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Interesting Facts Of Poolball Singapore [2024]

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Poolball Singapore

Poolball Singapore
Poolball Singapore

Have you ever wondered what a team building activity that combines both pool and soccer would look like? Well, you need not spend so much time trying to imagine it anymore! Here at The Fun Empire, we have turned your dreams into reality. Introducing Poolball Singapore! This activity is the first of its kind in Singapore – same pool table rules alongside the beautiful game of soccer. If your employees are either pool or soccer fans, then this team building activity might be the one you should do for your next cohesion event!

However, don’t limit yourselves to thinking that this team building game is limited to just both pool or soccer fans. If you’re looking for an activity that’s unique and full of fun, this definitely fits the criteria as well. At this point, you may be interested in finding out more about this activity. No worries, we got your back! Here are some facts about this activity.

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What is Poolball?

Poolball is a combination of pool and football that has become increasingly popular in Singapore. Players use giant-sized pool tables and kick soccer balls into pockets instead of using cues and balls. It’s a fast-paced game that encourages teamwork, communication, and strategy.

Why is Poolball Singapore the Ideal Team Building Activity?

Poolball Singapore is the ideal team building activity because it encourages teamwork, communication and collaboration within a group. The game requires players to strategise and cooperate, think critically, and make decisions quickly in order to achieve success. Poolball Singapore also helps to foster camaraderie and morale among the participants as they work together to outwit their opponents.

By being part of a team, each participant can feel empowered and valued as they contribute their skills and perspectives to the overall goal. Additionally, Poolball Singapore is fun and enjoyable for all ages, making it an ideal activity for any group regardless of size or experience level. All in all, Poolball Singapore is the perfect team-building activity as it encourages communication, collaboration and strategic thinking in an entertaining environment.

Benefits Of Poolball For Team Building

Poolball is an increasingly popular activity for team building, as it encourages friendly competition and engagement in a unique way. Playing poolball can be fun, inclusive, and an excellent way to build camaraderie amongst colleagues. With its variety of rules and strategies, it is a great tool for strengthening work relationships and developing important teamwork skills.

One of the key benefits of poolball is that it encourages communication among participants. As teams have to discuss which shots and strategies to use, it provides an opportunity for members to voice their opinions in a more informal setting than an office meeting. This can be beneficial in helping team members build trust and create a better working relationship with each other.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Poolball Experience

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Poolball experience:

1. Learn the rules

Before you start playing, it’s important to understand and follow the rules of pool. Knowing the basic shots, such as a bank shot or combination shots, can help ensure that everyone is on an even playing field.

2. Know your opponents

If you’re playing with other people, take some time to get to know them and understand their playing style. This can help you plan your shots and play more strategically.

3. Focus on technique

Even if you’re just having fun with friends, it’s important to focus on improving your technique. Learning how to properly line up shots and make different types of shots will improve your game.

4. Have fun

Above all else, pool should be a fun experience. Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with playing the game. Make sure to laugh and have a good time!

Interesting Facts Of Poolball Singapore

1. Poolball Singapore uses giant sized pool balls

Giant Sized Poolball - Poolball Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
Giant Sized Poolball – Poolball Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)

Firstly, forget the ordinary pool balls you see when you play pool in bars or lounges. Everything is upsized in Poolball Singapore! The pool balls used in this game are the same size as soccer balls. Well, of course, that means that the pitches used for the gameplay are also bigger than a pool table as well!

2. You kick

Kick - Poolball Singapore
Kick – Poolball Singapore

Furthermore, we guess you could say that poolball includes some element of soccer – kicking. Yes, forget the cue sticks. They’re not going to be of any use to you in poolball at all. Kick striped or colored soccer balls into the pockets of the playing pitch!

3. Your aim makes your game

Aim - Poolball Singapore
Aim – Poolball Singapore

Similarly to both soccer and pool, this game will require you to have a good aim in order to win. It does not just require kicking coloured or striped balls into the pockets. Instead, you will have to kick the white ball and use that to hit the striped or coloured ones into the pockets! And yes, the winner will also be determined by who hits the black number 8 ball into the pocket at the end of the game!

4. Strategic planning

Plan - Poolball Singapore
Plan – Poolball Singapore

Likewise, with all the games that we recommend, there is some strategy needed for this team building game! While pool has only one variation of the game, this is not the case with poolball. Poolball Singapore has come up with different scenarios and situations (such as Sabotage or Battlefield). This is to make it more challenging and problem solving-based!

