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8 Best Scandinavian Interior Designers in Singapore [2023]

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Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore

Best Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
Best Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore

Looking for the best Scandinavian interior designers in Singapore? Look no further!

In this blog post, we will be featuring 8 of the Best Scandinavian Interior Design in the city.

With their unique style and attention to detail, these designers are sure to give your home a chic Scandinavian makeover. From minimalist designs to those that are inspired by nature, these professionals can help you create a beautiful and functional home that is perfect for your lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more about these talented individuals!

Key Consideration Factors

  • Minimalism: The Nordic design aesthetic is sometimes referred to as minimalist because of its emphasis on unobtrusiveness and practicality in both form and function. This design aesthetic is characterized by the prevalence of simple, clean lines, subdued color palettes, and natural materials like leather and wood.
  • Light and Bright Spaces: The interiors of Scandinavian houses are often light and airy and make the most of the available natural light. These homes are known for their “light and bright” areas. The use of large windows and white wall paint improves the appearance of openness and spaciousness.
  • Coziness: Even though Scandinavian design is known for being simple and clean, it also puts a lot of emphasis on being warm and cozy. This is accomplished through the use of plush fabrics such as wool or fur, comfy seating such as couches or armchairs, and warm lighting.
  • Sustainability: When choosing materials for their projects, many Scandinavian designers put a lot of emphasis on using sustainable options whenever possible. This involves making as much of your product as possible out of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or recycled plastic.
  • Functionality: In keeping with the minimalist style that is typical of Scandinavian design, the main focus is on how useful and useful the products are. In order to save space, it is common for one piece of furniture to have more than one use or storage solution already built into it.
  • Pops of Color: Neutral colors are often used in Scandinavian design, but adding pops of color in the right places can add visual interest without making the room look crowded. Keep an eye out for accent items such as throw cushions and artwork that include bright colors.

Best Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore

1. Darwin Interior

 Darwin Interior - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
Darwin Interior – Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Darwin Interior)
Key ServicesResidential Homes
Commercial Projects
Homeowner Protection
Space Layout Planning
Carpentry Workmanship
3D Design
AddressBranch Locators
Phone+65 6396 8558
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 10:30AM–8PM

Using the newest CaseTrust-RCMA accreditation scheme, Darwin Interior creates functional and healthy living areas that are suited to your specific requirements.

They take care of the finer points so you don’t have to, ensuring that your deposit is protected by a CaseTrust-approved insurance partner with a 100% guarantee.

All of Darwin Interior’s completed projects are covered by a three-year workmanship warranty. This, in combination with their great designers, makes them one of the best Scandinavian interior design companies in Singapore.

Key Differentiators

  • Professionalism
  • Creativity
  • Fine workmanship
  • Responsive service

Client’s Testimony

I engaged Isaac to do a partial renovation for my current 5-room HDB. It was a small project, but Isaac was very detailed in explaining the process and meticulous in planning the schedule. While there were some hiccups with the contractor jobs, Isaac was prompt in replying to my requests and did his best to liaise with the contractors. Overall, I am very satistified with the renovations and would highly recommend Isaac! He is an honest and sincere interior designer who went the extra mile to address our concerns and we felt very safe leaving the renovation in his hands. Thank you so much!

Jia Yu Leung

2. Monoloft

Monoloft - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
Monoloft – Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Monoloft)
Key ServicesCommercial Projects
Residential Projects
AddressNordcom 1,
3 Gambas Crescent #04-07,
Singapore 757088
Phone+65 6677 0396
Operating HoursMonday to Friday:

Monoloft is a multi-disciplinary company with considerable expertise in the building and design industry, giving excellent service since 2007.

For more than a decade, it has created some of Singapore’s most stunning interiors. Monoloft has completed more than 200 residential and commercial projects, which is more than any other Singapore-based interior design firm.

Monoloft’s team can help you achieve the perfect Scandinavian look for your home making them one of Singapore’s best Scandinavian interior design firms.

Key Differentiators

  • Sustainable architecture, interior furnishing and experience design
  • Produced over 300 projects nation-wide
  • Multidisciplinary practice 

Client’s Testimony

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joseph and Monoloft for doing up a great renovation work for my house. Joseph had provided us with many professional advices and is really committed in his work. When things were not done properly, he was prompt and always willing to carry out the necessary corrective actions. I have recommended Joseph and Monoloft to my sister-in-law and friend and they are equally pleased with the renovation. Currently, my brother-in-law is working with Joseph for their new home. Thank you and best regards!


3. Livspace

Livspace - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
Livspace – Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Livspace)
Key ServicesOne-stop shop for interior design
Address120 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068913
Phone+65 6951 5376
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 11AM–8PM

Livspace, as Asia’s leading interior designer and one of the most popular places for home remodeling, innovation, employs some of Singapore’s top Scandinavian interior design firms.

