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10 Best PR Agencies in Singapore [2023]

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PR Agencies Singapore

Best PR Agencies Singapore
Best PR Agencies Singapore

The business world is changing rapidly, and it’s important for companies to have a good public relations strategy. There are many PR agencies in Singapore that can help you with this, but not all of them are created equally. This list will provide insight into the 10 best PR agencies in Singapore so you don’t have to spend your time researching!

1. Alexander PR Group by Marie Alexander

Alexander PR Group - PR Agencies Singapore
Alexander PR Group – PR Agencies Singapore (Credit: Alexander PR Group)
Key FeaturesMarketing Agency
Business and Brand Development
Contact(+65) 6719-5459 
Operating Hours Monday to Friday (9am to 7pm)

APR Group is a Singapore-based business development partner that is easily accessible and dependable. Since 2004, it has been one of the country’s most experienced marketing companies, expertly assisting a variety of firms. Whether you have a large or small company, they are the key to keeping your business in the public eye.

The APR Group is a full-service marketing firm that can help you with a variety of services, including brand development, public relations, digital development, and more. You may grow your company with their help by ensuring and nurturing the most valuable asset of your business—your brand.

APR Group provides only the greatest services, tailored to your specific requirements. Expect your earnings to rise and your customer connections to strengthen as a result of their attention to detail as they grow with you. Today, join their team as a partner!

2. Edelman

Edelman - PR Agencies Singapore
Edelman – PR Agencies Singapore (Credit: Edelman)
Key FeaturesTeam of former journalists
Partnerships with the largest media outlets
Address15 Beach Road Beach Centre, #04-01 SINGAPORE 189677
Contact+65 6733 1110

Edelmann has built a number of worldwide networks throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. They work with big businesses to promote and preserve their clients’ brands.

They’ve created creative ideas and methods that have had a significant influence on the target audience, as well as effective advertising campaigns that can travel quickly. They also house staff of top experts with skills in such fields as brand journalism, multicultural engagement, public affairs, media relations, and more.

3. Elliot Communications

Elliot Communications - PR Agencies Singapore
Elliot Communications – PR Agencies Singapore (Credit: Elliot Communications)
Key FeaturesPR and marketing services at competitive prices
Wide connections to various media partners
Address62 Cecil St, #02-00A TPI Building, Singapore 049710
Contact+65 6221 2044
Operating Hours Weekdays: 10am–6pm

Elliot Communications is the ideal PR agency in Singapore to help you develop effective and responsive promotional campaigns for startups and small enterprises.

They firmly believe that telling the genuine story behind a brand is a key instrument to entrepreneurial success. They may assist you to develop a strong brand presence and reputation by collaborating with the media on a long-term basis.

4. Litmus PR

Litmus PR - PR Agencies Singapore
Litmus PR – PR Agencies Singapore (Credit: Litmus PR)
Key FeaturesContent, PR, Social and Digital services
Innovation expertise
Strong APAC reach
Address5, Shenton Way, #10-01, UIC Building, Singapore 068808
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9am-6pm

LITMUS is a Singapore-based public relations and communications company that provides Content, PR, Social Media, and Digital services and solutions to help organizations succeed.

LITMUS collaborates with established businesses and innovation-driven start-ups/growth companies in a range of technological areas, including artificial intelligence/ML, analytics, cloud computing, data science, finance/fintech, payments, platforms, robotics, security, telco technology, and others.

The goal of this firm is to help marketers and business owners create an impact on their company’s bottom line. They provide communications strategy, content marketing, thought leadership, public relations, media management, social media, digital and design services.

They’ve run campaigns at the national, regional, and global levels over the past ten years, earning them a position among Singapore’s finest agencies.

5. DIFY Singapore

DIFY Singapore - PR Agencies Singapore
DIFY Singapore – PR Agencies Singapore (Credit: DIFY Singapore)
Key FeaturesDigital Solutions
Public Relations
Events & Activations
Industries We Service
Address33 Ubi Avenue 3 #05-56 Vertex (Lobby A) Singapore 408868
Contact(+65) 6679 1218
Operating Hours Monday to Friday
930AM to 6PM

DIFY Singapore is a group of people with the goal of providing their clients with the most effective services possible. They think that effective marketing requires good communication, which is why they place a premium on speaking with their customers before moving on to the planning process.

They can handle all of your marketing requirements since they are well-versed in a wide range of topics – from Blockchain PR to basic social media management, and everything in between. One of their objectives for their clients is to help brands from all over the world create long-term connections through their personalized and consistent customer service. Every client is cherished by them, and they give it their undivided attention.

