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5 Ways to Celebrate NS50 [2023]

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ns50 Singapore
ns50 Singapore

To those who are serving or has served our country, you have gone through the torturous BMT phase and hardships with your NS mates. Why not take a short break since it’s NS50? An occasion specially for you. If you’re struggling to find ideas to commemorate this day, look no further as we have a variety of games for you! In spirit of National Day, bring along your company to a day of fun and games as a treat for all the hard work you put into keeping the nation safe. This is also a different way of bonding with your NS mates as compared to your NS trainings. Besides all the following games are perfect for team building too!

Here are 5 awesome team building activities that you can try out!

1. Bubble Bump

In this game, you either “bump or be bumped” by others. A combination of soccer and rugby, but even better. Can you run in it? Yes, definitely! Our Bubble Soccer game is guaranteed to leave you rolling on the floor and laughing to your hearts content. It may look simple but it sure is a lot of work to move around with a bubble strapped to your shoulders. The fun comes when you run and bump into your friends which leaves them rolling on the floor for a good 5 seconds. But what’s there to sweat when you have trained with your army vest on? Bubble Bump will be an easy workout for you.

2. Combat Archery Tag


Instead of holding a bow and shooting in the jungle, you’ll be shooting your opponent for real! Fret not, it’s still a safe game to play as you’ll have a mask on and the arrows are padded. Show off your leadership skills and lead your team into winning this game. Brainstorm together on the different ways you can get back at your opponent. It can also get a little competitive as everyone gets themselves immersed in the game. Combat Archery Tag may give you the idea and feel as to how it is like to shoot your opponents directly. By the end of this fun team building game, you’ll discover if you’re a good archer based on the number of opponents that you managed to knock down!

3. Saber Tag

If you’d like to feel like a character from Star Wars for a day, then you should play Saber Tag! The light saber stick will automatically unleash the inner kid in you! It’s similar to fencing but even more fun! With just an electronic vest that will determine your life in the game. Have a friendly competition with your team mates and a good run, trying to avoid from getting tagged from the front and back. This game tests your agility. How do you avoid from getting tagged by your opponents? It’s all on your feet and flexibility of your body to dodge the stick. May the fourth be with you!

4. Laser Tag

Does the laser hurt if it hits your body? Not at all! Laser Tag is an interesting team building game play without getting physical with your friends. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the laser can’t pass through the bunkers that you’re hiding behind, because they can! Everyone has a role to play in this game. So come up with a good strategy as to who goes forth to shoot while the rest remain hidden, and the cycle repeats. Work together and watch each other’s back for your enemies are coming your way!

5. Poolball

Tired from running all over the place? We hear you. This poolball game is perfect in times like this! There’s a slight twist to the original game of pool. Over here, all of the items are magnified – such as the tables and balls. You’ll be using your legs to get the balls rolling instead of a pool stick. The 6 different scoring areas are relatively wide that makes it seem easy to get the ball through but in reality, it can be a little tough. However, it’s still possible! Communicate with your team mates well and discuss on which ball you would like to score and help each other when the going gets tough. Go and and get kicking with your friends with this awesome fun team building game!

Feeling excited yet? You can try these team building games this National Day with your fellow NS men. Thank you for keeping Singapore safe!

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