, creamy, and incredibly satisfying laksa broth.

Opt for the refillable Signature Laksa Soup Base (S$15) or get more bang for your buck with the Two Soup Base Combo (S$15) – the Herbal Chicken Soup is a refreshing choice.

While the menu may not be as extensive as other places on this list, the selection of meats, seafood, and vegetables is more than sufficient.

14) Hao Lai Wu

Hao Lai Wu - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Hao Lai Wu via Facebook)
Key ServiceFamily-style hotpot restaurant
Address37 Smith St, Singapore 058950

175 Bencoolen St, #01-57 Burlington Square, Singapore 189649
Phone+65 6732 0816
Operating HoursSmith St.
11am–1am (Daily)

Bencoolen St.
 11am–3am (Daily)

Hao Lai Wu, known for its aesthetically pleasing oriental-style interiors, has gained popularity on TikTok. This family-style restaurant has two outlets in Chinatown and Bencoolen, offering a delightful all-you-can-eat buffet of traditional hotpot and smokeless BBQ.

With a wide selection of over 90 dishes, including seafood and premium marinated meats, you are guaranteed a satisfying and visually appealing feast that will leave you satisfied.

15) Yi Zi Wei

Yi Zi Wei - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Yi Zi Wei via Facebook)
Key ServiceBuffet hotpot
Address1 Lor 13 Geylang, #01-01, Singapore 388639
Phone+65 9097 3288
Operating Hours11am–4am (Mon to Thu, Sat & Sun), 11am–12am (Fri)

Singapore is home to numerous hotpot restaurants that offer 2-in-1 buffets. However, Yi Zi Wei, a Chinese and Korean-inspired restaurant, stands out with its unique 6-in-1 buffet.

This indulgent buffet includes a wide range of options, such as barbecue, hotpot, mala tang, mala xiang guo, fried skewers, and lok lok. In addition, Yi Zi Wei also serves a variety of ala carte dishes, including Korean-style pancakes like Kimchi Pancake and Seafood Pancake, as well as mouthwatering favorites like Spicy Rice Cake, Japchae, and Bibimbap.

16) FuFu Pot

FuFu Pot - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: FuFu Pot via Facebook)
Key ServiceWide range of flavors for hotpot Singapore
Address68 Orchard Rd, #06-07 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Phone+65 6250 2193
Operating Hours11.30am–3pm, 5pm–11pm (Daily)

FuFu Pot in Dhoby Ghaut is a laid-back hotpot restaurant in Singapore that caters well to solo diners. They offer individual pots with a variety of creative soup bases to choose from, such as Korean Army Stew, Thai-inspired White Curry, and even the unique Stinky Tofu, a first in Singapore.

Each set comes with a thoughtfully curated selection of ingredients like shimeiji mushrooms, sweet potato vermicelli, and pork balls, perfectly complementing the flavorful broth.

17) Jianghu Hotpot

Jianghu Hotpot - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Jianghu Hotpot via Facebook)
Key ServiceAffordable hotpot in Singapore
AddressNorthpoint City, 02-126/127, South Wing, 768019

277 Orchard Road, Gateway, #01-12/13/14/K1 Orchard, 238858
Phone+65 8129 1929
Operating HoursNorthpoint City
11am–10pm (Daily)

Orchard Road
11am–10.30pm (Daily)

Jianghu Hotpot in Somerset and Yishun offers another option for individual hotpots in a communal setting, along with a fun conveyor belt service system. Opt for the affordable 2-in-1 hotpot and BBQ buffet, which also includes the option of free-flow Grilled Fish.

With a wide range of fusion ingredients like Mala Scallops, Korean Sauce Pork Belly, and Deep-Fried Glutinous Rice Ball with Brown Sugar, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained for 90 minutes.

18) Uncle Fong Hot Pot Restaurant

Uncle Fong Hot Pot Restaurant - Hotpot Singapore
(Uncle Fong Hot Pot Restaurant via Facebook)
Key ServiceAuthentic Chongqing-style soup bases
Address1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B1-108/109, Singapore 237994
Phone+65 6232 7800
Operating Hours11.30am–10pm (Daily)

Uncle Fong Hot Pot Restaurant, a popular hotpot chain from Hong Kong, is known for its authentic Chongqing-style soup bases in Singapore.

Their signature soup bases, served in a unique nine-grid pot, combines five key ingredients: Chongqing Shizhuhong Chilli, Sichuan Hanyuan Pepper, Refined Beef Tallow, Sichuan Pixian Bean Paste, and Yunnan Yellow Ginger. The result is a fiery and flavourful broth with a spice level comparable to da la.

19) Xiao Long Kan Hotpot

Xiao Long Kan Hotpot - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Xiao Long Kan Hotpot via Facebook)
Key ServiceOriginal Chinese hotpot
Address20 Smith Street , Singapore, Singapore
Phone+65 6635 8789
Operating HoursDaily 11:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Hailing from Chengdu, Sichuan, Xiao Long Kan Hotpot is a renowned hotpot chain that transports you to the era of Ancient Chinese royalty.

