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SaberFit – Incorporating Fun Into Fitness

Working out in general is not fun. At all. Unless you’re a fitness junkie or favors breaking a sweat occasionally, the notion of putting on your workout gear and going for a run is never highly-anticipated. However, we should all be conscious of the fact that it’s extremely vital to get our heart rate going every once in a while, and to get fit in order to prevent all sorts of health complications. As mentioned in a recent article by The Straits Times, we’re facing with an alarming rise in obesity rates and poor well-being. As such, fitness is all the more crucial as of now. Aside from improving our overall physical condition, it also aids in improving our minds.

The Fun Empire is completely aware that sports and fitness never appeals to some people, therefore we have came up with SaberFit – Galaxy’s Most Exciting Workout! Combining the use of lighted combat sabers, just like the ones shown in Star Wars, and a choreographed routine, who would have thought that you could swing your sabers around and imagine yourself fighting your enemies, all the while shedding pounds! You’re honestly hitting two birds with one stone. The idea was generated rather randomly when Ryan, a certified ACE Personal Trainer, and Natasha, a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, was jestingly dueling with each other. From this interaction, Saber Tag was created as a team-building adventure game, while SaberFit was targeted towards fitness means.

A single SaberFit session has the potential to allow you to burn up to 600+ calories. Fitness is always a whole lot more fun and engaging if you’re with your friends, and we’ll play the music loud to get you to pump up and ready to push your limits. It is an hour full-body toning experience and is a mix of cardio, plyometrics, exercises and of course, play! In order to ensure that everyone isn’t left out from undergoing this unconventional workout routine, our SaberFit classes would be specifically tailored according to your requests and preferences.

As such, if you’re looking to shed away the extra calories from your Chinese New Year eating fest, or even simply looking for fun things to do during the weekends, why not try your hands on SaberFit? You won’t regret it!