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10 Best Portable Speakers in Singapore [2024]

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Portable Speaker Singapore

Best Portable Speaker Singapore
Best Portable Speaker Singapore

Looking for the best portable speaker in Singapore? Look no further!

We have compiled a list of the 10 best portable speakers available in the market today. These speakers are perfect for people on the go, as they are lightweight and easy to carry around. They also offer great sound quality, making them perfect for listening to music or watching videos.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 best portable speakers in Singapore!

1. Klipsch Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Where to Buy
Price$119.00 to $129.00

The Klipsch Groove portable Bluetooth speaker is one of our top choices. It provides excellent output while being convenient. Not to add, the cost is reasonable. It has an 8-hour battery life, is waterproof, and produces loud, clear sound even when used outside.

Highs and lows are flawlessly balanced thanks to the 3″ full-range high excursion driver and two side-firing passive bass radiators. A top pick.

Key Differentiators

  • Crisp clear sound
  • Splash-resistant so you can take it to the pool, the lake, or the beach
  • USB Rechargeable Battery with an 8-hour life
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Enabled

Customer Testimonial

When I am not home to listen my most awesome Klipsch RP8000-Fs I listen to my Klipsch Groove II. Great sound. I hear background sounds I never expected out of a single speaker. Big range sound our of small size speaker. I love everything Klipsch!

Steve Palaschak

2. Sony XB22 EXTRA BASS Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Key FeaturesPortable Wireless Speaker
Where to Buy
PriceS$ 179.00

The Sony XB22 EXTRA BASS Portable Bluetooth Speaker will blow you away if bass is your thing. With this potent buddy, you can bring the thumping festival vibe with you wherever you go.

Full and deep sound is guaranteed by the dual 42mm speakers and Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC) speaker cone. Additionally, it has a great Additional BASS button that you can push to amplify the bass when you need a little extra oomph and flashing party lights.

Key Differentiators

  • Compact size
  • Convenient strap
  •  Dual passive radiators 

3. JBL Boombox

Key FeaturesPortable Bluetooth Speaker
Where to Buy
PriceS$ 599.00

The JBL Boombox is the ideal portable Bluetooth speaker. Perhaps you enjoy throwing parties outside, or you work as an outdoor fitness teacher. This sturdy speaker is splash-resistant and comes with a protective shell.

Not to mention that it is lightweight and portable. For simple streaming and control directly from your phone or tablet, pair it with the JBL app.

Key Differentiators

  • The loudest JBL boombox ever
  • Monstrous bass you can feel
  • Up to 24 hours of playtime

4. JBL Flip 6

Key FeaturesPortable Waterproof Speaker
Where to Buy
PriceS$ 199.00

A Bluetooth speaker that adheres to the fundamentals and gets it right is the JBL Flip 6. This tough portable speaker is incredibly easy to use, has great sound, and can be connected to up to 100 other JBL speakers simultaneously to provide a massive wall of sound.

This speaker is perfect for taking to the beach or pool because of its 12-hour battery life and water and dust proof. It also comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Unlike larger JBL speakers, it doesn’t include a connector for charging your phone, but that isn’t a major concern.

Key Differentiators

  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • 12 Hours of Playtime
  • More powerful sound

5. Sonos Singapore Roam Bluetooth Speaker 

Key FeaturesSupreme Versatility
Where to Buy

We appreciate the fact that the Sonos roam is a smart speaker designed for all of your listening excursions. Having this portable speaker, in particular, allows you to travel with amazing sound.

Additionally, one of the benefits is listening to music and improving your viewing experience with excellent audio! In addition, you can benefit from wonderful features like WiFi multi-room streaming and Bluetooth at home.

Because of its waterproof durability on the road, you can bring this Sonos speaker anywhere with confidence. With that, use the brand-new Sound Swap function to keep the celebration and music continuing. Automatic Trueplay, on the other hand, customizes the sound to your environment and the content you are listening to, allowing you to enjoy the superior sound wherever you are.

Key Differentiators

  • WiFi
  • Size-defying sound
  • Bluetooth
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Apple Airplay 2

6. Ultimate Ears Boom 3 

Key FeaturesSuper-portable wireless Bluetooth® speaker:
Where to Buy

You won’t regret purchasing this speaker for your late-night gatherings. In fact, this product was created expressly to withstand the ups and downs of life. What’s more, this speaker passed 25 extremely demanding durability tests. Having said that, the Ultimate Ears UE BOOM 3 can do the task for you! So whether you’re outside or inside, have a party with this wireless and portable Bluetooth speaker.

