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10 Best Longboards in Singapore [2024]

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Best Longboards Singapore
Best Longboards Singapore

Longboards Singapore

Looking for the best longboard in Singapore? Look no further!

In this blog post, we will be discussing the 10 best longboards that are currently available in the market. We will also provide a brief overview of each longboard, as well as its key features and specifications. Whether you’re a novice or expert, we’ve got everything you need for sure we have something for everyone.

So whether you are a beginner or an experienced longboarder, we definitely recommend giving these longboards a try! Start browsing our list and find the perfect longboard for your needs!

1. Atom Drop Deck Longboard 41”

Key FeaturesUltra-low-riding longboard ensures maximum stability, making it ideal for downhill carving
Where to BuyClick Here
PriceSGD 200

Atom has been one of the most well-known names in the longboard market since it first opened its doors in 2005. It’s not surprising given that there are numerous options available, and their boards are among the best. The Atom Drop Deck Longboard, which is among our favorites from their selection because it’s so pleasant to ride, is great for novices, especially female riders.

The sturdy 41-inch complete maple laminate deck can support up to 136kg of weight. It has premium 80S grip tape installed, which offers exceptional grip and is suitable for maximum stability and seamless turning. It is ideal for cutting downhill because of its ultra-low riding position and sticky wheels.

Key Differentiators

  • Ease of pushing takes wear and tear out of around-town commutes, as well
  • Unique perimeter shape gives 9.6-inches of leverage into every turn, while also eliminating wheel bite
  • Full maple laminate deck; reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks with 245-millimeter axles

Customer Testimonial

I love this board, nothing has ever been better than riding on a good board, and this board is exactly that. You can increase your experience on this board with the ALL TERRAIN wheels(they around $60-70 but worth every cent).


2. Landshark Island Style Longboard

Key FeaturesClassic longboard shape with a retro, surf-style design – perfect for cruising, carving and even commuting
Where to BuyClick Here

The Landshark Island Style Longboard has a traditional, vintage look that exudes nostalgia. The board is best used for cruising, carving, or getting to work in the city. Its deck is composed of strong 8-ply wood and is 35 inches long and 9.25 inches wide, making it slightly shorter than other longboards. It’s smaller, which makes it lighter and easier to transport. Wheel bite is also prevented by the deck cutouts when making quick bends.

The wheels are 61mm by 54mm PU wheels mounted on ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings, on the other hand. These two things are crucial for consistently getting a smooth, flawless ride.

Key Differentiators

  • Deck: 35″ x 9. 25″ constructed from 8-ply Maple
  • Deck Cutouts eliminate wheel bite during sharp turns
  • 7-Inch aluminum trucks – lightweight, durable and stable

3. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Key FeaturesPerfect Size Constructed In A Multi-Ply Hardwood Maple And Beautiful Artisan Deck Shaped To Perform And The Extra Detail Rarely Found At This Price
Where to BuyClick Here

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard, another longboard that resembles a surfboard, is comprised of 7-ply super flex bamboo with a hardwood maple deck, making it durable for extended cruising and riding. Both the kicktail and the nose are built for a variety of maneuvers and riding techniques. Additionally, strong 6-inch aluminum trucks, ABEC-7 bearings, and 70mm by 51mm 80A PU wheels assure swift, flawless rides. The wheels are 61mm by 54mm PU wheels mounted on ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings, on the other hand. These two things are crucial for consistently getting a smooth, flawless ride.

Key Differentiators


Customer Testimonial

I got it as my first lonfboard and its great. It’s realy good quality and fell steardy on the road. Very easy to stear. Might be a bit heavy to cary around, but for me as average guy is ok. Really enjoying spending time on it and I am sure that it will bring number of good experiances in the future.

