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7 Best Shops For Retro Snacks Singapore [2024]

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Retro Snacks Singapore

Best Retro Snacks Singapore
Best Retro Snacks Singapore

Whether you’re yearning for the sweet, the crunchy goodness of potato sticks, or the delightful sensation of popping candy, these spots are your go-to destinations.

The best shops for retro snacks in Singapore include Teck Leong Lee Kee, The Biscuit Paradise, SnackFirst, and 90s Candy Society.

When selecting a store for retro snacks, it is important to consider factors such as pricing, product quality, customer service, and product variety.

These nostalgic retro snacks are an integral part of Singapore’s vibrant food culture, evoking joy and a sense of timelessness with each delectable bite. Indulge in these treats and be transported to the simplicity and charm of the good old days.

Take a trip down memory lane as we explore the best shops for retro snacks in Singapore.

Quick Summary

  • Best shops for retro snacks in Singapore include Teck Leong Lee Kee, The Biscuit Paradise, SnackFirst, and 90s Candy Society.
  • When choosing a shop for retro snacks, make sure to check the prices, quality, customer service, and variety of products.
  • These retro snacks, a significant part of Singapore’s vibrant food culture, bring nostalgia and joy with every bite, transporting you to the simplicity and charm of the good old days.

Best Retro Snacks Singapore

1) King of Snacks

King of Snacks - Best Retro Snacks Singapore
(Credit: King of Snacks)
Key ServiceFreshly picked and preserved Plums and Fruits
Address1 Fusionopolis Way, B2-04 Connexis, Singapore 138577
Phone+65 8650 1776
Operating HoursMonday – Friday: 8am – 7:00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Step into the kingdom of childhood snacks and prepare to be amazed! King of Snacks reigns supreme with its vast array of retro treats and toys.

From wall-climbing sticky Spidermen to addictive handheld water games and magical pop candies, it’s a treasure trove that guarantees a nostalgic journey down memory lane. Get ready to indulge in the ultimate blast from the past!

You can find their store in one-north Fusionopolis One, but if it’s a bit inconvenient, you also have the option to shop online on their website. The great thing is that all their products are halal-certified, ensuring everyone can enjoy them without any worries.

2) CookiesTalk

CookiesTalk - Best Retro Snacks Singapore
(Credit: CookiesTalk)
Key ServiceWide range of biscuits, crackers, chips and cookies
AddressBlock 625 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9 #01-116
Singapore 560625
Phone+65 6456 3848
+65 9875 7976
+65 9850 6948
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday. 9.30am to 6.30pm.
Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays.

CookiesTalk, situated in Ang Mo Kio, is a nostalgic snack shop that offers over 200 types of biscuits. With a rich history dating back to 1978, this renowned biscuit shop is certainly one of the originals.

Indulge in their irresistible bestsellers like the mouthwatering mini roti sugar, delightful sweet heart biscuits, crunchy tapioca chips, and scrumptious small roll crackers (starting from S$7.80).

Shopping on their biscuit shop’s website? You’re in luck! They offer five container sizes to cater to your cravings: a whole tin, big bottle, tall bottle, pack, and small bottle. So go ahead and choose how you want to satisfy your taste buds!

3) Teck Leong Lee Kee

Teck Leong Lee Kee - Best Retro Snacks Singapore
(Credit: Teck Leong Lee Kee)
Key ServiceCandies, Snacks, Chocolates, Peanuts, Seaweed, and more.
Address5029 Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 2, #01-141, Singapore 569532
Phone+65 6445 0879
Operating HoursMon to Sat 9:30 AM–3:30 PM
Sun 1:00 – 3:00PM

Satisfy your nostalgia by enjoying your favorite childhood biscuits whenever you please. This wholesale retailer, established in 1968, offers a wide selection of high-quality chocolates, candies, and biscuits.

Discover Teddy Bear Biscuits, Choki-Choki chocolate paste, Mommom eyeglass candy, and other popular market brands like Pocky, all conveniently available in a single location.

Torrone candies, which are hard to find these days, can be purchased from the retailer. They come in classic flavors like choco-mint and sour orange. The biscuit shop accepts online orders and provides delivery for orders over S$200, making it a great choice for large parties and events!

4) SnacKING Retro Biscuits

 SnacKING Retro Biscuits - Best Retro Snacks Singapore
(Credit: SnacKING Retro Biscuits)
Key ServiceRetro, old school biscuits, snacks and toys
AddressNorthpoint City, South Wing, #02-155B
Operating HoursDaily, 11am to 9.30pm

SnacKING Retro Biscuits is a renowned retailer of childhood snacks  in Singapore. Their inventory includes nostalgic treats like Satay Sticks (S$1.50), Pola snacks (S$3), and classic card games such as Old Maid and SNAP (S$1.50). But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there are plenty more surprises in store for you to discover!

Embark on a nostalgic journey at their conveniently placed outlets across the island – Northpoint City, Jurong Point, City Square Mall, and Woodleigh Mall. Whenever you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, simply make your way to the nearest biscuit shop.

Get ready to immerse yourself in cherished memories!