Indulge in the lavish decor reminiscent of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and dive straight into the 3 Flavours Hotpot. This delectable option features Butter Spicy Soup, Tomato, and Mushroom.

20) Hippot

Hippot - Hotpot Singapore
(Credit: Hippot)
Key ServiceHotpot option for late night meals
Address33 Liang Seah St, #01-01/02, 02-02, Singapore 189054
Phone+65 6970 2898
Opening Hours11.30am–1am (Mon to Thu), 11.30am–2am (Fri to Sun)

If you often crave hotpot late at night, your best bet is to head to the always bustling Liang Seah Street. Among the many Chinese eateries in the area, Hippot stands out as a popular option.

They offer a hotpot buffet concept with over 100 ingredients and 11 soup bases to choose from. On weekdays (Mon-Thu), you can go for the economical Buffet A which includes a variety of meats, fresh seafood, vegetables, and carbs for hotpot enthusiasts.

Hotpot Singapore

In conclusion, Singapore is a hotspot for diverse and indulgent hotpot experiences. Whether you’re searching for authentic, traditional hotpot joints or innovative fusion experiences, this vibrant city offers an array of options to satiate your cravings.

From solo dining pots to extravagant 6-in-1 buffets, there’s a hotpot experience for everyone.

So the next time you’re in the mood for a warm, comforting meal, these hotpot restaurants in Singapore stand ready to serve up a feast for the senses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Hotpot in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Hotpot in Singapore below:

What are the best hotpot in Singapore?

The best hotpot or steamboat restaurants in Singapore are Spicy Bangkok Hotpot, Happy Lamb Hotpot, Wu Wang Guo, Black Knight Hotpot, City Hot Pot, Tong Xin Ru Yi, and San Laksa Steamboat.

What is Singapore steamboat?

Singapore steamboat, also known as Hotpot, is a type of cooking style where food is cooked in a boiling pot of broth. The broth can be made with various ingredients such as spices, vegetables, and other condiments to suit individual tastes. It is usually served with dipping sauces and eaten with accompaniments such as noodles or rice.

How much is Haidilao per person?

Haidilao’s hotpot prices vary from location to location, but most locations charge around $30 – $40 SGD per person. Prices may also depend on the type of soup bases and ingredients that you choose.

Why is hotpot so famous?

Hotpot is so popular because it’s a social activity that brings people together. Everyone can have their own pot of broth and ingredients, and you can create different types of dishes in the same meal. Plus, you get to enjoy the delicious broth from the hotpot while bonding with friends or family over great conversation.

Is Haidilao worth it?

Yes, Haidilao is worth it! The restaurant is well known for its quality ingredients, generous portion sizes, and fantastic customer service. Plus, you’ll get to experience the fun and interactive DIY food making process that only Haidilao can provide.

Which steamboat restaurants in Singapore serve curry beef soup and stewed marinated beef?

If you’re looking for steamboat restaurants that serve curry beef soup and stewed marinated beef, you can try Tong Xin Ru Yi. They offer a variety of soup bases options, including flavorsome curry beef soup, and their menu includes marinated beef tripe for added taste and texture.

Are there any steamboat restaurants in Singapore that serve imperial drunken chicken soup and ginseng chicken soup?

Yes, some steamboat restaurants in Singapore, such as City Hot Pot, offer imperial drunken chicken soup and ginseng chicken soup bases. These aromatic and spicy nourishing broth provide a unique and flavorsome hotpot experience.

Can I find steamboat restaurants in Singapore that serve pork bone soup and marinated pork?

Certainly! Pork bone soup bases is a popular choice for steamboat lovers, and many steamboat restaurants in Singapore, including Tong Xin Ru Yi, offer this spicy nourishing broth and savory broth. Additionally, you can find marinated pork on the menu to enhance your hotpot experience.

Do any steamboat restaurants in Singapore serve homemade fish tofu, shrimp paste, and authentic Thai cuisine?

Yes, some steamboat restaurants, like City Hot Pot, provide a variety of hotpot ingredients, including homemade fish tofu and flavorful shrimp paste. Additionally, they may offer authentic Thai cuisine to add a touch of exotic flavors to your hotpot experience.

Are there steamboat restaurants in Singapore that serve kurobuta pork belly, chicken meatballs, crispy fish skin, and mushroom soup?

Absolutely! Steamboat restaurants like Tong Xin Ru Yi, Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat, and Beauty in the Pot offer a wide selection of ingredients, including premium kurobuta pork belly, succulent chicken meatballs, crispy fish skin, and flavorful mushroom soup bases. These delicious options ensure a satisfying and diverse hotpot dining experience.

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