Augustas Struckus

4. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

Key Features39″ x 9.1“ drop through longboard for beginner
Where to BuyClick Here
PriceSGD 121

The Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard, which exudes a tropical flavor, is the ideal travel partner for sunny summer afternoons spent outdoors. The board’s sturdy 8-ply maple deck can support and resist weights of up to 113kg. With a deck measuring 39 inches long and 9.1 inches broad, it is appropriate for both children and adults who are new to longboarding.

Riders will have a smooth, comfortable, and quick ride with to the 7-inch aluminum trucks’ soft bushings, 70mm by 51mm PU wheels, and ABEC-9 bearings.

Key Differentiators

  • Strong but Flexible Eight Ply Maple Deck make longboard can Hold Up to 250 LBS weight
  • Big Soft 70x51mm PU Wheels combined with ABEC-9 Bearings for Smooth Ride
  • Solid 7 Inch Aluminum Trucks equipped with soft bushings for Comfortable Longboarding

Customer Testimonial

Honestly, was extremely nervous going in to buy a long board with limited knowledge. After hopping on for my first ride, all nervousness subsided. Super easy to learn (definitely great for beginners), great balance, sturdy, and even when I wiped out it held together well. 🙂


5.  Junli 41” Freeride Longboard

Key FeaturesComplete Skateboard Cruiser for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style and Downhill
Where to BuyClick Here
PriceSGD 121

The Junli Freeride Longboard is an easy one to mention that is enticing because it comes in a variety of attractive colors and design possibilities. It’s likely that you’d want to buy it straight away! But more than just its aesthetic appeal, this longboard really shines because of its incredible set of specifications, which are the key features to seek if you want a pleasant, seamless, and smooth ride.

The deck is made of cold-pressed 8-ply natural maple and has a brushed black surface with anti-slip qualities. It is 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. A set of sturdy 70mm x 51mm 80A PU wheels and ABEC-11 high-speed bearings are also included. The Junli 41-inch Freeride Longboard, which is designed for downhill, speed, and freestyle riding, has exceptional mobility and can support up to 150 kg of weight.

Key Differentiators

  • DECK: 41 IN long x 9.5 IN wide deck made of cold press 8-ply natural maple with max load weight 330Ibs; brushed black surface for antislip. No assembly is required.
  • WHEELS: Durable 70mm X 51mm 80A PU wheels with rock finish, ABEC-11 high-speed bearings.
  • MANEUVERABILITY: Built for downhill, speed, and freestyle riding, wide turning radius, suitable for all age sports enthusiast groups. Develop your strength, balance, and reaction while enjoying the fun.

Customer Testimonial

I just started skating and i got this to learn on and my friend who has years of experience says it rides better than his expensive boards. In conclusion i don’t know much about boards but it’s been great to learn on, would totally recommend!


6. Magneto 44” Kicktail Cruiser Longboard

Key FeaturesMade for Beginners
Where to BuyClick Here
PriceSGD 163

All of Magneto’s boards include thoughtful specifications that other riders seek in the ideal longboard, as they were all designed by skaters themselves. This particular model, the Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard, has a flexible board that is 44 inches long, making it ideal for comfortable commuting throughout town. Additionally, the kicktail has been created to be adaptable for all riding styles. This longboard’s 70mm 78A soft urethane wheels provide it greater traction while turning while maintaining a smooth ride even on more challenging terrain.

We adore the aesthetic influence that South California’s local surf scene has on Magneto’s boards. The deck is created with a hardwood core for outstanding durability and bamboo veneer on top and bottom to resemble rustic, minimalist surfboards. Additionally, the designers added a sand grit finish, which reduces the requirement for adding or replacing grip tape and, on top of that, doesn’t cover up the chic bamboo design that we are currently crushing on!

Key Differentiators


Customer Testimonial

Good value for the money. As with any skateboard, you may want to tweak bearings, wheels, etc., but overall it’s a nice board to learn on.


7. Landyachtz Drop Hammer

Key FeaturesLight, stiff and highly carvable
Where to Buy

In the longboarding community, Landyachtz is renowned for setting the bar high. They are also well known for their environmental initiatives. Landyachtz promises to plant a tree for each board they sell.

