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Ultimate Guide To Kids’ Party Planning [2024]

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Kids' Party Planning Guide
Kids’ Party Planning Guide

Gone are the days where kids play musical chairs with their friends and munch on homemade cupcakes in the living room during their birthdays. Nowadays, if it’s your little one’s birthday party, you will not hesitate to make it the most perfect bash your kid has ever had! From Bubble Bump to giant board games, here are 5 different ideas to make your child’s next birthday party their best one yet!

1. Trampoline Park

Most kids love jumping around, so what better place to bring yours than a trampoline park? Letting your kids jump around on trampolines not only makes them happy and allows them to get their daily fill of exercise, it also relieves their stress from school! Trampoline parks are suitable for kids aged 3 years and above, to youths and adults. You can expect to have unforgettable fun with loads of adrenaline!

 2. Bubble Bump Games

If your kids love to run around but you’re afraid of them sustaining injuries, we have a solution for you. Try Bubble Bump! Games such as Bubble Soccer requires players to be inside a giant inflatable bubble, which reduces the chances of them getting hurt. Although the sport is vigorous and players will bump into each other, the chances of injuries are minimised as the players are wrapped in a giant bubble from the knee up! Furthermore, the game will be fun for kids as they can enjoy bumping into each other while playing the game. It will also be more of a challenge for them to score goals when they are inside a giant bubble! Feel free to play as a family as there are both kid-sized and adult-sized bubble suits available!

3. Kid-Friendly Obstacle Courses

This is the perfect activity for those whose kids love the sun! If you’ve walked past obstacle courses during your strolls with your kids, chances are that they would have exclaimed saying they want to try it one day! So, what better day is there to try it than their special day? Obstacle courses require lots of physical movements, so your kids can clock in that exercise! Furthermore, it is great for kids’ development as it encourages thinking and problem solving, which is rarely seen in kids’ activities these days especially if it involves technology! If you’re concerned about the sweltering heat, there are plenty of options for indoor obstacle courses in Singapore as well!

4. Giant Board Games

We’ve all played games such as Jenga, Snakes & Ladder, and even Pick Up Sticks. However, have you tried a giant version of it? If you haven’t, it’s time to try it! These huge versions of board games will definitely surprise your kids and put a twist to the predictable board games! If you’d like to try, we recommend Giant Jenga where you can try your hand at pulling out giant jenga blocks without the rest of the life-sized tower crumbling!

5. Glamping

For most of us, camping would remind us of uncomfortable tents where we had to sleep on thin sleeping bags while getting bitten by mosquitoes. However, kids these days have the privilege of “glamping” – a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping”, which should give you an idea of what glamping is. Glamping can be done anywhere, but common locations include beaches and parks. You don’t have to pitch the tent yourself or prepare anything, simply turn up to the venue! In fact, some packages even provide you with tea time snacks and drinks, and your kids can play by the beach after tea. Glamping will not only make for some nice pictures to keep as memories, but it will certainly be an experience of a lifetime for your kids!

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