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The Ultimate Laser Tag Cheat Sheet: 10 Tips to Win at Laser Tag [2023]

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Laser Tag is the closest thing you can get to starring in an Xbox game; with vests to wear that allow you to be shot with lasers by other players, and your own laser gun to shoot them in return.

The fun of Laser Tag lies partly in the fact that you’re acting like giant kids playing cowboys and Indians, but with advanced equipment; instead of twigs and a nerf gun.

Sometimes, there’s no better feeling than borrowing some childish fun back off the kids. And if that fun involves stalking your mates with weaponry through a dark arena festooned with bunkers while you try to take each other out to the sound of pumping music; all the better.

Intrigued yet? If you’re interested in playing Laser Tag, then the likelihood is that you want to win. Of course, it’s the taking part that counts but… yeah, winning is important too. Without further to do, here are 10 tips to win at laser tag!

The Basics:

1) Attire
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First and foremost, you have to be dressed for success; so let’s talk about your attire.

There is nothing worse than turning off the lights to play laser tag, and one of your team mates did not get the “black t-shirt memo”.

If you’re serious about winning, then wearing an all black attire is an essential part of playing laser tag. If you don’t have an all black attire, then at least opt for dark colours and avoid anything fluorescent. These colours are too bright and will give your positions away before you’ve even seen your opponent; thus, turning you into an easy target.

In addition, do wear comfortable shoes. Ladies, that means no sandals and definitely no heels! Sneakers are you best bet, although boots will also work well; especially if they are dark coloured.

2) Let Your Eyes Adjust
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Assumedly, you’re going to be playing Laser Tag in a dark arena. So, you need to give your eyes some time to adjust to this. Try and survive for the first minute without going on to attack, whilst your eyes get adjusted to the darkness.

3) Use Your Ears

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Whilst many people think that Laser Tag is a game for the eyes, it also pays to ensure that you’ve got your ears to the ground too. Listening to your opponents’ movements can provide you with a huge advantage, as you can get prepared for their arrival before they’ve even entered your area.

Who knows, perhaps you can secretly plot an ambush on them!

4) Keep Low and Crouch Walk

There’s a reason why the military have perfected the crouch walk.

If you really want to make yourself difficult to hit, it can pay to keep low. This is especially useful if you’re a child or even just shorter and more petite in size; because you can stay out of the eye-line of taller folks and sneak attack!

If you don’t know how to crouch walk, then just crouching when you’re stationary is also a good idea.

5) Keep On Moving

Unless you’re consciously camping, then it pays to keep on your toes as much as you can. This is because a moving target is far more difficult to hit than a stationary one.

However, you don’t want to be sprinting around as this is likely to have an adverse effect on your aim. Instead, keep a steady pace as you walk; it’ll make you a difficult target to hit while keeping your accuracy.

In contrast, camping is also a good tactic if you want to keep your activity levels low. Just get yourself in a small corner and stay still; you’ll soon find your opponents walking into your firing line.

6) Split Up

Although many people think that it’s easier to stay in a pack, this isn’t usually the case when playing Laser Tag.

Why? Well, if you’re in a pack and you come across a straggler, then he has a far larger target to aim for. There’s also a possibility that he might even be able to pick off two or three of your team mates before you get the crucial shot away.

If you’re on your own or with just one other team mate, you can keep things stealthy without giving your opponent a massive target to aim at.

Defensive Techniques:

7) Know Your Map

It pays to study the arena that you’ll be battling at beforehand. There’s nothing worse than playing Laser Tag somewhere that you have literally no idea what’s around each corner – you’re just asking for a deathwish.

If you can, try and spend some time walking around the arena and get your bearings. This will give you a massive advantage further down the line.

But remember; safe can be boring. So if you don’t see anyone after 30 seconds, get out of your hiding spot and move!

8) Walk like a Crab; Sideways

It should give you the greatest protection when walking sideways. This is because there will be a smaller surface area for your opponents to shoot at.

If you see someone taking aim and you cannot duck, turn sideways. They will have less of a chance of hitting your vest if you are not facing them full on.

Just don’t forget to keep moving; standing in one place and looking around for too long is a sure way to get shot by more experienced players.

Offensive Techniques:

9) Rapid Firing

One of the easiest ways to up your Laser Tag game immediately, is to just keep shooting continuously.

The benefit of Laser Tag is that reloading isn’t difficult, so keeping a constant barrage of fire is a good idea. This can increase the likelihood of you hitting your targets. Rapidly firing in the general direction of someone’s sensors is better than taking the time to aim perfectly.

Just always remember to keep your finger on the trigger.

10) Aim for Easy Targets

It’s a dog eat dog world out there; there’s no shame in admitting that you’re not going to be the best Laser Tag player of all time.

Fortunately, there’s still tons of people who aren’t going to be as good as you. I’m talking about little kids that go; they are your salvation!

Even though you run the risk of ruining little Bobby’s 9th birthday party, there’s no shame in targeting him for some easy points.

All in all, these are just a few easy to follow Laser Tag cheats that can help you be a better player. Laser Tag doesn’t have to be the most competitive sport. It’s a great game to play with your colleagues; but if you’re going to play to win, then these are some of the best tips to help you improve your game.

The good thing is that these tips are generally all transferable to other activities such as Combat Archery Tag.

One of the best ways to learn to be better at Laser Tag, is to study other people who are better than you and copy their tactics; there’s no shame in doing this to learn some new combat tricks.

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