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10 Best Mini Fridge In Singapore [2023]

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Mini Fridge Singapore

Best Mini Fridge Singapore
Best Mini Fridge Singapore

It can be a pain to find the right fridge for your home. There are so many brands, styles, and shapes out there that it is hard to know where to start. You need something small enough for your kitchen but large enough to hold drinks, snacks, and leftovers. This list will show you 10 of the best mini fridges in Singapore that should help make things easier!

1. LG GL-131SQW Mini Fridge

Key FeaturesBuilt-in freezer
Large capacity
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Is it possible to find a small refrigerator in Singapore that can store weekly items? The LG GL-131SQW Mini Fridge is an excellent option for you if you’re looking for a mini fridge that fits your weekly needs.

It has a huge capacity of 90L, which is almost comparable to that of a standard-sized refrigerator. The compartments are also constructed of steel shelves, so they’ll be able to store plenty of food and beverages.

You may keep the meals in the built-in freezer compartment, which has an extra ice cube tray and a tiny freezer door, if necessary. To prevent mould, the door seals are constructed with Bioshield, an anti-microbial agent that ensures long-term usefulness.

2. Danby Designer 4.4 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator

Key FeaturesEnergy efficient
Reversible door hinge
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Along with its compact design is a larger capacity of 126L that’s ideal for those who require a large sum of storage space and the capability to fit different types of food and beverages.

The device is also equipped with sophisticated functions, including a mechanical thermostat, semi-automatic defrosting mechanism, and beverage dispenser. Furthermore, it includes a full-width freezer compartment and an egg tray container on the door shelf.

The basic colors of the reversible door hinge make it simpler to open, while its standard design elements may be mixed and matched with any style of kitchen décor. It’s undeniably one of the greatest small fridges for families in Singapore, from features to classic form.

3. Europace ER 9250 Bar Fridge

Key FeaturesThermo semi-conductor
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The Europace ER 9250 Bar Fridge is a quiet little refrigerator with energy-saving features and two cooling systems. With this one, it appears like you can have the best of both worlds!

The Thermo semi-conductor, which is also used for storing medicines, wine, and other items. Its design is rather basic, yet it has enough storage for all of your purchases. The best mini fridge in Singapore that’s silent and offers a lot of storage capacity.

4. EdgeStar CRF150SS Fridge

Key FeaturesDoor lock
Full-range thermostatic temperature
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The EdgeStar CRF150SS Fridge is also a travel buddy that you can take with you on your journey. It includes two keys and a lock to keep your food secure while traveling.

It’s not the best choice to store big and tall bottles, but it does have a full-range thermostatic function. That means you can use it to keep meat, ice cream, and other items cold that need to be kept extremely chilly.

It’s also built with a stainless steel reversible door, flush handle, and stylish design. Most significantly, it consumes less energy than the competition while being just as effective.

5. JVD 30L Minibar Fridge

Key FeaturesMagnetic door insulation
Tempered reversible glass door
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If you prefer to keep your beverages or smaller snacks separate from the rest of your food, the JVD 30L Glass Door Silent Minibar Fridge is one of the finest small fridges in Singapore for you!

It has a 30L capacity and magnetic door insulation to guarantee consistent temperature control. Additionally, it also includes an adjustable shelf and a tempered reversible glass door to personalize your storage.

6. Stylux LH-JY4AD Mini Fridge

Key FeaturesDurable design
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The Stylux LH-JY4AD Mini Fridge has a contemporary, stylish design with a long-lasting construction.

The top section of the toaster oven is detachable and includes two compartments that can be divided by a detachable divider. It’s also scratch-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about its appearance getting damaged.

It features a broad temperature range, allowing you to keep a variety of products. It also includes a detachable power cable, making it simple to transport.

7. Tecno TFR 48 Mini Bar Fridge

Key FeaturesSturdy stainless steel design
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The Tecno TFR 48 Mini Bar Fridge is the best lunch box for you if you’re searching for one with a more compact and less complicated design than the Europace model!

Don’t underestimate its build, as it has a total capacity of 47L. That’s the perfect size for an average quantity of food. Furthermore, It features two layers in the main compartment, an ice tray container, temperature-setting options, and bottle storage.

The EJ200XL features a drip tray and a wire shelf, as well. It’s been shown to produce no noise when in use.

For those who are organizing a short-term excursion with a small group of friends, this is the ideal compact refrigerator in Singapore!

8. Midea MS50 Mini Bar Fridge

Key FeaturesAdjustable leg
Minimal noise
Higher cooling capacity
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A small mini fridge will not be as powerful or large in terms of capacity, but the Midea MS50 Mini Bar Fridge provides a pleasant chilly temperature and makes little noise. Because this is rather uncommon for a small fridge, it’s easy to see why they’re advantages.

Though it’s considerably smaller than the preceding fridges on our list, it has adequate compartments for storing a reasonable amount of food and drink. A separate chiller compartment is also supplied.

It is the finest mini-fridge in Singapore for individuals who want a really compact yet still-functional food storage option, thanks to its features and design.

9. Haier HC27SW20RB 2.7 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator

Key FeaturesFull-width freezer compartment
Adjustable thermostat 
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Do you need a small fridge with a big interior in Singapore? The Haier 2.7 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator HC27SW20RB has more compartments than the LG, as shown on the illustration. It is worth noting that it can hold a 2L bottle, which is nice for people who like to carry around large beverage

It has a large interior, despite its tiny appearance. It includes a full-width freezer compartment where you can keep perishables such as meats, lunch boxes, and more frozen items.

10. Baseus Mini Fridge

Key FeaturesEasy and Convenient to carry around
Aesthetically appealing and adaptable
Good to store both skincare and drinks
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The Baseus mini refrigerator is both aesthetically appealing and highly adaptable, with 4.8/5 stars on Lazada among the top-rated tiny fridges. This little, delicate item has a one-of-a-kind curved structure, complemented by wooden legs and a translucent glass panel that allows it to blend in with other objects on a shelf or tabletop.

It can be kept cool to 12°C – the ideal temperature for preserving cosmetics. For a one-stop-shop for skincare, those with 101 skincare essentials may keep their face masks and moisturizers chilly in their workplace. If you need to keep foods warm while you work, this tiny refrigerator can also be heated to 65°C

Mini Fridge Singapore

We hope you enjoyed this article about the best mini fridge in Singapore. With so many options to choose from, we were glad to be able to share with you the different distinctive features, specialties, and weaknesses of our top 10 mini fridge recommendations! Nonetheless, we hope that through this article, you will be able to obtain a clearer picture of the ideal mini fridge you want based on your own personal reasons.

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