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10 Best Luxury Sofa Singapore Selections [2024]

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Luxury Sofa Singapore

Best Luxury Sofa Singapore
Best Luxury Sofa Singapore

A lot of low-quality sofas on the market are extremely similar. This is because some basic parts are simple to make in large quantities. One significant advantage of luxury sofas is that you may be certain that the piece you acquire is one-of-a-kind. By purchasing a luxury sofa, you are practically investing in your house, since a high-quality, well-made sofa will have a far better resale value than a less costly item. This is why you should know and be able to choose the best places with luxury sofa Singapore.

Best Luxury Sofa Singapore

1. Sphere The Living Space

Sphere The Living Space - Luxury Sofa Singapore
Sphere The Living Space – Luxury Sofa Singapore (Credit: Sphere Living)
Key Services:Living room furniture, dining furniture, bedroom furniture
Address:3 Temasek Blvd, #02 – 333, Singapore 038983
Phone:+65 6388 9828
Operating Hours:11AM – 9PM Daily

Dedicated to bringing amazing designs by internationally famous businesses to worthy homes that are initially produced in Italy and created in the highest quality. Sphere Living enjoys showcasing its beautiful assortment of designer furnishings. Their lifestyle gallery features top-tier Italian companies with stunning designs that offer reasonable luxury for high-quality home living. Conveniently placed in Singapore’s central district, just a stone’s throw from River Valley Road.

Key Differentiators:

  • Italian luxury furniture
  • Affordable luxury

Customer Testimonial:

“They carry a wide range of excellent furniture. Although i didnt buy anything. The staff are really friendly and patient, they even advice me on how to improve my living room. Touched!!”

-Jason Chua

2. Space Furniture

Space Furniture - Luxury Sofa Singapore
Space Furniture – Luxury Sofa Singapore (Credit: Space Furniture)
Key Services:Sofas collection, Living room furniture, dining furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture
Address:77 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189653
Phone:+65 6415 0000
Operating Hours:10:30AM – 8PM Daily

Space opened its initial showroom in Sydney in 1993, immediately becoming the industry standard for design retailing in Australia. Since then, the firm has grown to become the largest and most advanced retailer of contemporary design in South-East Asia. Space now has five purpose-built showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, each with architect-designed interior spaces that reflect the collection’s quality and rigor. Their unique design is what makes them the best place with luxury sofa Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Largest contemporary design retailer in South-East Asia
  • Features architect-designed interior spaces

Customer Testimonial:

“Amazing place. Super organized and unique and special items are available. The good example of high-end furniture showroom in Singapore”

-Jiho Jung

3. Castilla

Castilla - Luxury Sofa Singapore
Castilla – Luxury Sofa Singapore (Credit: Castilla)
Key Services:Sofas collection, dining furniture, bedroom furniture,
Address:21 Tai Seng St, Singapore 534166
Phone:+65 6241 4375
Operating Hours:10AM – 6PM Mondays – Fridays; 10AM – 7PM Saturdays – Sundays

Castilla began in 1989 with chosen pieces of quality furniture transported straight from their friends in Italy to their friends in Singapore. They expanded from one to two brands and then to three. And now they’re here. A collection of unique brands and goods that exemplify the design and quality that the Castilla brand is known for. They have a diverse range of items, each one meticulously developed, created, and presented to you. Their rich history with quality furniture is what makes them the best place with luxury sofa Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Unique brands
  • Meticulously developed furniture

Customer Testimonial:

“Selection of sofas is very exquisite and the quality is high. Quite impressed with what they have…not as exp as space too”

-david ching

4. Danish Design Co.

Danish Design Co. -  Luxury Sofa Singapore
Danish Design Co. – Luxury Sofa Singapore (Credit: Danish Design Co)
Key Services:dining furniture, Living room furniture, outdoor furniture
Address:100e Pasir Panjang Road #06, #03 B&D Building, Singapore 118521
Phone:+65 6270 8483
Operating Hours:10AM – 6PM Mondays – Saturdays; 12PM – 6PM Sundays

Danish Design Co has greatly expanded its specialized furniture range from its early beginnings in 2006. Today, they are happy to deliver to Singapore the greatest Danish and Scandinavian furniture from the past and present. Their entire collection is greater than the selected display in their Singapore furniture store, and there are many more classic and stunning items to pick from. All of their innovative furniture pieces are painstakingly created in Europe, frequently using traditional craftsmanship passed down through generations.

Key Differentiators:

  • Extensive furniture range
  • Innovative furniture pieces

Customer Testimonial:

“So far we are happy with the outdoor sofa set: comfortable to sit on; flexible to configure; sturdy construction.”

-Fiona RQL

5. P5

P5 -  Luxury Sofa Singapore
P5 – Luxury Sofa Singapore (Credit: P5)
Key Services:kitchen furniture, Living room furniture, outdoor furniture
Address:3 Killiney Rd, #01-01 Winsland House1, Singapore 239519
Phone:+65 6337 0050
Operating Hours:10AM – 7PM Daily

P5 has been the ideal destination for beautiful home décor and European designer furniture since its inception in 2009, and is now synonymous with outstanding beauty and luxury elegance. P5 offers a wide range of luxury home items in a variety of styles and categories, including contemporary designer furniture and décor, modern and sophisticated lighting, opulent wallcoverings, and exquisite home accessories. Their dedication to high-quality designer furniture is what makes them one of the best places for luxury sofa Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Wide range of luxury home items
  • Contemporary designer furniture

Customer Testimonial:

“We’re doing up our dream walkin wardrobe and it’s quite complicated cos literally everything has to be customised. Kudos to the super patient team at Molteni&C Sg for putting up with our perfectionist streaks.”

