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10 Best Si Dian Jin Jewelry in Singapore [2023]

Best Si Dian Jin Singapore
Best Si Dian Jin Singapore

Si Dian Jin Singapore

Looking for the best Si Dian Jin jewelry shops in Singapore?

Look no further! In this blog post, we will list 10 of the best Si Dian Jin jewelers in Singapore. These shops have a wide selection of beautiful Si Dian Jin jewelry to choose from, and they offer excellent customer service.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, or you simply want to treat yourself, be sure to check out these amazing Si Dianjin jewelry shops!

1. eClarity Diamonds

eClarity Diamonds - Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: eClarity Diamonds)
eClarity Diamonds – Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: eClarity Diamonds)
Key ServicesGIA Certified Natural Diamond
Bespoke Engagement Rings
Customized Wedding Bands Singapore
Address391B Orchard Road #21-05A Ngee Ann City Tower B, Singapore 238874
Phone+65 9833 1220
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 12–3PM

Eclarity is an online and brick-and-mortar jeweler that specializes in the expression and celebration of love in the jewelry they craft, from wedding engagement rings and wedding bands to bridal jewelry and Si Dian Jin. It was founded in 2005 by Amanda Koo, a GIA-certified gemologist and third-generation jeweler.

Eclarity is well-liked by soon-to-wed couples because of its user-friendly platform, expert one-on-one jeweler consultation, a large selection of certified diamonds, and ability to customize jewelry.

Key DIfferentiators

  • Wedding bands customization
  • Online jewelry store
  • User-friendly platform

Client Testimonial

Great rings at even greater prices, the experience at eClarity was wonderful, seamless, and most importantly, It was extremely pleasant and seamless. Will not hesistate to recommend anybody who wants to get their ring to get it here!

Ong Zhi

2. Carrie K.

Carrie K. - Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: Carrie K.)
Carrie K. – Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: Carrie K.)
Key ServicesJeweler
Address111 Middle Rd, #02-02 National Design Centre, Singapore 188969
Phone+65 9061 2880
Operating Hours11am – 7pm daily

Carrie K.’s Blessings Si Dian Jin collection, which was inspired by the traditional Chinese idea of the “5 blessings,” features a delicate filigree motif of the 5 lucky bats to signify the 5 fortunes that are necessary for a blessed life: health, wealth, longevity, virtue, and peace of mind after leading a good life.

Jade, Akoya pearls, and for the first time, specially-cut Mother of Pearl set in 14K rose gold, are all available in this collection. These priceless talismans are crafted into adaptable designs with detachable earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, and they bestow blessings to commemorate the beginning of a new chapter.

This gorgeous filigree work collection, which is infused with heartfelt good wishes, is a contemporary interpretation of the fine filigree craftsmanship typically associated with old Chinese jewelry.

Key DIfferentiators

  • Classy boutique
  • Traditional & unique jewelry
  • Rings, necklaces & bracelets

Client Testimonial

The task of creating the perfect ring for Aprine was a mammoth one, as I needed something to encompass her grace, and at the same time her fiery attitude along with her perfection for symmetry in all she does. Carrie K did it beautifully in record time, while tolerating all our nagging and pestering! The final product was gorgeous, and I was proud to go on one knee, armed with Carrie’s ring, to propose to Aprine. 🙂

Thank you so much Carrie, I owe you one!

Francis Wong

3.  Orient Jewellers

Orient Jewellers - Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: Orient Jewellers)
Orient Jewellers – Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: Orient Jewellers)
Key ServicesJeweler
Address177 Toa Payoh Central, #01-164/166, Singapore 310177
Phone+65 8125 1338
Operating HoursDaily: 11AM–8PM

Orient Jewellers have been creating classic jewelry out of gold, hand-selected precious stones, jade, and pearls since the 1970s, bringing magnificent designs to life with their flawless craftsmanship.

One of Orient Jewellers’ specialties is Si Dian Jin, showcasing exquisite, modern gold designs that maintain their investment value over generations. Si Dian Jin is a Singapore-born goldsmith and jeweler with experience and legacy.