They have top designers and confirmed contractors on staff to assist consumers in creating their long-term goals into reality.

Customers also get $4 million insurance coverage and a one-year guarantee on all civil and woodwork from AXA, in addition to your peace of mind.

Livspace has earned a reputation for excellence in residential settings ranging from condominiums to HDB flats and landed homes. You may use the company’s easy and user-friendly platform to start the process of creating or renovating your home in just simple steps.

Key Differentiators

  • We co-create award winning designs
  • Bespoke home interiors that are worthy of praise.
  • High-quality materials and excellent workmanship.

Client’s Testimony

We are very happy with the outcome of our minted home!

The communication was easy, as Song Hao listened attentively to our wants and needs, and translated it into a design concept. For a non-technical yet visual person, this was simply amazing

Another plus point is the attention to details, all the fixtures and custom carpentry (kitchen island, height of sink etc) were made to be ergonomic friendly to our height, which is something that we did not experience with other IDs.

We will recommend Livspace and our ID Song Hao for home renovation.


4. Meter Square

Meter Square - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
Meter Square – Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Meter Square)
Key ServicesDesign Consultation
Spatial Design
Financial Planning
Address62 Ubi Rd 1 Oxley Bizhub 2 #01-37 Singapore 408734
Phone+65 6256 2586
Operating HoursMonday to Friday:

May Chang, the director of Meter Square, is a well-established Singapore-based interior design company.

The firm feels that combining sleek forms with useful features is a good way to produce multifaceted designs. Meter Square also places a premium on each job it is given and strives to understand the customer’s needs, such as financial and scheduling concerns.

The team at Meter Square always looks for the big picture when it comes to interior design.

Key Differentiators

  • Personalised Designs
  • Genuine Pricing
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Numerous Satisfied Reviews

Client’s Testimony

We engaged Daphne’s service for our first home in 2015 and were impressed with her professionalism and the quality of workmanship delivered. We did not hesitate to engage her service again when we needed an ID for our current place. Daphne provided very sound advice to improve the flow of our place and nailed our preferences for colour scheme and design. She also provided helpful suggestions on where to buy lightings and sanitary wares. Renovation during this COVID period was tougher, but Daphne remained dedicated and addressed all our issues and questions professionally. Thanks again for helping us to achieve our dream home yet again!

Seok Kin Khoo

5. Sync Interior Pte. Ltd

Sync Interior Pte. Ltd - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
Sync Interior Pte. Ltd – Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Sync Interior Pte. Ltd)
Phone(+65) 9179 6294

Interior Design by Sync Interior Pte. Ltd is made up of a group of skilled interior designers. They work closely with their clients, dealing with and advising on the nitty-gritty details of the job.

Many of their projects focus on condominiums or flats. They do, however, design the interiors of HDB housing. You can reach out to them by phone or email.

Key Differentiators


6. The Interior Lab

The Interior Lab - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
The Interior Lab – Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: The Interior Lab)
Key ServicesResidential Projects
Commercial Projects
Address86 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore 427803
Phone+65 6345 6372
Operating HoursBy appointment only

If you’re looking for a company that delivers the highest Scandinavian interior design in Singapore, The Interior Lab is the ideal match! Residential and commercial design projects are its specialty.

The Interior Lab is always praised for being a professional interior design firm that is dedicated to unique and creative designs, which is why it offers a long list of services, including minimalist interior design, project management, space planning, and even bespoke furniture.

The Interior Lab will ensure that you can live in your ideal home without breaking the bank!

Key Differentiators

  • Reputable for Innovative Solutions
  • Pristine Workmanship
  • Dedicated to create customised interiors

Client’s Testimony

Engaged Khir as our ID and our overall experience as a first-time home owner was beyond our expectation. Khir constantly kept us updated with works and there were minimal physical checks needed from us as we entrusted him to go beyond his services to follow up if there were any hiccups. Timeline for handover was met as well. Proactive, and indeed recommended to engage if you are looking for a responsible ID. Cheers, TIL!

Fatin Wahid

7. Neu Konceptz

Neu Konceptz - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
Neu Konceptz – Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Neu Konceptz)
Key ServicesResidential Project
Commercial Project
Address28 Senang Crescent #03-11, Bizhub 28
Singapore 416601
Phone+65 6746 3723
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday:

Neu Konceptz is an award-winning interior design firm that specializes in beauty, purpose, and sustainability in all of its projects. It was founded in 2013 and is one of the best Scandinavian interior design in Singapore.

The team at Neu Konceptz is made up of a wide range of individuals with specialized areas of expertise. The variety allows Neu Konceptz to work with clients of any size or type, resulting in a successful collaboration that produces stunning creations.

If you work for Neu, you can expect to be involved every step of the way. Not only that but there are few to no problems in the business’s process since it’s all very simple, from beginning concept development to digital screen production to project execution and handover.