In addition, the brand-new magic button on the Boom 3 lets you play, pause, and skip tunes right on the speaker. Additionally, you can use the app to make one-touch playlists for Apple Music® and Deezer® Premium on this speaker.

Aside from that, the light-shifting fabric on this Bluetooth speaker unquestionably marries aesthetics and performance! In fact, all you need to do to enjoy the lovely iridescent themes and 15-hour party power is to buy this UE Boom 3.

Key Differentiators


7. Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speaker

Key FeaturesBluetooth® speaker​
Where to Buy

The music that this portable speaker produces is clean, rich, and has a powerful bottom. The PositionIQTM technology also recognizes and improves sound for your hearing. You may be sure that this speaker is loaded with cutting-edge technology as a result.

Additionally, this speaker is not only dust- and water-resistant but also has a tough, portable design. This can withstand drops, collisions, shocks, and rust all at once! The ability to make and receive phone calls while using the built-in microphone is the nicest aspect, though. Additionally, you may hang it simply on a beach chair or a backpack by fastening a carabiner to a utility loop.

You can rely on this speaker to match your vibe because it comes in Black, White Smoke, or Stone Blue patterns. Additionally, you may use the multifunction button to get voice input via Siri or Google Assistant.

Key Differentiators


8. Marshall Stockwell II 

Key FeaturesPortable powerful speaker
Where to Buy
PriceSGD 399.00

We appreciate that there is a wealth of information available from this device. And despite the fact that this small device may be petite, it takes pleasure in its capacity to fill large rooms with music.

Additionally, you can count on 20 hours of nonstop pleasure! Additionally, it charges quickly to keep you mobile and deliver an amazing audio experience. But the Marshall Stockwell II’s small weight and high performance make it exceptional. And the best part is that you may adjust the sound to your preferences! For instance, the top panel’s capabilities let you adjust the volume, treble, and bass dials simultaneously.

Furthermore, the attached guitar-inspired strap lets you carry it wherever you go. Additionally, did you know that this is also water-resistant? It just gets better from there. So choose this Marshall Stockwell II if you want a portable speaker with a rock-and-roll aesthetic.

Key Differentiators


9. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Key FeaturesPortable Bluetooth Speaker
Where to Buy
PriceS$ 399.00

Have you ever had a crucial business meeting disrupted by a bad speaker setup? Consider acquiring the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 Bluetooth speaker from Singapore if you don’t want to relive this unpleasant situation.

This wireless speaker is a great option because it has a beautiful design, outstanding functions, and great sound. The Onyx Studio 4 will give you the pinnacle of room-filling audio during your conference sessions because it was built to be the best-sounding portable Bluetooth speaker in its class.

Key Differentiators


10. Anker Soundcore Flare 2 

Key FeaturesBluetooth Speaker
Where to Buy

This Anker Soundcore Flare 2 is exceptional because to its cost, stylish design, and top-notch functions. Additionally, you can anticipate powerful 360-degree bass-driven music and 360-degree immersive sound. Additionally, it is waterproof! As a result, there is no need to be concerned about spills and rain because this can survive total submersion.

In addition, other endearing features include BassUp technology combined with dual drivers and passive radiators. We also enjoy the brand-new light show. As an example, this offers a creatively updated rainbow light show that synchronizes with your music’s beat.

Not to mention, the EQ control and six light settings let you customize the light display. In addition, Double light rings can deliver pulsating, floor-to-ceiling illumination simultaneously. But the best part is that you can connect up to 100+ Flare 2 portable Bluetooth speakers using this device’s PartyCast technology for a smooth party setup.

Key Differentiators

  • 360° Immersive Sound
  • All-New Light Show
  • Pool Party Proof

Portable Speaker Singapore

Portable speakers are perfect for people on the go! They are lightweight and easy to carry around, and they offer great sound quality. So, if you are looking for a portable speaker that will deliver great sound quality, then be sure to check out our list of the 10 best portable speakers in Singapore!

Did we miss your favorite portable speaker? Let us know!

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