Key DIfferentiators

  • Jewellry
  • Wedding
  • Collections

Client Testimonial

At first, I made an enquiry online. I was quickly responded by Ms Rebecca from Orient. Her customer service was fantastic and she is very accommodating. Bought this photo locket in a very good discounted price. We would highly recommend Orient and will definitely come back again.

Maria Kristine Aquino

4. On Cheong Jewellery

On Cheong Jewellery - Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: On Cheong Jewellery)
On Cheong Jewellery – Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: On Cheong Jewellery)
Key ServicesJewelry store
Address251 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058800
Phone+65 6223 4788
Operating Hours11:00am to 5:30pm (Mon – Sat)

On Cheong Jewellery, which was founded in 1936 as a traditional goldsmith store, continues to enhance its fundamental value of creating renowned jewelry that is adored for years to come.

With several honors and proud history of dependability and honesty, On Cheong Jewellery just received recognition as Singapore’s first SQC (Singapore Quality Class with People and Service Excellence) certified jeweler.

Key DIfferentiators

  • One of Singapore’s esteemed jewellery retailers
  • Emphasizing quality
  • Unique designs

Client Testimonial

Lily was very patient and we spent almost 2.5 hrs in the shop while she goes through with us. Good service overall and very friendly. Also pierced my ear here by another staff!! 🙂

Kim Mag

5. Goldheart 

Goldheart - Si DIan Jin Singapore (Credit: Goldheart)
Goldheart – Si DIan Jin Singapore (Credit: Goldheart)
Key ServicesJewelry store
Address68 Orchard Rd, #01 30 Plaza, Singapore 238839
Phone+65 6884 9498
Operating HoursSunday to Thursday: 11AM–9PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM–9:30PM

Goldheart is a well-known jewelry brand that sells only the finest jewelry and was the first bridal jewelry atelier in Singapore. Goldheart’s Si Dian Jin jewelry is chic alternatives for contemporary brides, with the goal of creating jewelry that not only honors the love and marriage union as a whole but also enhances the romance between couples.

Ladies can be confident that their Si Dian Jin pieces can be worn “à la carte” on a daily basis thanks to versatile designs that are synonymous with timeless elegance, so you’re constantly carrying around a sincere memento of your wedding day and marital union!

Key DIfferentiators

  • Fine jewellery
  • Exquisitely designed
  • Crafted for your every occasion

Client Testimonial

Came with my friend to purchase a cross pendant and gold necklace. They were attentive, helpful and genuine in giving advice as which size is suitable, and thickness of the necklace to match. Overall it was a great purchase and will visit their store again for future buys.

shiela matias

6. Carat 55

Carat 55 - Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: Carat 55)
Carat 55 – Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: Carat 55)
Key ServicesJewelry store 
AddressRAFFLES SHOPPING ARCADE, 328 North Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 188719
Phone+65 6235 1155
Operating HoursTue – Sat, 11am – 6pm

With the intention of making classy, understated, and exquisitely produced jewelry accessible to all couples in today’s society, Carat 55 was founded.

It goes without saying that Carat 55 also offers an extensive selection of Si Dian Jin sets for brides-to-be to pick from. Carat 55 is renowned for its stylish designs, variety of styles, and exclusive and personal design process for bespoke jewelry to commemorate the individual wearing it.

Key DIfferentiators

  • Si Dian Jin Collections
  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Bands

Client Testimonial

Had a great experience with the Carat55 Team! First time shopping for rings and the team was very friendly and helpful with their recommendations of the rings. Designs were really modern and affordable in comparison to other established jewelry shops. Really thankful for their help!!

Cheryl Lee

7. SK Jewellery

SK Jewellery - Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: SK Jewellery)
SK Jewellery – Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: SK Jewellery)
Key ServicesJewelry store
Address68 Orchard Rd, #01-27 27A Plaza, Singapore 238839
Phone+65 6336 1033
Operating HoursMondays – Fridays: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Since its founding in 2003, SK Jewellery has persistently built a reputation for creating jewelry that embodies beauty, luxury, and allure, making it ideal for women of all eras and generations.

