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6 Tips for enjoying Mooncakes the healthy way this Mid-Autumn Festival [2023]

Mooncakes Singapore
Mooncakes Singapore

In Chinese literature, the full moon, food, and traditions are symbolisms of unity, tranquility, wealth, and affluence. Just like how we experience joy and anguish; unity and separation; the moon also has clarity and darkness, as it wanes and waxes. When fully grown, it reflects a harmonious balance which gives hope to humanity.

This is why the Chinese gather with their family and friends to eat mooncake and sip on tea while gazing at the moon together; because it reminds them of the true meaning of this auspicious holiday and why it is important to pass on the tradition.

That being said, this celebratory pastry although sweet and delicious, can cause a lot of weight gain due to its high caloric content; potentially raising blood pressure and spiking blood sugar levels.

Fret not, for here are 6 tips on how to enjoy mooncakes guilt-free and mitigate the negative effects!

1) Sharing is caring

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Mooncakes although small, are extremely high in calories; one mooncake contains about 1,000 calories! Hence, they are meant to be shared and eaten in small pieces.

We recommend cutting a mooncake into 8 small slices to share with your family and friends!

2) Do not consume mooncake for breakfast or as a meal

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While tempting to eat mooncakes for breakfast because of its convenience and easy storage, it goes against the principle of having balanced nutrition.
Mooncakes contain an excessive amount of sugar and if eaten in the morning, will cause blood sugar levels to surge and crash as quickly during mid-day. Hence, it will cause you to feel more lethargic and crave for more sugary food. Thus, it is ideally better to consume mooncake as an add-on to your regular meals rather than as a main course.

3) Opt for sugar-free or healthier alternatives

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With health and nutrition trends gaining popularity as of late, many brands have came up with new innovative recipes for mooncakes to make it healthier and lower in calories.
For example, natural sweeteners like Stevia; are now used in place of sugar which results in a lower sugar content, making it a healthier overall treat.

4) Get active

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One should not remain idle and dwell in guilt after indulging in such a sinful treat. Instead of throwing a pity party, try getting out of your house and do something active to burn off those extra calories.

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5) Reduce carbohydrate intake

Since mooncakes are generally made up of very carb-heavy ingredients, one should try reducing their overall carbohydrate intake if they are to indulge in mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival. This is to offset the negative side effects of consuming too much carbohydrates, such as; carb bloating and water retention.

6) Drink tea

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Mooncake is usually accompanied with tea such as Oolong or Chinese tea. This is because tea contains acetic acids that aid in digestion and prevent the accumulation of body fat.
One should keep in mind to avoid carbonated beverages such as Coca-Cola, as they contain extreme amounts of sugar and will just add more to the additional calories from the mooncake. Hence, further amplifying the negative weight gain effects of mooncakes.

In a nutshell, mooncakes make delectable festival desserts but should be consumed in moderation due to health reasons. Always make sure to choose mooncakes that are made of healthier, natural ingredients, and to stay active while indulging in these festive treats. On a side note, if you wish to celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival by throwing a party; leave it to The Fun Empire to help you plan the best, most memorable party ever!

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May your blessings be ample and joy be plentiful!