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12 Best Korean Class Singapore For You To Learn Korean [2023]

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Korean Class Singapore

Best Korean Class Singapore
Best Korean Class Singapore

Have you always dreamed of learning Korean, but have not had the chance? Korean is one of the most popular languages in Singapore. Korean culture has been growing in popularity and is now a part of pop culture. K-dramas are all over TV screens and Korean music can be heard on the radio. You may feel that it’s time to take your Korean skills to the next level by enrolling in an intensive Korean language course with a reputable institution. Read on for the Best Korean Language Centres in Singapore.

Best Korean Class Singapore

1) Seoul Korean Language Centre

Seoul Korean Language Centre - Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Seoul Korean Language Centre)
Seoul Korean Language Centre – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Seoul Korean Language Centre)
Key ServicesKorean Language Courses
Address208 Hougang Street 21 #02-209 S530208
Phone9721 2433
Operating HoursMonday to Thursday: 11am to 10.00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11.00am to 6.30pm
Closed on Fridays

Seoul Korean Language Centre specialises in interactive and conversational Korean language classes. Korean language is not a flat formula that can be simply written on a whiteboard. They do things differently here. Instead of monotonously quoting textbooks and making students take down notes, they encourage them to speak to one another in Korean. They make new materials beyond textbooks so that students are exposed to various conversational practices.

Activities are assigned every lesson so that they can apply the new Korean grammar they have learnt minutes ago. The Korean language is something more than just reading textbooks and is acquired by accumulative real-life practices. Its mission lies in helping students to sustain learning the Korean language with effective and fun practices.

Key Differentiators

  • Interactive and Conversational
  • Qualified Teachers by the South Korean Government and National Institute of Korean Language
  • TOPIK Syllabus

Client Testimonial

This has to be one of the best Korean classes I’ve taken. After doing some online, this class was very fun! Not only were the materials good, but the teacher was also very engaging and made us use Korean more than I could ever have imagined!

Alphonsus Yong

2) iSpeak Korean Language Centre

iSpeak Korean Language Centre - Korean Class Singapore (Credit: iSpeak Korean Language Centre)
iSpeak Korean Language Centre – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: iSpeak Korean Language Centre)
Key ServicesProvide both in-class and online Korean Language Course:

Standard Course: Basic, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced, and Master.
*The syllabus is designed closely aligned to the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) exam.
Special Course: Advanced Conversation Course, Basic Conversation Course, TOPIK, Business Conversation, Revision Course
Customized Course: Private / Small group class, Corporate class

iSpeak Korean Language Center offers our Standard and Special Courses in a variety of curriculums, including Basic to Master course, Advanced Conversation Course, Business Conversation Course, etc. We are also offering personalized lessons that can be conducted via face-to-face lessons and video conferencing lessons.
Address1 North Bridge Road, #15-09 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
Phone9117 5805

iSpeak Korean Language Centre was set up by professional native Korean teachers with years of experience teaching in NUS, NEX and Korean Tour Organization in 2014. Their qualified teachers are all native Koreans with a teaching certificate and well trained as well, and they believe that an informative and entertaining learning environment is the best for students, and it can be achieved by creating a dynamic classroom where students are encouraged to interact with their peers both as an entire class and in smaller groups.

With their systemic and rich experience teaching, they create lively exercises which promote movement and interaction while still remaining focused on the topic at hand is enough to spark very active conversation. Speaking a new language is also not just about memorizing the vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures. The most important part of it is culture! Here at iSpeak Korean, you will learn about the Korean culture from customary practices to Korean history, you will also gain insights into what it feels like to be a Korean.

Key Differentiators

  • Qualified native teachers: our teachers are all native Koreans with a teaching certificate
  • Holistic syllabus: Our Basic to Master level lessons cover speaking, listening, reading and writing Korean which helps each other to improve your language skills
  • Fun and Interactive: We offer opportunities to our students to experience Korean culture through our Standard Courses and Events session such as hanbok experience, folding paper hanbok, making Korean food, playing yut nori (Korean traditional play) and other activities. We believe that learning a language is not just about learning the vocabulary and grammar, but also experiencing the culture and lifestyle at the same time

Client Testimonials

I have been with iSpeak Korean Language Centre for almost a year and I would say that I have enjoyed myself very much while learning Korean here. The teachers are really friendly, approachable and is always patient in teaching the students. They also encourages students to read aloud (something that I was really weak in previously) and this helped us build our confidence in speaking Korean. I will strongly recommend people to learn Korean with iSpeak Korean Language Centre!