One of the most successful jewelry studios in Singapore today, SK Jewellery places a strong emphasis on innovation and creative perfection. They have honored Chinese traditions by creating Si Dian Jin sets that are made entirely of the purest gold available (99.9 percent).

Key DIfferentiators

  • Lab Grown Diamonds
  • All Star Diamonds
  • Personalized Jewelries

Client Testimonial

Was served by Winnie Ng, wonderful purchasing experience!!! She had assisted in searching high and low for our correct ring sizes for us.. great service!!!


8. Michael Trio 

Michael Trio  - Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: Michael Trio)
Michael Trio  – Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: Michael Trio)
Key ServicesJewelry store i
Address91 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088512
Phone+65 6299 0110
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday: 12pm – 8.30pm

Michael Trio is unquestionably a jewelry name you can trust, having collected 40 years of experience in the jewelry business. Each piece of jewelry is thoughtfully crafted and built to last a lifetime.

As a result, Michael Trio gives each and every item of jewelry their undivided attention without using any outside producers, and their Si Dian Jin sets combine traditional and modern elements to avoid being influenced by fads.

Key DIfferentiators

  • Established family-run jewelry store
  • Providing a range of rings, bracelets & more
  • Combines traditional and modern elements

Client Testimonial

The engagement ring far exceeds my expectations. The workmanship and attention to details of the diamond and the ring was perfect.
The ring and diamond can be catered to suit any budget, and the quality it delivers will not disappoint.
From viewing of the ring to purchasing and up to the collection date, everything was handled smoothly and efficiently by Yvone.
Overall, a very pleasant buying experience with Micheal Trio.
Recommended to anyone who are looking for engagement or wedding rings.

Nigel C

9. GIOIA Fine Jewellery

GIOIA Fine Jewellery - Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: GIOIA Fine Jewellery)
GIOIA Fine Jewellery – Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: GIOIA Fine Jewellery)
Key ServicesJewelry store
Address10 Anson Rd, #02-97A International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Phone+65 6100 2238
Operating HoursMonday to Thursday: 11AM–6PM
Saturday: 11AM–5PM

The word GIOIA, which is derived from the Italian slang for joy, is frequently used to describe expensive gemstone jewelry.

In keeping with that concept, GIOIA Fine Jewellery aspires to design one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that celebrate and remember certain people and momentous situations while also bringing happiness for years to come.

Key DIfferentiators

  • Bespoke jewelry
  • Customized jewelry
  • Gemstones

Client Testimonial

The team over at GIOIA did an amazing job with my fiancee’s ring. They were very patient and professional throughout the whole ring designing process. They delivered an amazing final product and my fiancee love it. In addition, they took the time to teach the proper care and maintenance procedure for our ring.

Keith Goh

10. La Putri

La Putri - Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: La Putri)
La Putri – Si Dian Jin Singapore (Credit: La Putri)
Key ServicesJewelry designer 
Address333A Orchard Rd, #02-15, Singapore 238897
Phone+65 6733 3345
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 11AM–7PM

La Putri, a company established in 1973, combines creativity and traditional craftsmanship with an appreciation for beauty and inspiration. Their designs are influenced by their encounters with people they meet, works of art, travel, and the beauty of nature.

Every La Putri design has its own story, from their pursuit of rare and magnificent gemstones for your Si Dian Jin to their commitment to making one-of-a-kind jewelry for every client.

Key DIfferentiators

  • Innovation
  • Traditional
  • Craftsmanship

Client Testimonial

Thank you La Putri for the excellent services and advice on getting my dream bespoke jewellery! =)


Si Dian Jin Singapore

Si Dian Jin Singapore is a beautiful and unique type of jewelry that is quickly gaining in popularity. If you’re looking for the best Si Dian Jin shops in Singapore, be sure to check out the 10 we’ve listed in this blog post! The finest jewelry shops in the city have a wide range of beautiful Si Dian Jin to select from, as well as exceptional client service.

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