-Sharon Loh

6. Proof Living

Proof Living - Luxury Sofa Singapore
Proof Living – Luxury Sofa Singapore (Credit: Proof)
Key Services:Study room collection, Sofas collection, dining furniture, bedroom furniture,
Address:2 Orchard Turn, #04 – 16, Singapore 238801
Phone:+65 6509 0555
Operating Hours:11AM – 9PM Daily

Proof Living is committed to displaying only the finest luxury home furniture and accessories collections in order to inspire designers and our selective customers of impeccable taste. From the modular to the more conventional, there is something for everyone. From singles to fours, we’ve got you covered. Proof Living’s premium couch collection will provide not only comfort but also sheer aesthetic flair to your house. Their wide variety of furniture and luxury sofas is what makes them one of the best places for luxury sofa Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Finest luxury home furniture
  • Modular and conventional furniture

Customer Testimonial:

“They stock an impressive collection of furniture and lighting. The staff are also very friendly and even offered bottled water.”


7. W. Atelier

W. Atelier - Luxury Sofa Singapore
W. Atelier – Luxury Sofa Singapore (Credit: W Atelier)
Key Services: kitchen furniture, Living room furniture, bathroom furniture, wardrobe
Address:201 Henderson Road, #01-01 and #03-01, Singapore 159545
Phone:+65 6270 8828
Operating Hours:10:30 AM – 6:00 PM Monday – Saturdays

W. Atelier is a Singapore-based retailer of upscale home furnishings and accessories. This native business was founded in 1979 as the sole distributor of TOTO, a household name in sanitary equipment and bathroom fittings. Atelier takes pride in being a curator of great artifacts that are rooted in history and tradition while being ageless and graceful. As a result, each addition to W. Customers may acquire some of the most famous goods in design history thanks to Atelier’s carefully curated catalog.

Key Differentiators:

  • Upscale home furnishings
  • Great artifacts

Customer Testimonial:

“Best all-in-one shop for home furnishings. Beautiful showroom with premium quality designer product brands all under one roof. V friendly service staff too. Worth the visit.”

-Kin Kin

8. Marquis

Marquis - Luxury Sofa Singapore
Marquis – Luxury Sofa Singapore (Credit: Marquis)
Address:6 Raffles Blvd, #02-08/09, #02-38/39 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Phone:+65 6383 0119
Operating Hours:11AM – 8PMDaily

Marquis has approximately 22,000 square feet of creative exhibits to highlight a diverse range of distinct preferences and trends. Six collections, the top names in Italian home goods, are housed in our exquisite mono-brand stores. From the bedroom to the study, the living room to the backyard, you’ll fall head over heels for items that whisper elegance in your ear and passionate yearning in your heart. Their unique design and focus on luxury for furniture and luxury sofas is what makes them one of the finest places for luxury sofa Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Creative exhibits
  • Top names in Italian home goods

Customer Testimonial:

“Super nice interior, sales people were very helpful even though they were closing for the day. They were very helpful with my product enquiry and didn’t mind that I was taking my time.”

-Ruth Chia

9. Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois - Luxury Sofa Singapore
Roche Bobois – Luxury Sofa Singapore (Credit: Roche Bobois)
Key Services:dining furniture, Living room furniture, outdoor furniture, bedroom furniture, Desks
Address:75 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-02 Boon Siew Building, Singapore 229833
Phone:+65 6513 1918
Operating Hours:10:30AM – 7:00PM Daily

Roche Bobois is a global leader in the design and distribution of furniture. Collaboration with notable designers. They provide a wide choice of distinctive made-to-order designs that are produced in small European factories with a high level of personalization. Browse their whole assortment of high-quality furniture, including sofas, armchairs, cocktail tables, dining chairs, sideboards, beds, wardrobes, storage, and accessories such as lighting, cushions, and rugs, at or any of our 255 locations worldwide.

Key Differentiators:

  • A global leader in furniture design
  • Notable designer collaborations

Customer Testimonial:

“Great customer service. Knowledgeable, articulate and proactive. Nice Furniture.”

-Stephanie Choi

10. Royal Interiors

Royal Interiors - Luxury Sofa Singapore
Royal Interiors – Luxury Sofa Singapore (Credit: Royal Interiors)
Key Services:dining furniture, Living room furniture, bedroom furniture, Studyroom furniture
Address:315 Outram Rd, #06-07/08/09, #05-05 Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074
Phone:+65 9235 3535
Operating Hours:10AM – 6:30PM Mondays – Fridays; 12PM – 6:30PM Saturdays – Sundays

Royal Interiors, another fantastic furniture store for designer luxury sofa Singapore, is home to a variety of premium European brands. They strive to enrich your lifestyle by outfitting your house with things that truly represent your personality while also creating a haven for your family to unwind. Fendi, Rolf Benz, Kantell, Catellan Italia, and Gamma Arredament are among the main brands represented here. Their wide selection of European furniture is what makes them one of the finest places for luxury sofa Singapore.

Key Differentiators:

  • Home to a variety of premium European brands
  • Strives to enrich your lifestyle

Customer Testimonial:

“The show room is cool and nice. Friendly staff and the boss suresh is a very easy going guy. Great pricing and fast delivery. Most importanly there are lots of varierty to choose over here…”

-Rodney Cheam

Luxury Sofa Singapore

When searching for a couch for your house, it might be tempting to settle for inexpensive, low-quality pieces. However, there are other advantages to purchasing a luxury sofa that you may overlook in your pursuit for the best bargain. Keeping this in mind, you may even save money by shopping in style. We hope that we’ve helped you find the best places with the finest luxury sofa Singapore.

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