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25 Most Popular IKEA Singapore Products Of All Time [2022] [2023]

With most IKEA stores stocking over 10,000 items, it would be an understatement to conclude that finding the right pieces for your home is difficult.

There are a few things that have stood the test of time and are among the company’s most popular goods, and looking for them will make your visits to the village-like stores a little less daunting.

From practical pieces of furniture, statement items and everyday household goods, these are 25 Most Popular IKEA Singapore Products Of All Time. But before we delve into the list, let’s take a look at The Fun Empire’s awesome team building activities.

1. BILLY Bookcase

Image Credit: HuffPost

The BILLY bookcase has cemented itself firmly as one of the most popular products in the IKEA Singapore family. It is estimated that every five seconds, one BILLY bookcase is sold somewhere in the world.

The design can be built to fit a multitude of different room sizes, making it an ideal addition for any sized home. It’s the book-lovers choice that never goes out of style.

PriceFrom $ 79
Product SizeWidth: 80 cm
Depth: 28 cm
Height: 202 cm
Maximum Load30 kg

2. FRAKTA Carrier Bag

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

Made up of sustainable materials, the iconic FRAKTA carrier bag was released more than 30 years ago and is considered one of the most affordable and multifunctional bags in the world.

In fact, its design is so popular and respected that luxury fashion house Balenciaga released a look-alike version in 2017. Not only that, but it also undertook a new design as part of IKEA’s designer collaboration with Danish design house, Hay.

It may not be as spacious but it is just as strong and durable. You can also choose how to carry it, using the handles or over your shoulder.

Price $ 0.90
Product SizeLength: 45 cm
Depth: 18 cm
Height: 45 cm
Maximum Load25 kg

3. LÖVBACKEN Side Table

Image Credit: Pinterest

The LÖVBACKEN side table is responsible for the flat-pack furniture trend. This design dates all the way back to 1956 when IKEA designer Gillis Lundgren would sell the three-legged coffee table out of his car boot. To make it easier to transport around, Gillis unscrewed the legs and just like that, the flat-pack furniture trend was born.

The table can be moved across the floor without worry as the plastic feet protect against scratching. It also has a veneered surface that is durable, stain resistant and easy to keep clean.

Price$ 99
Product SizeLength: 77 cm
Width: 39 cm
Height: 51 cm

4. POÄNG Armchair

Image Credit: The Scandinavian Feeling

Another popular IKEA Singapore product is the POÄNG armchair. Its classic Scandinavian design was the creation of Japanese designer, Noboru Nakamura, who arrived in Sweden in 1970 to learn about Scandinavian design.

Not long after his arrival, he collaborated with designer Lars Engman who put it on the 1977 product roster. Since then, the classic design has become one of the most popular products of all time, selling a global average of 1.5 million models a year.

The layer-glued bent wood frame gives the armchair a comfortable resilience, making it perfect to relax in. In addition, the high back gives good support for your neck.

PriceFrom $ 119
Product SizeWidth: 68 cm
Depth: 83 cm
Height: 100 cm

5. STRANDMON Wing Chair

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

In 1951, the wing chair — which was originally named MK after IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad’s wife, Margaretha — was introduced to the range and was on the cover of the first-ever catalogue.

It mysteriously disappeared from the range for 60 years, but in 2012, it made a comeback under the name STRANDMON after Ingvar personally wished to see the return of his favourite chair.

One of the most popular IKEA Singapore products of all time, this wing chair has a high back that provides extra support for your neck, so you can really loosen up and relax in comfort. The cover is made from durable SKIFTEBO polyester fabric which has a nice lustre and a two-tone effect with a light texture that feels firm to the touch.

Price$ 299
Product SizeWidth: 82 cm
Depth: 96 cm
Height: 101 cm

6. IKEA PS 2002 Watering Can

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

Watering cans have long been a feature of the IKEA range, but what makes this particular design a long-running success?

Designer Monika Mulder shared her inspiration to create the IKEA PS 2002 watering can which not only had a great design but combined the right mix of form, function, quality and sustainability at an affordable price.

The conical shape enables quick production and it is perfectly stackable which means more can be fitted in a box. This in turn reduces shipping costs and keeps the watering can incredibly affordable.

Price$ 2.50
Product SizeVolume: 1.2 L

7. LACK Side Table

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

Since joining the IKEA family in 1979, the LACK side table has become a staple in millions of homes around the world and a favourite item in Singapore.

Its affordable price, versatility and easy assembly has withstood the test of time and proves that simplicity and function never go out of style.

Price$ 19.90
Product SizeLength: 55 cm
Width: 55 cm
Height: 45 cm
Maximum Load25 kg

8. IKEA 365+ Carafe

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

Taking three years and four designers to develop, it’s unsurprising that IKEA 365+ carafe is one of the best-selling IKEA designs in Singapore.

Made from heat resistant glass that holds both hot and cold beverages, the carafe is practical for everyday use. Its classic glass design means it will be forever in style and the cork is made of renewable oak bark which is a lightweight and water-resistant material.

