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14 Best Korean Fashion Stores in Singapore [2023]

Korean Fashion Singapore

Best Korean Fashion Singapore
Best Korean Fashion Singapore

Are you looking for the best Korean fashion stores in Singapore? If so, you have come to the right place! In this blog post, we will list 14 of the best Korean fashion stores in Singapore. These stores offer a wide variety of Korean fashion items, including clothes, accessories, and cosmetics. So whether you are looking for K-pop-inspired clothing or simply want to update your wardrobe with some new Korean fashion items, these stores are sure to have what you are looking for!

1. Ksisters

Ksisters - Korean Fashion Singapore
Ksisters – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits Ksisters)
Key Services: Offer stylish designs made from quality fabrics at an affordable price
Operating Hours: 24 hours

Ksisters is a Singapore-based online boutique founded by Korean designer Jungmin, who supports Korean fashion labels. It features trendy designs created from high-quality materials at low costs with the aim of attracting K-fashion aficionados. For twinning with your mini-me, Ksisters also sells mother-daughter dresses and other fashion items from Korean independent designers.

2. Yesstyle

Yesstyle - Korean Fashion Singapore
Yesstyle – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits Yesstyle)
Key Services: First online retailer to globally distribute a wide range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products from Asia through their website
Operating Hours: 24 hours

If you’re a fan of Korean fashion, you’ll be excited to learn about this popular Korean fashion platform. You can also acquire Korean cosmetics on the site. This is just the beginning — a wonderful selection of arts and crafts supplies, sports gear, and even homewares will keep you enthralled as you browse from the comfort of your couch!

3. Me-In

Me-In - Korean Fashion Singapore
Me-In – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits Me-In)
Key Services: Modern and trendy, yet practical
Operating Hours: WEEKDAY AM10:00 – PM5:00

Me-In is the place to go for a workplace wardrobe update. A former Korean model and influencer created Me-In’s collection of business essentials and dresses, which will have you looking boardroom stylish. Consider a cap-sleeved blouse with a flared skirt or mid-heel sandals, along with beautiful ear dangles.

4. Mischief

Mischief - Korean Fashion Singapore
Mischief – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits MisChief)
Key Services: Vintage fashion
Operating Hours: MAIN OFFICE: AM 10:00 – PM 06:00
(BREAK : PM 12:00 – PM 01:00)
Mischief (Credits MisChief)

Mischief is a wonderful boutique for those who adore the vintage design. Paying tribute to South Korea’s 1990s arts and music scene, Mischief aims to be a one-stop shop for retro bomber jackets, crop tops, and tracksuits that will keep you on top of your 90s street style game.

5. Spur Urban Mine

Spur Urban Mine - Korean Fashion Singapore
Spur Urban Mine – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits Spur Urban Mine)
Key Services: Shoes are designed and handcrafted in Korea with cutting-edge technology that aims to provide wearers with the perfect fit for ultimate comfort
Address: #02-26, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839
Phone: (65) 65700177
Operating Hours: Mon to Fri, 9 am – 6 pm

Look no farther than Spur Urban Mine, a Korean footwear brand with a casual and stylish feel. The shoes are created and handcrafted in Korea with cutting-edge technology that aims to provide perfect comfort for wearers by catering to Asian ladies. From its store in the United States, where it has been operating since 2012, to its boots and shoes accessible to Korean celebrities like Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, Song Ji Hyo, Han Hyo Joo, Kim Nam Joo, and more — get your fangirl on!

6. 87MM

87mm - Korean Fashion Singapore
87mm – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits 87mm)
Key Services: Minimalist street style label
Operating Hours: 24 hours

Seriously, is there anything the Seoul cool kids can’t do? A minimalist-meets-street-style brand has arrived in the form of 87MM. You’ll be the next athleisure demi-god on the street if you wear one of its bright neon tops with colorful trackies topped with a bucket hat. This stylish and practical collection is ideal for both men and women, sharing is caring, right?

7. Ader Error

Ader Error - Korean Fashion Singapore
Ader Error – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits Ader Error)
Key Services: Signature deconstructed look, oversized silhouette, blue hues, and impressive collaborations
Operating Hours:24 hours

We’re crazy about Ader Error, aesthetics, and all things unusual. Its contemporary apparel collection is not at all uninteresting, according to critics. “The South Korean Variant of Vetements,” it’s called. The hype is genuine: look for unisex street style standouts like oversize outerwear, hoodies, bottoms, and accessories imprinted with the label’s name. There’s no mistake. To keep your clothing stylish, you need Ader Error. Isn’t it obvious? These babies are gone in a flash!