Carine Lym

3) Hanok Korean Language School

Hanok Korean Language School - Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Hanok Korean Language School)
Hanok Korean Language School – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Hanok Korean Language School)
Key ServiceProviding fun and effective Korean lessons.
AddressBlk 133 Jurong Gateway Road #04-293, Singapore 600130

10 Anson Rd, #03-55 International Plaza, Singapore 079903 (By Appointment Only)
Phone6564 1234 / 9784 5228 (SMS) |
Operating HoursMonday to Thursday: 4PM to 10PM
Sunday: 10AM to 2PM
Friday & Saturday: By Appointment Only
Closed on Public Holidays

Established in 2010, Hanok Korean Language School has provided thousands of students innovative ways to learn how to read, write and speak Korean. Their syllabus focuses on helping students living outside Korea to speak and communicate effectively in Korean with engaging, fun and easy-to-follow classes for a great learning experience.

They are a Korean Language school based in Singapore that offers Korean Language online lessons in a fun, effective and interactive way. Their mission is to make YOU speak Korean. They are determined to be the best digital Korean Language school to help Korean learners all over the world to speak Korean confidently. Their specialty is teaching students all over the world who are living outside Korea to not just know grammar and vocabulary but to speak Korean effectively through our structured online lessons.

Client Testimonials

Have been taking this class from the start. The class is very encouraging and the lessons are exciting to help you in learning the language well. Teacher Wann also comes up with videos to help us learn. Thank you for the effort in making the lessons interesting and engaging for us students. Definitely a recommend.

Hafiz Jamal

4) Beacon International College

Beacon International College - Korean Class Singapore (Credit:  Beacon International College)
Beacon International College – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Beacon International College)
Key ServicesThey practice and open you to the foundations of reading, writing, listening, and speaking the language
Address70 Martaban Rd, Singapore, 328667
Phone+65 6338 5595
Operating HoursMon-Fri 9AM-8PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

Beacon International College is a private school that provides students with nothing less than excellent learning opportunities! If you’re a beginner and want to learn about the Korean language, their Korean Basic Course will teach you how to form sentences. Their Korean Pre-intermediate Course will educate you on typical difficulties and basic grammar for those who are already fluent in the language.

Finally, the Korean Intermediate Course is designed for individuals who have a solid grasp of the Korean language but still make errors from time to time. Beacon International College is a private institution that has been authorized by the Committee for Private Education in Singapore for 4 years of extended registration.

Key Differentiators

  • By joining their classes, you can learn from native Korean teachers
  • They offer a range of excellent courses starting from a foundation class

Client Testimonial

It was a great and very simple E-learning platform provided by Beacon International College. Thanks to Edison, Xuan Hui & Wei Xiang for the assistance for the course and etc!

Damien Voo

5) Daehan Education Centre

 Daehan Education Centre - Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Daehan Education Centre)
Daehan Education Centre – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Daehan Education Centre)
Key ServicesSingapore’s First-Ever Korean Language School Established and Run by Native Koreans
Address8 Jalan Masjid #02-01 and #02-08 Kembangan Plaza Singapore 418944
Phone6747 4090 / 8157 6447

It all began in 2006 when along with their Education Director, their Principal and Head Teacher, decided to put all into establishing the first-ever Korean Language Centre in Singapore owned and run by native Koreans. Over the past 15 years, they have grown tremendously and are extremely proud of their achievements. With over 2000 students and a faculty size of more than 25 dedicated teachers and staff members, they are currently one of the largest and most established Korean language schools in Singapore. They pride themselves on an effective and dynamic curriculum, successful educational achievements, and highly qualified and experienced teachers. They also offer a free trial class for those who are thinking of picking up Korean.

Client Testimonials

Having a partner who is Korean, whose parents struggle with the English language makes it hard for me to have a simple conversation with them. Through their classes, my partner has commented that my Korean is good enough for simple day to day conversations and thinks that the progress I’ve made through Basic 1 is really worth the money! The teacher (Halim) has also made classes enjoyable, interesting and fun. Will recommend this to anyone who is after Korean lessons

Isaac Soh

6) Sejong Korean Language School

 Sejong Korean Language School - Korean Class Singapore (Credit:  Sejong Korean Language School)
Sejong Korean Language School – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Sejong Korean Language School)
Key ServicesKorean Language School
Phone8688 8803

Learn Korean language at Sejong Korean Language School (Singapore), the top rated Korean language school in Singapore since 2012! They are an MOE registered Korean Language Centre with headquarters located a minute’s walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station near the Central Business District (great for busy working professionals). They offer a range of Korean courses from basic for beginners to advance level classes. Learn to speak Korean language with their native Korean teachers who deliver systematic, structured yet fun and enjoyable Korean lessons!