Price$ 7.90
Product SizeHeight: 27cm
Volume: 1 L

9. MALM Bed

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

The MALM bed has become renowned for its streamlined design and handy storage underneath to create a practical and aesthetically pleasing sleeping solution for any space. Launched in 2002 as part of the Malm range, this bed swiftly become one of IKEA Singapore’s most popular designs.

A clean design that’s just as beautiful on all sides – place the bed freestanding or with the headboard against a wall. With ample storage space hidden neatly under the bed in four large drawers, you can easily roll out the storage boxes smoothly on castors. The adjustable bed sides also allow you to use mattresses of different thicknesses.

Prize$ 549
Product SizeLength: 209 cm
Width: 166 cm
Headboard height: 100 cm

10. KALLAX Shelving Unit

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

The functionality, simplicity and practicality of the KALLAX shelving unit makes its popularity predictable. On the floor, on a wall or as a room-divider, KALLAX has the ability to completely transform any living area.

As its popularity began to grow, this versatile product has been made available in many different sizes and colours with a selection of inserts, doors, boxes and baskets for easy personalisation.

Price$ 99
Product SizeWidth: 77 cm
Depth: 39 cm
Height: 147 cm
Maximum Load13 kg

11. LIDHULT 3-seat-sofa

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

This LIDHULT 3-seat-sofa is not your ordinary sofa! Aside from having such a nice color to fit in your beautiful home, this sofa will provide you the most cozy and comfortable feeling that you’re seeking!

It has made it to the most popular product that you can get at IKEA Singapore. It is made with quality materials to support your whole body needs. Plus, it provides a remarkable size without being too small or big. You can also lay your back and head comfortably as it is designed for maximum support. Embracing, inviting and generous.

PriceFrom $ 1290
Product SizeHeight including back cushions: 102 cm
Depth chaise longue: 164 cm
Width: 279 cm

12. ELVARLI Wardrobe Combination

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

Looking for a minimalist wardrobe for your bedroom? With this ELVARLI wardrobe combination, IKEA Singapore lets you utilise your full space, from floor to ceiling.

The adjustable shelves can be your book storage, lovely display or even clothing racks. It’s all up to your needs! You can also choose if you want to place the open storage solution against a wall or use it as a room divider since the post attaches to the ceiling.

Price$ 250
Product SizeWidth: 91.6 cm
Depth: 50.8 cm
Min. height: 221.5 cm
Max. height: 350 cm

13. RÅSKOG Trolley

Most people make it difficult to organise kitchenware, that includes me. Despite putting it back to where it originally located, you’ll probably still going to miss it.

Having this nice-looking RÅSKOG trolley, you’ll never going to miss any kitchenware and seasonings in your home again! Aside from having rollers which makes it easy for you to push to anywhere you want, it has a three-layer container available in four colours – Black, Grey-green, Turquoise, White.

You can even use it as extra storage for all your kitchen utensils, desk accessories or for gloves, keys and mobile phones.

Price$ 59
Product SizeLength: 35 cm
Width: 45 cm
Height: 78 cm
Maximum Load18 kg

14. NORDVIKEN Bar Table

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

The NORDVIKEN bar table is yet another popular item in IKEA Singapore. If you want to add something to spice up your home, you can consider having this!

The spacious bar table top gives plenty of space for eating, socialising but also for working. It can be an intimate place for little conversation with your families and friends. The table also has a spacious drawer for storing flatware, napkins, utensils and your computer directly under the table top. Designed for stability, durability and safety, you can use this product in your home for many years.

Price$ 399
Product SizeLength: 140 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 105 cm

15. TROFAST Storage

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

It is palpable for the kids to keep their toys scattered around the house. But it is best to teach them how to take care of their toys after playing.

TROFAST storage makes it more convenient for you! With a series of sturdy wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes, this is one of the must-haves to your child’s room! The frame has several grooves, making it easy to put the boxes and shelves anywhere you want it and you can even change them anytime you want.

Price$ 86
Product SizeWidth: 99 cm
Depth: 44 cm
Height: 56 cm

16. MICKE Desk

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

Working-from-home setup may be the new norm right now due to COVID. And MICKE desk is one of the best-selling desks recently in IKEA Singapore.

A clean and simple look that fits just about anywhere. You can combine it with other desks or drawer units in the MICKE series to extend your work space. Additionally, the clever design at the back hides messy cables but close at hand. There is also a full drawer just perfect for you to organise working essentials.

Price$ 149
Product SizeWidth: 105 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Height: 75 cm
Maximum Load50 kg

17. LILLÅNGEN Mirror

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

Knowing we spend our hygiene routine mostly at the bathroom, this cabinet attached with LILLÅNGEN mirror is made just right to keep your bathroom neat and tidy.

The mirror comes with a safety film on the back, which reduces the risk of injury if the glass is broken. Also, it has adjustable shelves which perfectly fits and accommodates your needs.

Price$ 49.90
Product SizeWidth: 60 cm
Depth: 11 cm
Height: 78 cm
Maximum Load2 kg

18. NYMÅNE Wall/Reading Lamp

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

Apart from having a wide variety of creative furniture, IKEA Singapore also provides a reliable source of lighting. This NYMÅNE wall/reading lamp has a timeless design that’s spot-on!