5) 90s Candy Society

90s Candy Society - Best Retro Snacks Singapore
(Credit: 90s Candy Society via Facebook)
Key ServiceRetro snacks & candies
AddressSerangoon Gardens, 1 Maju Ave, 01-08 myVillage, Singapore 556679
Phone+65 97211321

Indulge in nostalgia at this online-only store, a paradise for retro snack aficionados. Explore a treasure trove of timeless treats, from kumquat candy sticks (S$10) to whistle candies (S$10) and Dahfa dried fish fillets (S$16). But that’s not all! They also offer retro toys, games, and party essentials like balloons and poppers.

Looking to surprise a friend? How about getting a surprise goodie box for just S$10! Or, if you prefer, customize the box and snacks yourself. But remember, there’s a minimum order of S$40, so go ahead and stock up on your favorite snacks! Get ready to make their day extra special!

6) SnackFirst

SnackFirst - Best Retro Snacks Singapore
(Credit: SnackFirst)
Key ServiceHealthy nuts and mixes, dried fruits and seeds, biscuits and crackers
Address18 Boon Lay Wy, #02-120, Singapore 609966
Phone+65 6684 1769
Operating HoursMon to Fri 9 AM–5 PM

SnackFirst stands out from the rest because they offer more than just retro snacks. Get ready to have your taste buds tantalized! From ice gem biscuits (starting at S$3.50) to wheel crackers (S$3.90) and elephant ear biscuits (S$3.90), they have an incredible collection. But wait, there’s more!

They also curate seasonal custom snack boxes with wholesome nuts and dried fruits, perfect for snacking on the go. Get ready to satisfy your cravings in the most delicious way!

7) The Biscuit Paradise

The Biscuit Paradise - Best Retro Snacks Singapore
(Credit: The Biscuit Paradise via Facebook)
Key ServiceOne-stop-shop old school traditional biscuits
Address209 Hougang St 21, Singapore 530209
Phone+65 8268 8043
Operating HoursMon to Sat 7:30 AM–12:30 PM

While this store may have gained fame as The Biscuit Guru, their offerings remain unchanged. Prepare yourself for an abundant selection of retro snacks, such as keropok, chili prawn crackers, ABC biscuits, and peanut puffs.

With their wide range of flavors and varieties, you can personalize a tin to your liking. However, if you find yourself unable to decide, simply visit their physical store at Kovan 209 Market and Food Centre, where their staff can offer some recommendations.

Retro Snacks Singapore

In conclusion, Singapore is a hotbed of nostalgic delights, brimming with shops that offer a wide array of retro snacks. These snacks not only tantalize your taste buds but also take you on a joyous journey down memory lane.

From classic biscuits and candies to a myriad of playful toys and games, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to relive your childhood memories or introduce a younger generation to these timeless treasures, the stores mentioned above are your go-to destinations.

So, go ahead and indulge in these charming retro snacks and let nostalgia wash over you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about retro snacks in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best shops for retro snacks in Singapore below:

What are the best shops for retro snacks in Singapore?

The best shops for retro snacks in Singapore include Teck Leong Lee Kee, Biscuit King, The Biscuit Paradise, SnackFirst, and 90s Candy Society.

Where to find old school snacks in Singapore?

You can find old school snacks in Singapore at CookiesTalk, Nelly’s Retro Snacks,, SnacKING Retro Biscuits, and The Biscuit Paradise. These shops offer a wide selection of nostalgic treats that will take you on a trip down memory lane.

What snacks are unique in Singapore?

Some unique snacks in Singapore include keropok (crackers), kacang putih (traditional nuts and beans snack), dried cuttlefish, animal biscuits, baby bottle candy, iced gems, pineapple jam biscuits, and agar-agar (jelly dessert).

Can I purchase goodie bags filled with retro snacks for the festive season?

Yes, many shops in Singapore offer goodie bags filled with retro snacks, perfect for the festive season. These bags are often customizable, allowing you to choose your favorite sweets and goodies to share with family and friends.

Do these retro snack shops offer delivery services in Singapore?

es, most retro snack shops in Singapore offer delivery services. You can browse their websites or contact them directly to place an order, and your favorite munch snacks will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Are there other options besides pineapple jam biscuits and iced gems at these retro snack shops?

Absolutely! Retro snack shops in Singapore provide a wide range of choices beyond pineapple jam biscuits and iced gems. You can find an assortment of cookies, haw flakes, sweets, and various nostalgic goodies to satisfy your cravings.

Can you recommend any specific retro snack shops in Singapore that offer a great selection of cookies?

If you’re looking for a shop with an extensive selection of cookies, CookiesTalk is highly recommended. They have a variety of classic and retro-inspired cookies that are sure to delight your taste buds.

How can I place an order for retro snacks from these shops?

A: Placing an order for retro snacks is simple. You can visit the shop’s website, browse their selection, and add the items you want to your cart. Proceed to the checkout, provide your delivery details, and hit enter to complete the order.

Are these retro snack shops only available online, or do they have physical stores as well?

Retro snack shops in Singapore may have both online platforms and physical stores. It’s recommended to check their websites or contact them directly to find out if they have a physical store near you.

Can these retro snack shops cater to special requests or dietary restrictions?

Some retro snack shops in Singapore may be able to cater to special requests or dietary restrictions. It’s best to reach out to them directly prior to placing an order to discuss your specific requirements.

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