Sejong is the only Korean language school in Singapore that actively scouts for 100% of their Korean language teachers from the top universities in Korea. They have active partnerships with the biggest and best recruitment agencies in Korea as well as liaisons within the top Korean universities for direct hiring arrangements. Each recruitment round is highly competitive with each candidate carefully hand-picked via multiple rounds of shortlisting and recruitment.

Client Testimonials

The teachers are so professional, patient and passionate. Just finished Beginner and going to start intermediate lesson. Totally enjoyed the lesson and looking forward to attend the class every week! Highly recommended this school for anyone who looking to learn Korean.


7) Lingo School Of Knowledge

Lingo School Of Knowledge - Korean Class Singapore (Credit:  Lingo School Of Knowledge)
Lingo School Of Knowledge – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Lingo School Of Knowledge)
Key Services Provides fun and effective Korean lessons
Address Chye Sing Building, 87 Beach Rd, #03-01, Singapore, 189695
Phone+65 6253 3320
Operating HoursMon-Fri 9AM-9.30PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-5PM

If you have little Korean language expertise but are eager to learn it, Lingo School of Knowledge is the ideal spot for you! Their program is designed particularly for people who do not speak the language. Learn Korean in the proper way from teachers who are all native speakers. They also provide personal lessons so that you may interact one-on-one with the teachers in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Their teachers are all carefully chosen to ensure that their qualifications and teaching style are in line with the school’s requirements. Just mix standard teacher evaluation with continuous curriculum reviews at Lingo School of Knowledge, and you’ll have a great time learning unlike any other!

Key Differentiators

  1. Their course is specially customized for non-speakers like you
  2.  Fun and pleasant learning experience like no other

Client Testimonial

Very nice experience of private Spanish course. The teacher is experienced, funny and friendly. The staff there are super helpful in terms of scheduling.

Siyu Fang

8) Kimko Korean Language Home Tuition

Kimko Korean Language Home Tuition - Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Kimko Korean Language Home Tuition)
Kimko Korean Language Home Tuition – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Kimko Korean Language Home Tuition)
Key Services– 1-on-1 Korean tuition lessons
– Fees begin from S$70/hour
– Tutor graduated from Seong Shin Women’s University in Seoul Korea
AddressBukit Batok Street 31 Block 305
Singapore 650305
Phone+65 9237 7043
Operating HoursDaily
10 am – 9 pm

Kimko Korean Home Tuition in Singapore provides personalized attention and the flexibility to learn the Korean language at one’s own learning pace. The fee for each one-on-one lesson begins at S$70 per hour. (taught Basic to Advanced level using the Sogang/Yonsei/Kyong Hee textbook) From 2007 to 2013, the tutor of the Kimko Korean Language Centre in Singapore had taught over 2400 students and most of them have successfully passed their TOPIK exam. A simple formula that made it possible: hard work and patience.

Key Differentiators

  • Gives you personal attention and the flexibility to learn Korean Language in Singapore
  • Private lessons from a good Korean teacher
  • Most of the students who studied Korean here have successfully passed their TOPIK exam

Client Testimonial

Personalized teaching n teacher very friendly and go the extra mile

Ng Boone Sing

9) Korean Explorer Language School

 Korean Explorer Language School - Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Korean Explorer Language School)
Korean Explorer Language School – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Korean Explorer Language School)
Key ServicesKorean Language School
Address137 Cecil Street, #07-04, Singapore, 069537
Phone+65 6519 1865
Operating HoursMon-Fri 10AM-9PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-5PM

Korean Explorer Language School offers beginner through advanced Korean courses, including Conversational Beginner classes and basic Korean lessons. You will be able to learn from native Korean instructors who are certified and speak English fluently, making two-way communication simple during lessons, thanks to the school’s excellent Korean lessons. The aim of the school is for you to be able to understand, speak without hesitation, read and write the Korean alphabet within the shortest possible time.

The course syllabus for the school is developed by Seoul National University, which has shown to be beneficial in assisting new students in achieving proficiency in the Korean language. Through their high-quality Korean learning, Korean Explorer Language School assists you in delivering the fundamental skills you need while ensuring that lessons are holistic and enjoyable. As a result of this, rather than feeling like you’re on a strict and tedious course, the Korean language courses offered by the school come across as an enjoyable experience that can be quite relaxing.