As the light can be dimmed, you are able to choose lighting suitable for every occasion, which can also helps in lowering your electric bill. Also, it provides a directed light that is great for reading and the lamp head is adjustable as well.

Price$ 29.90
Product SizeMax.: 8.5 W
Height: 11 cm
Diameter: 7 cm

19. VARDAGEN Jar with Tap

Image Credit: IKEA

Planning a garden party or picnic with less trash? This VARDAGEN jar with tap is one of the most popular IKEA Singapore products of all time that will indeed make your picnic complete.

Cold lemonade or fruit punch, this jar with tap makes it easier to get your drinks! Be sure to open the lids slightly for the tap to work properly.

If you’re looking for a gift for your mother’s special day, this is the perfect one to buy!

Price$ 29.90
Product SizeWidth: 23 cm
Height: 29 cm
Diameter: 18 cm
Volume: 5.0 L

20. LENDA Curtains

Image Credit: The Grit and Polish

Light shining in from outside may be disturbing you or you may just need a little privacy from people who can directly see your room. This LENDA curtain is just as seamless as it may look! A perfect solution when you want privacy or want to block annoying glares on TV and computer screens since the curtains are able to lower the general light level.

Also, tie-backs make it easier for you to lash up the curtains if needed. On top of that, you can shorten the curtains without sewing them, just by using SY iron-on hemming strip. Definitely worth your every buck!

Price$ 29.90
Product SizeLength: 250 cm
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 1.70 kg
Area: 3.50 m²

21. KNIPSA Basket

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

Looking for additional memorabilia storage? You can never go wrong with this popular IKEA item, KNIPSA Basket!

With an inimitable design, it creates a rustic and warm vibe that you’ll surely love. Each basket is woven by hand, creating a sturdy surface, deriving from a natural variation of colours to recreate your home.

Price$ 29.90
Product SizeWidth: 32 cm
Depth: 33 cm
Height: 32 cm

22. KLIPPAN 2-seat-sofa

Image Credit: Bemz

Launched in the 1980s, IKEA’s KLIPPAN 2-seat-sofa bears a low-slung silhouette, a boxy frame, and spindly metal legs. Its simple frame makes reupholstering or slipcovering fairly easy, making it a smart choice for customers who like to change up their decor frequently. It’s comfortable, fits almost everywhere and has many covers to choose from.

The durable metal springs in the seat give the sofa a springy comfort, allowing you to sit, relax and enjoy it for many years. The cover is made up of a durable material with a smooth weave and a nice two-tone effect and is easy to keep clean since it is removable and machine washable.

Price$ 245
Product SizeWidth: 180 cm
Depth: 88 cm
Height: 66 cm


Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

IKEA’s STOCKHOLM rug is available in a wide array of patterns to suit virtually any style, making it a true example of the Swedish brand’s devotion to democratic design.

Handwoven by skilled craftspeople makes each one unique. The durable, soil-resistant wool surface makes this rug perfect in your living room or under your dining table. You can also turn the rug over as it has the same pattern on both sides.

Price$ 699
Product SizeLength: 350 cm
Width: 250 cm
Thickness: 4 mm
Area: 8.75 m²


Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

“When I designed the FÄRGRIK series, I wanted to make a simple, functional service that would suit all situations and all occasions,” says the piece’s designer, Maria Vinka. To say she succeeded is an understatement: The 90-cent mug and its accompanying china dinner service are a go-to for new homeowners.

Whether dressing your table up or down, its simple design is easy to coordinate with other shapes and colours.

Price$ 0.90
Product SizeHeight: 11 cm
Volume: 25 cL

25. EKTORP 3-seat-sofa

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

And there you have it – 25 Most Popular IKEA Product Of All Time. We hope that this list will be helpful for you to pick the best IKEA items for your home. No matter what your style of home decorating is, you can always find the perfect furniture with IKEA.

The beloved EKTORP seating has a timeless design and wonderfully thick, comfy cushions with high resilience foam and polyester fibre wadding. The covers are also easy to change, so buy an extra cover – or two, and change according to mood or season.

Price$ 695
Product SizeWidth: 218 cm
Depth: 88 cm
Height: 88 cm

And there you have it – 25 Most Popular IKEA Singapore Products Of All Time. We hope that this list will be helpful for you to pick the best IKEA product for your home. No matter what your style of home decorating is, you can always find the perfect furniture with IKEA.

Since you’ve made it to the end, why not check out some interesting articles that the Fun Empire has for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

u003cstrongu003eWhat can I buy from IKEA Singapore?u003c/strongu003e

Everything from smart home solutions to bedroom furniture, sofas, dining tables, chairs, wardrobes, textiles, cookware, ornaments , and more may be found at IKEA Singapore.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is IKEA best known for?u003c/strongu003e

IKEA is one of the most well-known and best-performing home furniture firms in the globe. This Swedish company also offers a range of house add-ons as well as interior design goods. They are recognized for their cutting-edge designs, environmentally responsible goods, low costs, and flat-pack furnishings.

u003cstrongu003eHow many IKEA is there in Singapore?u003c/strongu003e

Currently, IKEA has three stores across Singapore.