6. Prospr Communications

Prospr Communications - PR Agencies Singapore
Prospr Communications – PR Agencies Singapore (Credit: Prospr Communications)
Key FeaturesNo Paid Advertising
Pay Only For Outcomes
Elevates Brand Authority
Contact+65 6221 2044
Operating Hours Monday to Friday
10AM to 6PM

Prospr Communications, a firm with more than two decades of expertise in public relations, branding, and communications management, has mastered the principles of the PR business.

Prospr Communications has a spirit of innovation and honesty, which is why they are so successful in this area. They never take the easy way out, but constantly exceed the client’s expectations by delivering and exceeding them.

Prospr Communications specializes in helping its customers separate themselves from the competition. They provide a platform for clients to get exposure for their brands. Furthermore, Prospr Communications is a result-based startup business that focuses on delivering exactly what you require, which means there will be no overcharging or hidden expenses.

7. The Hoffman Agency

Hoffman Agency - PR Agencies Singapore
Hoffman Agency – PR Agencies Singapore (Credit: Hoffman Agency)
Key FeaturesRegular publications of PR campaigns
Global network
Address331 North Bridge Road #05-04/05 Odeon Towers Singapore 188720
Contact+65 6721 9961
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9am–6pm

The Hoffman Agency has been promoting worldwide campaigns for many years. They aggregate a variety of media platforms and conduct PR efforts on a regular basis, resulting in progressive outcomes.

They have experts with prior expertise in communication skills on staff to execute ideal advertising for their clients. These initiatives are delivered through the most appropriate channels at the right time, thanks to their specialists with a background in communications disciplines.

They’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, from startups to large public sector organizations, demonstrating that they are in fact one of the finest PR firms in Singapore.

8. Absolute PR

Absolute PR - PR Agencies Singapore
Absolute PR – PR Agencies Singapore (Credit: Absolute PR)
Key FeaturesGreat Communications Strategy
Mix of Traditional and Modern Marketing
Social Media with Influencers Management
Address391B Ngee Ann City #22-01
Singapore 238874
Contact+(65) 6221 2688
+(65) 6221 4688
Operating Hours 9am – 6pm

Absolute PR is a lifestyle PR agency that was founded in 2005 with the goal of getting companies seen and heard by their target audiences. They have customers all throughout the world, including Singapore.

Their experience is what distinguishes them as a trustworthy agency— they have clients from many sectors, including the FMCGs lifestyle group in aesthetics, beauty, fashion, F&B, lifestyle and wellness, and even prestigious institutions and luxury goods industries.

Their track record and knowledge are unrivaled, something you’ll need if you want a fantastic brand identity and relationships with the appropriate media. To top it all off, their outstanding high-quality services are affordable and provide guaranteed outcomes.

9. Brand Incorporated

Brand Incorporated - PR Agencies Singapore
Brand Incorporated – PR Agencies Singapore (Credit: Brand Incorporated)
Key FeaturesEvent public relations
Fashion public relations
Address71 Lor 23 Geylang Singapore 388368
Contact+65 9773 5364
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9:30am–6:30pm

The firm has a long history of developing innovative marketing campaigns. The majority of their specialties are in sectors such as hospitality, tourism, and healthcare.

Our team is made up of forward-thinking trendsetters who use their PR talents to help their clients gain an edge over the competition.

They’ve set up offices in Singapore and Malaysia throughout a decade of service, which is why they’re regarded as the greatest PR agency in Singapore.

10. Affluence PR

Affluence PR - PR Agencies Singapore
Affluence PR – PR Agencies Singapore (Credit: Affluence PR)
Key FeaturesProduct launches and media interest event concepts
Public and media relations training
Address20 Cecil Street #26-02 Plus Building Singapore 049705
Contact+65 3163 4653 
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9am–6pm

Affluence is a well-known public relations firm in Asia that specializes in catering to the biggest retail businesses throughout the region. They emphasize the importance of marketing initiatives in improving consumer experience and building long-term relationships with clients.

Their solid groundwork and basic yet creative techniques are at the heart of their successful efforts. They tailored their initiatives to the current market trends, customer and consumer demands, and innovative cooperation across various sectors.

Furthermore, they hold press conferences, television onsite interviews, radio station interviews, and media events. They’re also linked with a number of media organizations.

PR Agencies Singapore

The 10 best PR agencies in Singapore are diverse and experienced, with each agency providing a customized service tailored to the needs of their clients. Whether you’re looking for an expert who can help improve your brand identity or someone to execute media campaigns on behalf of your business, there is likely an agency that suits all of your needs—and then some! If you need guidance selecting which PR firm would be right for you, our team stands ready to make recommendations to tailor your suitable preference!

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