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6 Best Jewellery Making Workshops in Singapore [2023]

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Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore

Best Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore
Best Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore

Jewellery making is a fun and creative way to express yourself, and there are plenty of workshops in Singapore that can help you do just that. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the best jewellery making workshops in Singapore:

Best Jewellery Workshops


JDMIS - Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: JDMIS)
JDMIS – Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: JDMIS)
WebsiteJDMIS website
Address111 Middle Rd, #01-03/04 National Design Centre, Singapore 188969
Phone(+65) 6221 5253

The Jewellery Design and Management International School (JDMIS) offers a wide range of jewellery making courses, including basic beading, metalworking, enamelling, and gemstone setting. Their classes cater to all skill levels and provide students with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals.

2) LessonsGoWhere

LessonsGoWhere - Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: LessonsGoWhere)
LessonsGoWhere – Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: LessonsGoWhere)
WebsiteLessonsGoWhere website
Address2 Havelock Road #02-12/13/14, Havelock II Singapore, Singapore 050531

LessonsGoWhere is a popular platform in Singapore that offers various courses including jewellery making courses. They have classes ranging from basic beading to advanced metalworking techniques. The instructors are experts in their field and offer personalised attention to each student.

3) Seeksophie

SeekSophie - Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: SeekSophie)
SeekSophie – Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: SeekSophie)
WebsiteSeekSophie website

Seeksophie is another platform that offers jewellery making workshops in Singapore. They have a variety of options available, including beadwork, wirework, and silver clay jewellery making classes. These workshops are perfect for beginners who want to learn new skills or experienced crafters looking for new challenges.

4) The Imperial Smithster

The Imperial Smithster - Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: The Imperial Smithster)
The Imperial Smithster – Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: The Imperial Smithster)
WebsiteThe Imperial Smithster
Address229 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427489
Phone(+65) 8256 3864

If you want to create beautiful and unique metal castings, the Imperial Smithster is your ideal destination! They specialize in workshops that teach various techniques of jewellery making. If DIY is more your style, sign up for one of their Basic Jewellery Workshops where you’ll learn from beginning to end how to use silicone moulds and melted pewter. With The Imperial Smithster’s help, you can make exquisite pieces with confidence – so don’t wait any longer!

5) Fat Anvil Silversmith & Studio

Fat Anvil - Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: Fat Anvil)
Fat Anvil – Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: Fat Anvil)
WebsiteFat Anvil website
Address573A Balestier Road, Singapore 329888

If you want to learn the art of silversmithing, Fat Anvil is your perfect destination. With patient instructors and individual work spaces provided in each workshop, it’s an ideal way to become familiar with this timeless form of jewellery making. For corporate events, couples looking for something unique or even just a solo trip – Fat Anvil has got you covered! Come explore the world of silver jewelry-making with them today; we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

6) Beadtle Sweet

Beadtle Sweet - Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: Beadtle Sweet)
Beadtle Sweet – Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore (Credit: Beadtle Sweet)
WebsiteBeadtle Sweet website
AddressBlk 131 Jurong Gateway Road #04-249, Singapore 600131

You may recognise the name as they used to have a bustling bead shop at Plaza Singapura. Now, you can find them at Jurong Gateway, where they are just as passionate about jewellery and more than willing to impart their knowledge on newbies. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming soutache earrings and fashion jewellery workshops on their Facebook page!

Jewellery Making Workshop Singapore

In conclusion, whether you’re interested in learning the basics of jewellery making or want to expand your skillset with advanced techniques, there’s no shortage of workshops available in Singapore. So why not sign up for one today and unleash your creativity!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about jewellery making workshops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Jewellery Making Workshops in Singapore below:

What jewellery materials are used in workshops?

Jewellery making workshops in Singapore use a variety of materials such as semi-precious stones, beads, crystals, metals like silver and gold, and even natural materials like wood, shells and coral. Some jewellery-making classes also focus on specific techniques like wirework or soutache jewellery making. The jewellery crafting process typically involves using tools such as jewellers saws, pliers and drills.

Are jewellery making workshops suitable for beginners?

Yes, jewellery making workshops are suitable for beginners. Many jewellery-making classes are designed with the needs of a novice jeweller in mind, and provide step-by-step guidance while introducing foundational jewellery techniques such as sawing, soldering and setting stones. The instructors at jewellery-making workshops also offer helpful tips and pointers to help jewellers of all levels create stunning jewellery pieces.

Is jewellery making a difficult skill to learn?

Jewellery making is not necessarily a difficult skill to learn. Depending on the jewellery techniques you want to master, the complexity of the jewellery pieces you wish to make and the level of detail you desire, jewellery making can range from relatively easy to quite complex. As with any craft or hobby, jewellery making requires practice and patience to perfect, but it is definitely doable with the right jewellery-making workshops and instructors. With a bit of practice and determination, you can become an expert jeweller in no time!

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