5. There is no age limit for Poolball

No Age Limit - Poolball Singapore
No Age Limit – Poolball Singapore

No need to be concerned! Poolball is suitable for all ages! Whether you’re young or younger, Poolball Singapore doesn’t discriminate! Be it for a birthday party or a cohesion day, we can guarantee you that poolball is a game that’s worth trying out.

Recommended Poolball Providers in Singapore

1. FunEmpire

FunEmpire Poolball
FunEmpire Poolball

With Poolball Classic, you’re ensured a timeless experience that will appeal to players of all ages. Not only does it aid in team-building and communication skills, but this unique blend of pool and soccer is guaranteed to bring out your playful side with the biggest pool table & smallest soccer field ever! Don’t miss out on the fun – join us for an unforgettable game today!

2. Poolball Singapore

Poolball Singapore
Poolball Singapore

Come experience the thrilling game of Poolball Singapore – an awe-inspiring amalgamation of two beloved sports, pool and football! Playing on a massive 7m table with no cue stick needed, it’s like having the largest billiard table and smallest soccer field at once. It follows traditional rules from both games so that you can enjoy all your favourite aspects in one place. So why not come over today for an incredibly fun time?

3. Team Building Games

Team Building Games Poolball
Team Building Games Poolball

Kick your way to a good time with this unique fusion of poolball and soccer! Simply use your legs as cue sticks and aim the soccer balls into pockets on an enormous-sized pool table. This activity is perfect for gatherings of any kind, from corporate team building to birthday bashes – anyone can partake regardless of age or skill level!

4. Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore Poolball
Team Building Singapore Poolball

Whether you’re a novice swimmer or soccer star, Poolball is an incredibly enjoyable and adaptable game for everyone with friends and family. Don’t worry if your skills are limited – the point of this activity is to have joyous fun!

5. Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities
Team Building Activities

The aim of the game is to score goals, and whoever racks up the most points wins! Playing Poolball is an excellent way for people to come together and have a good time. It’s extremely easy to learn how it works, too – perfect for colleagues looking for a fun activity that can help foster communication as well as build strong relationships.

6. Cohesion Singapore

Cohesion Singapore
Cohesion Singapore

At Cohesion Singapore, gather your team and participate in the world’s largest pool table for an engaging corporate team building event. Games such as Poolball Classic and Sabotage allow players to strategize together while improving communication within the group – perfect for parties of any size or age range!

7. Team Building Squad

Team Building Squad
Team Building Squad

Get your heart racing and experience the ultimate thrill in Singapore with Poolball – an exciting indoor pastime that can be enjoyed for only $20 per person. This game features a colossal 7-meter pool table, as well as oversized pool balls resembling soccer balls! Ready to take on the world’s largest pool table? Choose from two amazing games – Poolball Classic or Poolball Sabotage – and challenge yourself like never before!

Poolball Singapore

In conclusion, if you are looking for a fun game that’s the first of its kind, then we believe Poolball is the game for you! For more exciting options of team building activities, you can check out the links below 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Poolball in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Poolball in Singapore below:

Is Poolball suitable for all ages?

Yes, poolball is certainly suitable for all ages! It’s a great way for adults and children alike to have an exciting and enjoyable time together. With its combination of physical activity, tactical thinking, hand-eye coordination and social interaction, poolball is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

It also provides an opportunity to learn more about the game and its rules, which can be helpful for players of all ages. Plus, it’s a great way to spend quality time with friends and family! So no matter what your age or skill level may be, poolball is definitely a game worth trying out!

Is Poolball Singapore safe and secure to play?

Absolutely! All equipment used is of the highest quality, certified by a trusted third-party, and regularly tested to ensure that it meets all safety standards. Furthermore, it is thoroughly inspected before and after each session, to ensure that all players can enjoy a safe and secure environment. We also provide professionals who are experienced in handling any potential issues that may arise during the game, so rest assured knowing you’re in good hands!

Does Poolball come with an instructor/coach that can help teach me how to play the game?

Yes, Poolball Singapore offers an experienced instructor/coach that can help teach you the basics of the game. The coach will be able to break down each component of the game for you and provide you with tips to help improve your game. So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With the help of our coaches, you can master the game in no time!

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