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11 Best Massage Chair Singapore Options [2023]

Massage Chair Singapore

Best Massage Chair Singapore
Best Massage Chair Singapore

The best message chairs in Singapore are what you need if you want to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. These chairs are designed to do more than just provide a comfortable place to sit. They also have massage capabilities that make them the perfect chair for those who spend an extended period of time at their desk or on the go. In this blog post, we will outline why these chairs are worth considering as well as how they can be used in your office or home setting!

Best Massage Chair Singapore


EMPIRE - Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: EMPIRE)
EMPIRE – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: EMPIRE)
Key ServicesMassage Chairs
Address2 Kallang Avenue, CT Hub, #09-19, 339407
Operating Hours12pm-8pm daily (2pm-3pm break)

EMPIRE is a home-grown brand that offers super affordable yet premium massage chairs, from only $1,399. 

Full Body Massage chairs have always been really expensive, easily $3k-$8k, but EMPIRE offers similar top-notch features at a fraction of the price, almost 50% cheaper!

Now everyone can own a massage chair!

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Key Differentiators

  • Super affordable pricing from $1,399 only, where usual industry prices are $3,000 -$5,000
  • AI Body Scan: A technology that scans every individual’s body and height, so that the massage can be tailored to the exact positions of each person’s shoulders, back, spine and thighs
  • 3D Massage Techniques: Advanced 3D Techniques that mimics the real-life hand movement to deliver messages that are as close to a real life massage experience
  • Thai Stretch: A unique movement and configuration by the massage chair to achieve the intensity & stretching of a Thai Massage
  • Super Space-saving Design: One of the smallest full-body massage chairs of 70cm x 150cm; it can fit in any living room or bedroom.
  • Viral brand: Featured in news, loved by media, celebrities and customers. Lots of 5-star reviews

Client Testimonial

I was skeptical until I tried it for myself. Big up for an outstanding lineup of ultra-affordable premium massage chairs.

Mr Sheikh Haikel, Singapore’s Iconic Rapper and Radio Personality

2. MiuDeuxe Massage Chair with Foot Massage

Miu Deluxe - Massage Chair Singapore
Miu Deluxe – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: Lazada)
Key Features Customizable massage modes
Friendly user-interface with wire controller
Easily fits your size and height
Website Click Here
Price $2699

The Miuvo MiuDeluxe Massage Chair is a premium full-featured massage chair with leg and foot massage. The chair adjusts to your size and height, giving long-track massages that closely mimic the shape of your body. This also implies that you may use the seat’s height limitations and extend it if you are taller than average height.

The chair features adaptive rollers that help to enhance blood circulation and ease tired calves and feet. Its strong air compression therapy can be focused on specific areas of your body, such as your shoulders, arms, waist, and legs, as well as your toes and feet.

3. OSIM uDivine V

OSIM uDivine v - Massage Chair Singapore
OSIM uDivine v – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: Shopee)
Key Features Targeted whole body massage relief
Patented OSIM massage download technology
V-Hand™ Technology with 720° Roller Balls
Website Click Here
Price $3999 to $4600

It’s difficult to avoid talking about OSIM when we discuss massage chairs! The uDivine V from OSIM is designed to help you relax your mind and sleep better. It has been shown to be able to faithfully replicate the skilled techniques of a masseuse, allowing you to feel the skilful touch and flexibility of a masseuse’s hand

For complete-body relief, the chair targets your head, neck, shoulders, lumbar area, butt, and thighs. More significantly, the chair is capable of automatically detecting your shoulder position at the beginning of each massage session in order to provide you with the ideal massage suited to your height and build.

4. Gintell’s DéVano SC Massage Sofa

Gintell - Massage Chair Singapore
Gintell – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: Lazada)
Key Features Seven massage techniques
Six lifestyle auto-massage programs
Website Click Here
Price $2188

Gintell’s DéVano SC Massage Sofa is a tiny and space-saving massage chair that is often praised for its adaptability, usefulness, and beauty. The massage chair weighs less than 60kg and has three usage modes in one chair: sofa mode, lounger mode, and massage mode.

You’ll be able to discover one that you like as the chair is designed with seven massage techniques and six lifestyle auto-massage programs. Other features include a control panel with the USB charging port, Bluetooth music speaker, a flexible soft pillow for head rest, and two levels of zero gravity to select from.

5. OTO Quantum EQ-10 Massage Chair

OTO Quantum - Massage Chair Singapore
OTO Quantum – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: Shopee)
Key Features Improves blood circulation with heat mode turned on
L-shaped massage track for full body massage
Small and exquisite
Website Click Here
Price $3480

The well-known OTO Quantum is one of the leading brands of massage chairs. The Massage Chair is a tiny and exquisite massage chair that may be placed in any area. It has a 120cm long L-shaped massage track that covers the neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, and thighs. A footrest with air-press massage and heat therapy

This massage chair has 4 Auto Massage Modes, 5 Massage Strokes, and a Zero Gravity mode that allows you to fall back and relax completely. The chair will certainly assist you in releasing the tension in your muscles and having a rejuvenating and revitalizing impact on your body with these extensive massage modes!

Furthermore, this massage chair is light at around 40kg, allowing you to relocate it from room to room as needed!

