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10 Best LinkedIn Profiles in Singapore That You Should Follow [2023]

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Best LinkedIn Singapore
Best LinkedIn Singapore

LinkedIn Singapore features a diverse range of professionals across the different industries.

Here is a list of the 10 best LinkedIn profiles in Singapore that you might want to follow to get news from them and improve your knowledge.

LinkedIn Singapore

1. Siu Rui Quek – Founder of Carousell

You cannot call yourself a Singaporean if you have not heard about Carousell. Quek Siu Rui, the founder of Carousell, and his friends were experiencing difficulties purchasing and selling things online. As a result, they created the shopping app from scratch.

Carousell operates in many different countries today, including Australia, Hong Kong, and the United States. In addition, Carousell is also invested by Golden Gate Ventures, Sequoia India, and 500 Startups. He is someone worth following on Linked Singapore due to his innovation and experience.

2. Chris Feng – Chief Executive Officer of Shopee

Shopee is one most the biggest and most popular e-commerce websites in Singapore. If you are familiar with Shopee, you should know who Chris Feng is. Chris Feng joined Shopee in March 2014 and has become the chief executive officer of Shopee in 2015. Before this, he has a significant contribution to Zalora and Lazada. He is definitely one of the best people for you to follow on LinkedIn Singapore with his outstanding performance.

3. Bryan Choo – Founder of The Smart Local

Smart Local is a well-known website among Singaporeans. Smart Local started off as a modest blog and turn into the lifestyle blog that is loved by many Singaporeans today. A significant part of Smart Local’s success is due to the hard work of Bryan Choo, who is the founder and managing director of the company.

During the first 2 years since the launch of Smart Local, Bryan Choo works for 16 hours a day and was often found sleeping in the office. With his determination, he is one of the best profiles that you can follow on Linkedln Singapore.

4. Rosaline Chow Koo – Founder & CEO of CXA 

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As the foundation and chief executive officer of CXA, Rosaline Chow has invested a total of 10 million in building the company. Today, CXA has around 800 thousand users in 20 Asian countries. In addition, CXA is known as the SME bancassurance platform for numerous credit institutions.

Rosaline is a visionary, strategic, innovative, and entrepreneurial leader. So what are you waiting for? Follow her profile on LinkedIn Singapore.

5. Piyush Gupta – Group CEO of DBS Bank

If you are working in the banking and finance sector, you may want to check out Piyush Gupta on LinkedIn Singapore. This man has many accolades, which includes the Singapore Business Awards’ Outstanding Chief Executive of the Year in 2016, and named Singapore Business Leader of The Year by CNBC in 2014. Furthermore, he is one of the most respected financial leaders in Singapore. He also writes blog articles, which is a good opportunity for you to learn from him.

6. Maximilian Bittner – CEO of Lazada

In just 5 years, Lazada was transformed from a normal e-commerce shop to one of Asia’s biggest companies. Lazada will not be able to achieve what she has achieved today without the help of Maximilian Bittner. As the CEO of Lazada, Maximilian Bittner played a crucial role in Lazada’s success. Lazada’s success also earned her a $2 billion investment from Alibaba, the e-commerce giant.

You can consider following his profile on LinkedIn Singapore to learn from his success story as an entrepereneur.

7. Krystal Choo – Founder of Wander

With the aim to bring single travelers together, Krystal Choo founded the app Wander. Wander allows you to find travelers in the same city as you, travelers who are keen to go to the same places or do similar things together. Krystal Choo gets the inspiration to develop Wander when she was having her downtime.

In addition, Krystal Choo is also an international speaker who shares her experience as a female entrepreneur. She is the role model of many female millennials. Follow her LinkedIn Singapore to get some inspiration from her!

8. Hari V Krishnan – CEO at PropertyGuru Group

As the chief executive officer of PropertyGuru Group, Hari V Krishnan has 20 years of leadership experience in Technology and Consumer Internet. Hari V Krishnan also has a passion to positively impact the community with the help of technology.

Today, PropertyGuru Group is one of the biggest property technology companies in Southeast Asia. If you are a fan of technology, you can follow him on LinkedIn Singapore.

9. Roger Egan III – CEO and Co-Founder of RedMart

RedMart is the leading online grocery delivery giant in Singapore. As the chief executive officer and co-founder of RedMart, Roger Egan started his entrepreneur journey at the young age of 10. He started his first business by shoveling snow off his neighbor’s driveway.

The idea to start RedMArt came about when he was working as an investment banker and consultant when he discovered that there is little time to purchase groceries. You can follow his LinkedIn Singapore to get some new ideas!

10. Parin Meht – Director of Airbnb Asia Pacific

Parin Mehta is the director of Airbnb Asia Pacific – a leading online company that provides lodging for homestays. Parin Mehta is determined to make Airbnb as successful as possible. In addition, he was involved in another project of Airbnb. In the project, locals are connected with tourists, The locals will then guide the tourist through curated activities. On top of that, he has been part of small start-ups and big global companies. He is surely someone worth following on LinkedIn Singapore.

LinkedIn Singapore

We have come to the end of this comprehensive resource, we hoped that the contents in this article have helped you a little in finding the LinkedIn profiles that you can follow.

In the meantime, if you are looking for team-building games or planning to celebrate birthdays with your family or friends, please feel free to check out our other articles listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LinkedIn useful in Singapore?

According to a recent survey, 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to look for people. Many Singaporeans, on the other hand, are not as active on LinkedIn and don’t have an established or up-to-date profile. They’re losing out on chances to get a better salary and advance their careers by switching jobs.

What LinkedIn is used for?

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional networking website. You may use it to create connections in your field and stay in touch with coworkers, both past and present.

Is it worth having a LinkedIn?

Creating a LinkedIn profile is beneficial because you can use the platform to research various aspects of companies, such as interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers. Knowing this information beforehand means that you can be more prepared for applications and interviews.

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