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Lazarus Island – How to make the most of your getaway [2023]

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All You Need To Know Before Visiting Lazarus Island

A hidden gem located south of Singapore, Lazarus Island is one of the eight small islands which make up the Southern Islands of Singapore. Calm and quiet, Best known for its calm and scenic beaches, Lazarus Beach has been consistently voted as the best beach in Singapore by the online community. 

If you want a daycation filled with beautiful white sand and blue water beaches, Lazarus Island is the best choice for you! Read below as we cover some of the topics in this All You Need To Know Before Visiting Lazarus Island:

1. History & Background Of Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island, also known as, Pulau Sakijang Pelepah which meant barking deer, and fronds of a palm in Malay was home to the Orang Laut community and a domain of the pirates roaming the islands. While we hear of gruesome accounts of skulls lining the mouth of the Singapore River, you’d be glad that “Captain Blackbeard” no longer has reigned over the seas these days.

The “Island of one barking deer and palms” was so named because of the wildlife on the island, possibly a barking deer or an unidentified canine. Because of the difficulty in pronouncing its Malay name, colonial governors renamed the island, Lazarus.

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2. How To Get There

Board the MRT to Marina South Pier Exit B and purchase your ferry tickets from Singapore Island Cruise and Ferry Services. As there is no ferry terminal on Lazarus Island, you will purchase your ferry tickets to St. John’s Island first to get to Lazarus Island. The ferry ride to St John’s Island takes around 20 – 30 minutes. After arriving at St. John’s Island, simply cross the link bridge and you will arrive at Lazarus Island with a 10-minute walk!

Check the updated ferry schedule to St. John’s Island here.

Round Trip Ferry ride
Children (Age 1-12)$12

Tip: Buy your tickets online! Alternatively, the ticketing counter is open daily till 3 pm, so do arrive early to secure your tickets. Check the updated ferry schedule here and plan your departure so you have enough time to return to St. John’s Island before the last ferry sails off.

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3. Attractions & Things To Do In Lazarus Island

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Best known for the tranquil and beautiful Lazarus Beach, it has been consistently voted as the cleanest and most beautiful beach in Singapore. Filled with beautiful soft white sand and blue water beaches, the island is popular amongst couples and family groups. Bring along with you a floatable, picnic mat and a kite and get to fly a kite or swim along the clean waters when you visit!

Similarly, Lazarus Island also offers other attractions such as St John – Lazarus Bridge and its open nature trails filled with a small forest of Rhu trees along with a small patch of mangrove. The Island is also filled with numerous cats chilling and wandering around, an amazing place for cat-lovers!

Last but not least, There are many Instagrammable spots around the island, perfect for romantic couple shoots and nature lovers!

4. Best Time to Visit Lazarus Island

Looking out for the best time of the year to check out this enticing beach? Well, just grab your beachwear and go for it as the island will provide you peace and magical serenity at any time of the year. Singapore is observed to have a moderate climate throughout the year, but still one should be careful about November till January as those are considered to be the months of heavy rainfall and so it is advisable not to visit the island at that time of the year.

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5. Things To Take Note Before Visiting

Before Visiting, these are some of the key things to take note to have yourself an enjoyable time there!
1. Bring Sunscreen and Insect repellent, from experience, some parts of the beach( not Lazarus beach) and nature trails hold mosquitoes, sand flies and other insects. Grab along a bottle of sunscreen would help you shield your body from the hot scorching sun !

2. Bring your own food and water. There are no stalls or shops around the area and you need to bring your own meas and drinks to stay energized and hydrated during then.

3. There are very limited facilities available on the island, even toilets, so be sure to load up on hand sanitiser, wet tissues, and other survival essentials. The nearest restroom is located at St. John’s Island. You have to walk for approximately 15 minutes before reaching it via Lazarus Island.

4. Throw your garbage responsibly. You did not go to the island to litter, therefore, keep it clean. Carry your own stuff, such as towels, mats, insect repellent, sunscreen and everything you need when you go on a picnic or decide to swim.

5. Check the timings of the ferry so you don’t miss your return trip to Singapore.

Adapted From Lazarus Island: A Complete Guide to a Tranquil Beach Getaway in Singapore

6. Private Yacht Services

For a memorable and luxurious trip to Lazarus Island, consider chartering a private yacht and enjoy an amazing time on the high seas with family and friends! While you’re at it, throw a yacht party and experience the fun of being on a yacht and enjoy an amazing time on the high seas with family and friends!

In addition to the convenience of getting to Lazarus Island easily, you can also enjoy an array of activities on board such as a barbecue and fun water activities – all with a beautiful view of the Singapore skyline.

Best part? It is perfect for all special occasions – a birthday surprise, anniversary surprise and quality family time together. ONE15 Luxury Yachting offers more than 40 boats to choose from and a 4-hour itinerary if you are planning a day trip to Lazarus Island. Itineraries are fully customizable so your day will be exactly how you want it to be!

Adapted from Thrillophilia Lazarus Island and Ultimate Guide To Exploring Lazarus Island: How to Go & Things to Do

All You Need To Know Before Visiting Lazarus Island

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