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5 Best Perfume Workshops in Singapore [2023]

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Perfume Workshop Singapore

Best Perfume Workshop Singapore
Best Perfume Workshop Singapore

Singapore is a haven for those who seek new experiences and want to learn something new. One such experience that has been gaining popularity over the years is perfume-making workshops. These workshops offer an opportunity for individuals to create their own unique fragrance, learn about scent composition and explore the world of perfumery. In this article, we will be exploring some of the best perfume workshops in Singapore.

Key Consideration Factors

  • Type of perfume-making experience – Different perfume workshops offer unique experiences that could range from informative lectures on perfume composition to hands-on sessions where you create your own perfume. Research each workshop and decide which one fits best with the type of experience you’re looking for.
  • Budget – It is another consideration when selecting a perfume workshop. Depending on the type of workshop, perfume kits and other materials may be included in the fee or you may have to pay extra for them. Therefore, you should check the workshop fees and see what is included before making your decision.
  • Duration and learning outcomes – Some perfume workshops could be a one-time event with just a few hours of instruction while others offer more comprehensive courses that span over several days. Be sure to check how long the perfume workshop is and what you will be learning during the course before signing up.

Best Perfume Workshops Singapore

1) Oo La Lab

Oo La Lab - Perfume Workshop Singapore (Credit: Oo La Lab)
Oo La Lab – Perfume Workshop Singapore (Credit: Oo La Lab)
AddressDELTA HOUSE, Alexandra Rd, #02-04 2, 159919

Oo La Lab is one of the most popular perfume-making workshops in Singapore. The workshop offers a unique experience where participants get to create their own signature scent from scratch using high-quality ingredients sourced from all over the world. The workshop also provides a fragrance profiling session where participants can discover their scent preferences and learn more about different scent families.

2) Perfume Workshop Singapore

Perfume Workshop Singapore - Perfume Workshop Singapore (Credit: Perfume Workshop Singapore)
Perfume Workshop Singapore – Perfume Workshop Singapore (Credit: Perfume Workshop Singapore)

Perfume Workshop Singapore is a perfume-making workshop that offers participants an immersive experience in scent composition and perfume-making. Here, individuals can explore the creative process of perfume-making by creating their own unique fragrance that reflects their personal preferences. The workshops are conducted under the guidance of experienced perfume artists who will guide participants through each step of the perfume-making process.

3) Maison 21G

Maison 21G - Perfume Workshop Singapore (Credit: Maison 21G)
Maison 21G – Perfume Workshop Singapore (Credit: Maison 21G)
Phone+65 87478680

Maison 21G offers a unique approach to perfume-making by allowing participants to create their own custom fragrance using an online personality test as a guide. Participants can choose from various scents based on their personality traits and preferences before attending the workshop to finalize their creation.

4) Sifr Aromatics

Sifr - Perfume Workshop Singapore (Credit: Sifr)
Sifr – Perfume Workshop Singapore (Credit: Sifr)
Address42 Arab Street, Singapore 199741
Phone+65 63921966

Sifr Aromatics focuses on creating bespoke fragrances customised for each individual participant’s needs and preferences. The workshop uses only natural ingredients sourced from around the world, such as rare flowers, spices, woods, and resins.

5) Scentopia Singapore

Scentopia Singapore - Perfume Workshop Singapore (Credit: Scentopia Singapore)
Scentopia Singapore – Perfume Workshop Singapore (Credit: Scentopia Singapore)
Address36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore
Phone+65 8031 7081

Scentopia offers perfume-making workshops that are designed to provide a unique, sensory experience for its participants. The workshop focuses on creating custom perfume blends based on the individual’s preferences and personality traits.

Perfume Workshop Singapore

In conclusion, if you are looking for an exciting new experience or want to delve into the world of perfumery then look no further than these amazing perfume-making workshops in Singapore! Each one offers a unique approach that caters to different skill levels and preferences while providing an unforgettable experience that will surely leave you smelling great!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about perfume workshops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Perfume Workshops in Singapore below:

How long do perfume workshops last?

Perfume workshops in Singapore typically last for 2 to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the perfume-making process and the number of participants. During this time, participants will receive guidance from perfume experts who will help them create their own unique scent. The perfume-making process comprises of several steps, such as selecting quality ingredients, blending the perfume, and bottling the perfume.

Are perfume workshops suitable for all levels of experience?

Yes, perfume workshops are suitable for all levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced perfume enthusiast, these workshops offer something for everyone. Experienced perfume experts will guide participants through the process step-by-step while providing helpful tips and advice. The perfume-making process is also designed to be simple and straightforward, allowing even beginners to create their own perfume with ease.

Is there an age limit for participating in a perfume workshop?

Most perfume workshop providers in Singapore do not have an age limit for participants, however, some may require children to be supervised by a parent or guardian. The perfume-making process is simple enough for children to understand and take part in. Workshops typically last for 2-3 hours where each participant will have the opportunity to create their own unique perfume blend.

It is recommended to contact the perfume workshop provider for more information about age limits and other restrictions prior to signing up for a workshop.

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