Key Differentiators

  • Recipients of International Design Awards
  • Attention to details 
  • Strive on developing unique design solutions

Client’s Testimony

Strongly Recommended:
It is a great experience with Neu Konceptz. John has the capability to discern our taste/preferences for our home design/theme and to further build on it professionally together with Yiling’s special attention to details and professional opinions/suggestions. I strongly recommend Neu Konceptz as they provide value added services and excellent workmanship quality for customers.

Emil Lim

8. Qanvast

Qanvast - Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore
Qanvast – Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore (Credit: Qanvast)
Key ServicesInterior Designers
Address9 Tai Seng Link, Singapore 534053
Phone+65 6929 0609
Operating HoursBy Appointment only

Qanvast is a company that aims to help homeowners with their home renovations. Interior design will no longer be a headache for clients using Qanvast – they may discover and engage with qualified interior design firms that are suited to their preferences and expectations.

Qanvast makes certain to always provide outstanding recommendations. Their portal not only contains excellent interior design firms but also keeps track of client feedback from people who have previously used their services.

Furthermore, Qanvast reduces the costs that clients must pay for selecting the finest interior designer business.

Qanvast has already assisted over 25,000 people in building their ideal house. They also give out free sample designs so you may browse through them for inspiration for Scandinavian interior design.

Key Differentiators

  • Reliable interior designers
  • Discover home ideas
  • Tips for your renovation

Client’s Testimony

I randomly signed up to Qanvast and they proactively reached out to me and provided 5 quality ID firms that ultimately led to me select a choice of our own.

Tiffany has been following up closely to make sure the ID firms she recommended followed up with me on a timely manner and provided assurance that she and Qanvast will assist me along the way.

Tiffany has also recommended to sign up for Qanvast Guarantee Program which provides extra protection for consumers like myself.

Thanks Tiffany!

Ken Chong

Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore

Look no farther than these 8 talented interior designers for a stylish Scandinavian makeover for your house.

With their distinct style and attention to detail, they will certainly provide your property with the perfect Scandinavian touch.

These professionals can help you create a beautiful and practical house that is ideal for your needs, with options that range from basic designs to ones that are inspired by nature.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore below:

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Scandinavian interior design is a style that started in the Nordic countries. It is characterized by simple shapes, natural materials, and clean lines. It has become increasingly popular all over the world due to its calming atmosphere and efficient use of space. Scandinavian interior design ideas have white walls and simple, light-colored modern furniture, as well as wood accents like floors or ceiling beams for a rustic look. Also, Scandinavian style designers often use fun patterns like geometric shapes to add visual interest without making a room look cluttered. Scandinavian homes have a modernist style of Scandinavian designs with their living spaces from the dining room, living room, to the kitchen.

What materials are used in Scandinavian interior design?

The main material used in Scandinavian interior design style is usually wood. This is because wood furniture adds warmth while still maintaining a simple look when left unpainted or stained in lighter colors like white or gray. Metal details can also be found in many Scandinavian style interior design. They give the room an earthy feel while also adding a modern touch. Textiles play an important role too: plush fabrics like wool or furry rugs bring comfort while maintaining simplicity through muted tones and geometric shapes rather than bright colors or intricate patterns.

How does one achieve a Scandinavian look for their home?

To achieve a Scandinavian look for your home, start by adding minimal furniture pieces and crisp lines. Try to use light colors when it comes to walls, wood elements, and textiles. Natural elements such as plants also contribute to the Scandinavian atmosphere. Then add some interesting yet playful patterns like geometrics or muted tones for visual interest without cluttering up the room. A typical Scandinavian home not only has modern smart storage solutions but also wooden textures for their open living space, neutral palette and minimal design sheer white curtains, natural lighting floor lamps and light fixtures that track lights. Finally, embrace wood floorings or ceiling beams for a rustic touch that complements Scandinavian décor beautifully; metal details can provide modern touches if desired. All these components will help you create a beautiful yet practical house with Scandinavian flair!

What Scandinavian design principles should I consider for my home?

Scandinavian interior design is all about creating a simple, calming atmosphere that still looks stylish and inviting. To achieve this, focus on light colors and clean lines for walls, furniture, and textiles. Incorporate natural elements like plants to add a refreshing touch. For a rustic look, choose wooden furniture accents like flooring or ceiling beams in your living space, dining space and/or kitchen. Metal accents will add an industrial touch to most Scandinavian theme. Lastly, use patterns on wall art like geometric shapes that are bold and fun to add visual interest without making the room look cluttered.

How much does Scandinavian Interior Design in Singapore cost?

Costs for Scandinavian interiors in Singapore depend on how much work needs to be done and what materials are used. Generally, Scandinavian Interior Design projects can range from $6,000 to $30,000 per room, depending on the complexity of the task and quality of materials used. For larger projects, such as entire homes or office spaces, the cost may be higher depending on the size and requirements of the project.

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