In addition to their dedication to the environment, Landyachtz is dedicated to making excellent longboards for riders of all ability levels. This specific board is excellent for downhill bombing and carving as well as regular commuting.

The Landyachtz Drop Hammer is made to travel quickly while being simple to steer. The superior trucks enable utmost control and stability, while the wide, soft wheels give riders a ride that seems like they’re floating on clouds.

Key Differentiators

  • Great for anyone looking to spice up their commute, carve down a mellow hill, get rad on their way to class or just get out for an afternoon ride with friends
    Drop mounted, symmetrical
  • Packed full of awesomeness

Customer Testimonial

I got this as my first board on a recommendation. I’ve been riding it for several weeks and can’t overstate the build quality and comfort of this board. It’s great for a beginner and exactly what I needed for a couple mile commute to the gym.

Conor D.

8. Arbor Fish Bamboo Longboard

Key FeaturesCarbonized Bamboo Topshee
Where to Buy

The effortless and smooth roll of a traditional pintail is difficult to match. With hard carving Paris Reverse 50° 150mm Trucks and a small size that’s perfect for nomadic riders pounding the pavement on their travels, the Arbor Fish Bamboo Longboard Complete hits the mark and then some. A beautiful carbonized bamboo top sheet was used in the layout for added style points.

Key Differentiators

  • 7 Ply Sustainable Canadian Maple & Carbonized Bamboo Topsheet
  • Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply
  • Wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products

Customer Testimonial

Bought my first Fish in 2016, and absolutely love it! So much so, that I purchased another this year so I can have two “go to” setups, depending on the day. I’m an older dude—I just “kick and carve”… nothing nuts, but I am extremely happy with the sustainable direction Arbor has been going in and is yet another reason I’m proud to skate their boards & show them off to others.

The Fish’s deck is large enough for a comfy skate, but also compact enough to tuck under my arm for a quick detourt. I have 8 boards (including an electric) and the Fish is still my fave. Thanks gang!


9.  Sector 9 Monkey King Paradiso

Key Features9 Ply Maple
Two-Color Dipped Maple Bottom Ply
Where to Buy

With good reason, Sector 9 is one of the most well-known longboard manufacturers. Although there are many different longboarding boards available, this one is unquestionably the best for downhill riding.

Your center of gravity will be decreased thanks to the sturdy 9-ply deck and drop-through truck mounting. This makes it simpler to keep the board under control while you accelerate quickly.

Turning is quick and precise thanks to the reverse kingpin trucks. The big, soft wheels have enough give to allow for high-speed sliding while still maintaining control on the tarmac.

Key Differentiators

  • Printed Grip Tape
  • Drop Down Mold
  • Sharp Rails for Extra Grip and Control
  • Drop Thru

10. Apollo Longboard

Key FeaturesLongboard for Professionals and Beginners
Where to BuyClick Here
PriceS$211.93 – S$288.48

Look at the updated version of the APOLLO Longboard if you’re a frugal shopper who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on their buy. It is outfitted with a 39-inch deck made of three layers of bamboo for optimal strength and stability. This choice is excellent for both new longboarders and seasoned riders looking to advance their cruising thanks to the low center of gravity.

In addition, it includes a handy T-tool that makes it simple to adjust the truck stiffness on a longboard while in motion.

Key Differentiators

  • Freeride Skateboard Cruiser and Downhill Longboards
  • 7 Layers
  • Built with passion

Customer Testimonial

For my 13 year old daughter who is longboarding for the first time, this board is easy to ride and also very nice looking.


Longboards Singapore

Selecting the right longboard can be a tough decision, especially if you’re a beginner. However, with the wide range of longboards available on the market, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your needs. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best longboards in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for a board for cruising around town or hitting the slopes, we’ve got you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start exploring your new longboard!

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