8. StyleupK

StyleUpK - Korean Fashion Singapore
StyleUpK – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits StyleUpK)
Key Services: Focus on the casual streetwear style for both males and females. The style is suitable for both outdoor and home wear
Operating Hours: 24 hours

StyleupK is your go-to store for that perfect outfit. StyleupK has everything you need to complete any style from a laid-back look to a more rigorous routine. If you want to have a genuine K-style wardrobe, this online shop collaborates with Korean brand partners such as Ambler and Romantic Crown to provide authentic streetwear

9. Shein

Shein - Korean Fashion Singapore
Shein – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits Shein)
Key Services: Offer on-trend styles catering to both young women and teens, that won’t break the bank
Operating Hours: 24 hours

With its fashionable and inexpensive products, Shein is a topic of conversation in the community. Take a look at just how big the selection of Korean fashion is. From sweet tops, stylish coats, and cardigans to elegant heels and colors, this one has a wide range of fashions to choose from.

10. SocietyA

SocietyA - Korean Fashion Singapore
SocietyA – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits SocietyA)
Key Services: A go-to destination for independent Asian brands and designers
Phone: (65) 6331 4848
Operating Hours: AVAILABLE FROM 10.00AM -8.00PM DAILY

Our favorite store for fresh Asian designer threads is SocietyA. The bright shop, like a dream wardrobe, is filled with displays of beautiful unique Korean fashion labels’ gorgeous dresses, as well as items from throughout the country. Look to these designers for inspiration. Tibaeg, Su by Hand, and Lee Chung Chung offer lovely printed dresses of Sü by Hand and edgy pieces from Lie (aka Korea’s top designer Lee Chung Chung).

11. Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster - Korean Fashion Singapore
Gentle Monster – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits Gentle Monster via Instagram)
Key Services: Sunglasses and Eyewear
Address: #01-13, Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Phone: +65-6634-1580
Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday. 10:00am – 10:00pm

Never go out without a pair of cool shades to protect your eyes from the Singapore sun (and to look really fantastic). Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster offers more than just standard optical shops for prescription glasses. It’s a must-have for celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who love wearing it. It features stunning sunnies in a variety of designs and tinted glasses. Oh, but did we mention that Gentle Monster’s Instagrammable interior is brimming with fascinating art installations?

12. Sthsweet

Sthsweet - Korean Fashion Singapore
Sthsweet – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits Sthsweet)
Key Services: They offer more than 20 Korean Fashion brands. They own the brands CHUU, Icecream12, Mossbean and DaliHotel and distributors of the other brands like Cherrykoko, Chichera, Choper, etc.
Operating Hours: 9:00AM to 6:00PM (Seoul – GMT/UTC + 09:00 hour)

Sthsweet is a one-stop shop that sells a wide range of goods from various brands, including Cherrykoko, Dabagirl, Annee Rose, and others. Korean cosmetics are also available on the platform.

13. Chuu

Chuu - Korean Fashion Singapore
Chuu – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits Chuu)
Key Services: Bestsellers include hobbit jeans, knit crop cardigans, and pleated mini skirts
Operating Hours: 24 hours

Chuu is a household name in the Korean fashion industry, with hobbit jeans, knit crop cardigans, and pleated mini skirts among its best sellers. The company has also collaborated on many unique projects lately, including the Chuu x Barbie collection. Orders over $100 get free delivery.

14. Stylenanda

Stylenanda - Korean Fashion Singapore
Stylenanda – Korean Fashion Singapore (Credits to Stylenanda)
Key Services: South Korea-based make-up and fashion brand that is owned by L’Oréal
Operating Hours: 24 hours

We turn to Korean label Stylenanda when it comes to making our K-fashion wishes come true. Let’s just say it’s like Nastygal from the 90s in South Korea, with 90s-inspired crop tops, athletic separates, party-ready mini dresses, and edgy streetwear you’d see on your Instagram feed.

Korean Fashion Singapore

Korean fashion is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, and for good reason! The clothes are stylish and trendy, and there is a wide variety of items to choose from. If you are looking for the best Korean fashion stores in Singapore, we highly recommend checking out the stores listed in this blog post. You are sure to find something that you love!

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