7 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in Singapore [2023]

Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore

Best Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore
Best Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore

The laptop is one of the most important inventions in this era, it has become a necessity to work and study with. But laptop users have faced laptop overheating issues due to heavy usage or bad ambient conditions. There are many laptop cooling pad Singapore on the market that promises cool air for your laptop but not all can actually do so effectively. In order to select an appropriate laptop cooling pad, you should pay attention to some points: size, material, and price among other things. This article will take a closer look at the 7 best laptop cooling pads in Singapore!

1) Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Ultra-Slim Laptop Cooling Pad with 160mm Fan

Cooler Master NotePal - Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore
Cooler Master NotePal – Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore (Credit: Shopee)
Key Feature1500 RPM speed
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The Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim II is one of the most inexpensive cooling pads on the market in Singapore. It’s lightweight yet sturdy, and it can handle heavier laptops without breaking.

The Lenovo ThinkPad T460 offers excellent ventilation with its unique form and speed of 1500 RPM, making it the ideal laptop for gaming. The fan’s plastic and metal mesh construction provide breathability while keeping the system cool. It’s very quiet, which is great for individuals who don’t want noisy cooling pads or an adjustable height option that allows you to lower it from 0 to 5 degrees.

Key Differentiators:

  • 1500 RPM speed
  • Adjustable height
  • Full metal mesh board

Customer Review:

Pretty well made and fits my notebook just right. The fan isn’t the most powerful but does provide adequate airflow to cool the laptop.


2) TopMate C5 12-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

TopMate C5 12-15.6 - Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore
TopMate C5 12-15.6 – Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore (Credit: Lazada)
Key FeatureVarious wind speeds and buttons 
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The TopMate is a compact AC, and it offers maximum cooling with five fans. It looks great and has a sleek LCD screen that allows you to change settings easily. It has six speeds that you can adjust, as well as three fan operating modes. It also includes an easy-to-read LCD display for easier operation.

It also comes with non-slip feet and a hinged flap that you can flip up to keep the laptop from sliding down towards you. It’s also adjustable in four angles to assist your wrist. The small fan speed is 2400RPM, while the big one is 1200RPM. The only disadvantage of this fantastic laptop cooler is that it can’t accommodate anything larger than 15 inches within the pad.

Key Differentiators:

  • Has blue LEDs that illuminate it while working
  • Has a small LCD screen and a button control panel
  • Various wind speeds and buttons 

Customer Review:


3) Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad - Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore
Tree New Bee Cooling Pad – Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore (Credit: Amazon)
Key FeatureExtra USB ports and switch
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The aerodynamic design of the ‘New Bee Cooling Pad’ is as practical as it is attractive. It keeps your laptop cool with a fan speed of 1200 RPM and four 110 mm fans.

The laptop’s distinctive design, which includes non-slip feet and a mesh construction comprised of both plastic and aluminum, ensures that it won’t skid on the ground. The adjustable fan speed is also helpful to individuals who want the settings to be higher or lower. It may also be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Larger gaming laptops, on the other hand, are a little too tall for this tiny buddy because it is a bit steep.

Key Differentiators:

  • Docking stations are slim, portable, and lightweight allowing you to protect your PC wherever you go
  • Extra USB ports and switch
  • With four fans and two anti-skid arms, the metal platform draws heat away from the laptop

Customer Review:

I recently bought this cooling pad for my overheating Alienware 17x. It brought the temp down quickly, doesn’t make much sound, and also adds a USB port. It shuts down automatically when I close the laptop. Both the light and speed of the fans are adjustable. It takes the weight of my heavy machine with no creaking and even holds it in place in the slanted position. 2 thumbs way up!!


4)  Zalman ZM-NC3

Zalman ZM-NC3 - Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore
 Zalman ZM-NC3 – Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore (Credit: Lazada)
Key FeatureIdeal for work laptops
Where to BuyClick here

The Zalman ZM-NC3 is your best alternative if silence and portability are important. It’s ideal for use at the workplace since it won’t disturb any of your coworkers. This cooler, on the other hand, isn’t intended to keep you gaming for hours on end.