Key Differentiators

  • Offers an extensive range of excellent Korean courses from Conversational Beginner classes to basic Korean courses
  •  Helps you deliver the fundamental skills you need while making sure that the lessons are holistic and fun
  • Syllabus developed by Seoul National University

Client Testimonial

Opted in for online class with Teacher Jun. Friendly, easy going & sincere in teaching the class. Always have the 100% positive vibe when he teaches. Thank you Teacher Jun for your time & effort.! Highly recommended

aan rockstar

10) Hana Korean

 Hana Korean - Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Hana Korean)
Hana Korean – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Hana Korean)
Key Services– Offers both online and in-person lessons
– Physical class sizes are capped to 5 people
– Eligible for SkillsFuture credit claim
Address20 Kramat Lane #05-05,
United House
Singapore 228773
Phone+65 6589 8674
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
10 am – 7 pm

Saturday – Sunday

Students can take online and physical lessons at Hana Korean Language School. Their COVID-19-based online classes are priced competitively. Trainers will be assigned to track your progress, and dedicated experts will teach you in person. Their language center, which follows stringent safe distance standards by keeping group sizes small at 5 people, offers in-person lessons. Their curriculum includes dialects, grammar, conversation, reading/writing, and more.

Key Differentiators

  • Dedicated trainers will also be assigned to track your progress

Client Testimonial

You definitely will find the classes here at Hana Korean worthy of your time. The language is taught by skilled trainers. Even the schedules are flexible so you can choose the one that suits your business. I should know because I am a product of this prestigious school I signed up for the evening class because I had work during daytime. Even the manner we were taught to enhance our listening and understanding skills was so engaging, not to mention, effective.

Goh Ching

11) Agape School of Education

 Agape School of Education - Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Agape School of Education)
Agape School of Education – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: Agape School of Education)
Key ServicesAdditional bits of information on the Korean culture will also be shared and taught by teachers through news, music, games, and anecdotes
Address Level 3 Goldhill Centre, 153B Thomson Rd, Singapore, 307607
Phone+65 6222 2331
Operating HoursDaily, 10AM-10PM

Agape School of Education will go out of its way to assist you in finding the language course that best meets your needs. The institution provides courses for youngsters and adults preparing for TOPIC examinations, and their teaching content is subject to rigorous criteria beyond the ordinary curriculum. In addition, teachers will provide news, music, games, and stories about Korea’s tradition and culture to enhance your understanding of Korea as a whole.

Agape School of Education is a home to native Korean speakers where you may learn a lot about the Korean language and culture. Since 2006, Agape School of Education has been sharing the love of languages with students from all over the world. The school is Singapore’s most successful language institution, and its teachers have received several awards for their outstanding work.

Key Differentiators

  • They will go out of its way to help you find a language course that can fulfill your specific needs
  • They keep their class sizes small at 5 pax

Client Testimonial

Agape School of Education supported me throughout my GCE O- and A-Levels, helping me get grades that I didn’t think were possible before I joined them! I highly recommend Agape for all language learning needs.

Trendy Tan

12) ONLYOU Korean Language School

ONLYOU Korean Language School - Korean Class Singapore (Credit: ONLYOU Korean Language School)
ONLYOU Korean Language School – Korean Class Singapore (Credit: ONLYOU Korean Language School)
Key Services– A member of the Korean Society of Bilingualism & the International Association for Korean Language Education
– Uses references to K-POP/K-Dramas
Address170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Singapore 588179
Phone+65 6957 6548 (Phone)
+65 8685 8365 (WhatsApp)
Operating HoursMonday

Tuesday – Friday
2 pm – 9 pm

10 am – 5.30 pm

OnlyYOU believes that learning a foreign language should be pleasant and interesting. Korean lessons in Singapore are designed to help students avoid boredom and boost motivation. Their aim is to provide a meaningful lesson that piques learners’ interest in learning and an accurate comprehension of Korean words.

They are also both academics and instructors. They keep track of the most recent trends and research on Korean language teaching as a member of the Korean Society of Bilingualism and the International Association for Korean Language Education. Their unique study materials are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. In Singapore, the Korean lesson makes extensive use of K-POP/ K-Drama lessons for students to get a more fun experience in learning Korean.

Key Differentiators

  1. Deliver an effective lesson that stimulates learners
  2. Eliminate boredom and motivates learners

Client Testimonial

I’ve been learning Korean at ONLYOU for about 5 months now, and am currently in the Intermediate level. I took lessons way back and have maintained a very basic understanding, after their assessment I joined and it was tough to catch up at first. But they sent me more learning materials for me to revise and catch up to speed. I’m glad that my learning journey is with ONLYOU. Teacher Young is not only patient and caring, she often lightens up the mood of the class too. Learning materials are also made easy to understand and I love my classmates! 감사합니다 ♥

Jolene Ruth Tan

Korean Language Centres Singapore

Whether you want to become fluent, brush up on some Korean phrases, or just want to pick up a foreign language, there is a course available that will suit your needs and budget. For those who have always wanted to learn Korean but haven’t had the chance because they didn’t know where to start, this list can help point them in the right direction!

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