6. Novita’s MC9000i massage chair

Novita - Massage Chair Singapore
Novita – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: Lazada)
Key Features 5 different 3D massage techniques
32 massage programs
Website Click Here
Price $1899

Novita’s MC9000i massage chair has a wide range of massage settings to choose from, with 32 distinct programs to pick from. This chair targets the body’s seven essential focus areas: your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hips, calves, and feet with precision.

The chair also has 34 pairs of strategically positioned airbags that target crucial acupressure points to enhance blood flow and help you feel refreshed. You will certainly be able to relax those muscles with the 5 classic 3D massage techniques of kneading, knocking, shiatsu, sync, and tapping.

7. Ogawa’s Master Drive A.I

Ogawa - Massage Chair Singapore
Ogawa – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: Ogawa)
Key Features Sole massage and therapy
3D knee and heat therapy
Voice command
Website Click Here
Price $10,800

The Master Drive A.I massage control panel from Ogawa allows you to enjoy the best massage treatment possible, adapting and generating to your unique requirements over time. Its cutting-edge technology and sensors are able to pinpoint all critical acupressure spots with pinpoint massage accuracy and precision.

The chair’s 4 Isolated Thermal Silicone Rollers provide evenly dispersed thermal heat, according to Ogaawa. As a result, the massage treatment provided by this chair simulates a powerful yet delicate humanized touch.

For those searching for a smart massage chair, Ogawa’s massage chair is capable of monitoring your vital signs in real time and analyzing your vital readings in real time. The data will be used to create the most customized massage program for your needs as a result of what is collected and evaluated.

Not only that, but the chair is able to meticulously scan its users’ faces and save distinct user profiles for personalization!

8. AIBI Vita Chair

Aibi Vita - Massage Chair Singapore
Aibi Vita – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: Lazada)
Key Features Great for improving arthritis, balance, and bone health
Promotes blood circulation
Exercises the body at the same time
Website Click Here
Price $5112

The AIBI Vita Chair could be the one for you if you need a massage that can help you work out at the same time. The Whole Body Vibration (WBV) function on the chair helps to stimulate muscle activation, bone density, mobility, and blood circulation.

This chair is a fantastic present for your elderly parents, especially if they have difficulty getting enough exercise. They will benefit from health advantages such as arthritis relief, improved balance, stronger bones, weight management, and reduced blood sugar with the vibration mode.

The modern design fits in well with your contemporary house, and it’s an excellent investment for both you and your family’s health!

9. OSIM Infinity Luxe Massage Chair

OSIM Infinity - Massage Chair Singapore
OSIM Infinity – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: Carousell)
Key Features Human-smart massage technology
Zero-gravity mode for ultimate relaxation
Constant updates of massaging programs
Website Click Here
Price $3500

The OSIM Chair features a cutting-edge Human-Smart Massage Technology that combines three distinct technologies to provide the most humanized massage experience, custom fit lifestyle massage programs for specific needs, and the ability to download new massage programs for infinite variety of massage pleasures and well-being.

The chair’s head massager is also integrated, and it applies pressure to particular acupressure points on the head to alleviate tension caused by stress and tiredness. The UInfinity Luxe Massage Chair may also be customized according to your own massage program.

The Massage Pro LX8000 massage chair costs around $8000, making it one of the most expensive chairs on the market. You do get your money’s worth with the chair’s pure luxury and elegance.

10. JIJI 3D Celestial Massage Chair

JIJI 3D - Massage Chair Singapore
JIJI 3D – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit: qoo10)
Key Features Affordable
Easy to move around
Hip airbag massage
Website Click Here
Price $3999

The JIJI zero-gravity premium massage chair has 6 massage techniques and Human-Smart Massage Technology. The compact zero-gravity premium massage chair may be easily placed in your living room.

The chair has a dual heating system, an air massage treatment, a waist airbag, a hip airbag, a back massage machine, a headrest with speakers, and a sound control box. The 3D circle motion rolling massage offered by this chair will help you relax your tight muscles.

With the help of a remote control, you may easily perform all of the functions of this chair. This chair is less than $900 in price. Consider JIJI’s chair if you’re on a tight budget!

11. Cosmo Zero Massage Chair

Cosmo Zero - Massage Chair Singapore
Cosmo Zero – Massage Chair Singapore (Credit Massage Chair)
Key Features New iTouchRollers™️
Spine-Trace Rails™️
Industries’ latest Leather
Zero-Gravity Mode
Comfy-Pedic™️ Memory Pillow
WebsiteClick Here
Price $5999

The New Massage Chair from Cosmo Technology has the most cutting-edge massage technology available, with their new and innovative: New iTouchRollersTM️, and Spine-Trace RailsTM️, which easily outperform other competitors (by user votes) when it comes to delivering high-quality experiential massages.

They also have Spine-Trace RailsTM️ that include sensors to assist keep your spine in position. As a result, regardless of your height or the variations in your spine, you can be confident that the Cosmo massage chair will provide the ideal personalized massage..

With their top-notch Microfiber PU Horwitz Leather, which is regarded to be the most advanced and costly leather ever produced, Cosmo spared no expense in providing the best skin-to-chair experience available. It’s never been seen before in other massage chairs at high-end designer furniture.

Massage Chair Singapore

In this blog post, we have discussed the best message chairs in Singapore. From those who are looking for a massage chair that’s more affordable to those with deep pockets and high expectations, there is a chair out there for you! We hope by now you’ve found one or two chairs that suit your needs and budget. If not, then don’t worry – we’ll be back soon to add far more details to expand your knowledge on choosing your ideal massage chair!

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