Casual games are feasible, but “Crysis 3” and other high-intensive games will have to wait. In a nutshell, this is for people who use their laptops primarily for work.

Key Differentiators:

  • Ideal for work laptops
  • Silent
  • Portable

Customer Review:


5) Cooler Master SF-17

Cooler Master SF-17 - Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore
Cooler Master SF-17 – Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore (Credit: Cooler Master)
Key Feature180mm turbine fan
Where to Buyhttps://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/notebook-cooler/sf-17/

We’ll start big. By big, we mean in terms of size. This cooler isn’t particularly handy since it weighs almost two pounds. It can accommodate gaming laptops with a screen size of 19 inches or less and is most appropriate for 15- to 17-inch models. Although it is not ideal for frequent travelers, it is the best solution to prevent overheating.

The Ninja coffee maker with 3 temperature settings and a capacity of 12 cups might spin up to 1200 RPM. It guarantees that your laptop will stay cool, even if you work out intensely.

Key Differentiators:

  • 180mm turbine fan
  • Four height adjustment settings
  • Power on/ off toggle for the LED light

Customer Review:


6) Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad

Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad - Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore
Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad – Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore (Credit: Amazon)
Key FeatureErgonomic design for gamers
Where to BuyClick here

Kootek is a fantastic cooling pad option due to its lightweight yet sturdy construction. The metal mesh makes up the fabric of this pad, and the fan speed is around 2000 RPM, which is faster than most cooling pads.

It has 5 fans to ensure that your laptop receives the most cooling and is compatible with laptops measuring 12 to 17 inches. The pad’s position can be adjusted to six distinct angles, making it simpler to use your wrists. This laptop cooling pad includes a built-in dual USB hub as well as adjustable fan settings.

Key Differentiators:

  • Ergonomic design for gamers
  • LED Lighting Stripe
  • Anti-slip design

Customer Review:

Nifty cooler. It adjusts as the picture shows and has little stoppers to prevent the laptop from slipping off. The fans are quiet and there are two switches in the back that control the fans, so you don’t have to have all five going. Great value for the price. The last cooler I had finally died after having it for 5 years and I’m hoping I get the same life out of this one.

Ell Rae

7) havit HV-F2056 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

havit HV-F2056 - Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore
havit HV-F2056 – Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore (Credit: Shopee)
Key FeatureLightweight
Where to BuyClick here

With three fans and speeds up to 1100 +/- 200RPM, this ultra-lightweight cooling pad has a rather modest design. Another noteworthy feature is the metal mesh’s durability, which is also multi-directional.

It’s light yet sturdy, and it can be taken anywhere because it’s firmly built. The LED lights show whether the fans are on correctly, which is a nice touch. However, bear in mind that this fan is only meant to be used on flat surfaces and may accommodate laptops up to 17 inches tall. It also includes an extra USB connection.

Key Differentiators:

  • Lightweight
  • Wear-resistant
  • Durable

Customer Review:

I can keep this short. The product is exactly as explained. Has simple on-off switch and if you plug it into the right USB port it will turn on and off as you turn on and off your laptop. I bought a second one for my other Dell once I got the first one. Very quiet. Both my Laptops were hot after short use before I used this unit.

They both are kept cool and their internal fan virtually never kicks on now. I could not be happier and am glad I read the reviews and when with this model. Very sturdy with aluminum top and strong, good feet. A very good purchase.

Family of Five

Laptop Cooling Pad Singapore

Laptop cooling pads are essential accessories for laptop users who want to keep their devices running cool and extend the life of their hardware. All of the laptop cooling pad Singapore featured in this roundup have unique selling points that make them worth considering, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase. We hope our list has helped you narrow down your options and that you find the perfect laptop cooling pad for your needs.

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